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Authors listed alphabetically:

Bibliographic sketches listed chronologically:
The Art of Massage 
288 pages 
160 pictures and illustrations 
    Classic massotherapy book by an important historical figure.

Autobiography of A. T. Still 
A. T. Still, D.O. 
461 pages 
43 illustrations 
    Colorful autobiographical sketch by the founder of Osteopathy. 

Osteopathy Complete 
Elmer D. Barber, D.O. 
566 pages 
50 illustrations 
    Comprehensive text includes treatments for many illnesses.  Osteopathic philosophy and theory are covered. 

Philosophy of Osteopathy 
A. T. Still, D.O. 
268 pages 
No illustrations 
    Classic exposition of osteopathic concepts by the founder of Osteopathy. 

The Practical Magnetic Healer 
G. M. Brown 
256 pages 
13 pictures 
    Professor Brown's approach integrates physical manipulation and energy medicine.

A Manual of Osteopathic Manipulations and Treatment 
Wilfred L. Riggs, D.O. 
166 pages 
32 pictures 
    This simple manual explains basic osteopathic theory and practice. 

Essentials of Osteopathy 
Isabel M. Davenport, M.D., D.O. 
102 pages 
No illustrations 
    This is an excellent introduction to traditional osteopathy.  The author relies heavily on the work of Hazzard, but the lectures on osteoapthic centers and physiological regulation via these centers are helpful for students new to these concepts. 

The Chiropractor 
D. D. Palmer 
115 pages 
No illustrations 
    This brief text lays out the philosophy of chiropractice by its founder. 

The Practice and Applied Therapeutics of Osteopathy 
Charles Hazzard, D.O. 
442 pages 
No illustrations 
    Comprehensive text includes treatments for many illnesses.  Osteopathic philosophy and theory are covered. 

History of Osteopathy 
E. R. Booth, Ph.D, D.O. 
428 pages 
28 images 
    This is a comprehensive and exhaustive treatise on the origins of osteopathy.

The Household Osteopath 
Francis J. Feidler, D.O. 
211 pages 
80 figures 
    "... by far the greatest amount of suffering is caused by contractured muscles pressing upon nerves and blood vessels" writes the author of this work intended for the layperson.  Simple instructions for treating common ailments are provided.  The reader is warned regarding specific conditions that require the services of an "expert osteopath." 

The Abdominal and Pelvic Brain 
Byron Robinson, M.D. 
671 pages 
207 detailed anatomical drawings 
    Although Robinson was a medical doctor, his work was highly regarded and widely cited by the early osteopaths.  This is a major treatise on the peripheral nervous system. 

Neuropathy: The New Science of Drugless Healing Amply Illustrated and Explained 
A. P. Davis, M.D., N.D., D.O. 
136 pages 
78 pictures and illustrations 
    The self-proclaimed creator of "neuropathy", A. P. Davis integrated varied modalities including opthalmology, osteopathy, chiropractic, suggestive therapeutics, magnetic healing, diet, deep breathing, hydrotherapy into the practice of neuropathy. 

A Manual of Osteopathy (2nd Edition) 
Eduard W. Goetz, D.O. 
174 pages 
45 pictures 
    Another simple manual which contains basic information on osteopathic theory and practice. 

Text-Book of Osteopathy 
American College of Mechano-Therapy 
97 pages 
15 Illustrations 
    General information and simplistic perspective of early osteopathy. 

Mechanical Vibration 
M. L. H. Arnold Snow, M.D. 
476 pages 
12 plates, 58 illustrations 
    This is a comprehensive treatment of various forms of  "mechano-therapy."  The author provides extensive descriptions of nerve reflexes and how they can be effected via mechanical vibration, concussion, percussion, etc. 

The Principles of Osteopathic Technique 
A. S. Hollis, D.O. 
112 pages 
50 illustrations 
    This small text is an excellent introduction to basic osteopathic manipulative therapy as practiced in 1914.  The author does a good job of elaborating fundamental principles in a practical format.  There is little discussion of specific conditions.  Rather, the emphasis is on finding and correcting anatomical abnormalities. 

Vibratory Technique 
B. H. Brown, M. D. 
No illustrations 
    This text covers the use of the electric vibrator by a medical doctor to treat many of the same conditions as the early osteopaths and chiropractors. 

Neuropathy Illustrated 
A. P. Davis, M.D., N.D., D.O. 
595 pages 
52 pictures and illustrations 
    This is an updated version of his 1908 text on the same subject, including articles by several other authors expounding on related topics (such as diet, suggestive therapeutics, and healthy living).

Principles of Osteopathy (4th Edition) 
Dain L. Tasker, D.O. 
531 pages 
256 drawings and photographs 
    This is a impressive work in scope and depth.  This book contains some wonderful explanations of nervous system coordination, vasomotor regulation, and osteopathic centers.

Osteopathic Technic 
Ernest Eckford Tucker 
174 pages 
No illustrations. 
     This text focuses on the basics on osteopathy.  Chapter III titled "Neuropathic Lesions and Specific Centers" is a fascinating discussion on physiological regulation via osteopathic manipulation. 

Spondylotherapy Simplified 
Alva Emery Gregory, M.D. 
178 pages 
No illustrations. 
    "A compendium of the science of spinal concussion and sinusoidalization and the technique of their administration; the specific centers of the nerve origin through which we control the function of various viscera; the results of simulation of the different spinal centers of nerve origin, what affected and how, and directions for the correct application of those methods in the treatment of diseases amenable to them." 

Applied Anatomy of the Lymphatics 
F. P. Millard, D. O. 
278 pages 
90 illustrations 
    This is a wonderful treatise on lymphatic theory and technique with especially useful information on osteopathic finger surgery technique. 

The Naturopathic Method of Reducing Dislocations 
F. W. Collins, M.D., D.O., N.D., Ph.C. 
112 pages 
47 photographs. 
    This brief little book deals strickly with dislocations, relying primarly on photos with little text. 

Practice of Osteopathy: Its Practical Application to the Various Diseases of the Human Body(6th Edition) 
Charles H. Murray, D.O. 
1925 (First Edition was published in 1909) 
419 pages 
111 halftone photographs 
    Practicality is emphasized in the style and content of this manual.  General information is provided with specific protocols for the various diseases. 

Writings of Dr. J. Martin Littlejohn, Ph.D., M.D., D.O., L.L.D. 
    This is a small collection of articles by a well-respected physician and teacher.  These articles discuss such fascinating topics as: the role of vital life-force energy, co-ordination of this vital energy via therapeutics, and basic anatomy and physiology from an osteopathic perspective.  I don't have a date for these articles. 

The Buxton Technological Course in Painless Chiropractic 
A. G. A. Buxton, D.C. 
127 pages 
37 photographs 
     This brief text covers the basics of chiropractic technique. 

 Articles On Manual Therapy 
    This is a collection of journal articles on various topics relating to early American manual therapy. 

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