History of Osteopathy
(and Twentieth-Century Medical Practice)

E. R. Booth, Ph.D, D.O.

(Acknowledgement: This text was provided courtesy of the Still
National Osteopathic Museum and National Center for Osteopathic History)



Chapter I: Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

Chapter II: Development Of Osteopathy

Chapter III: Osteopathic Schools

Chapter IV: Osteopathic Legislation

Chapter V: Osteopathy And The Courts

Chapter VI: Osteopathy And The People

Chapter VII: Osteopathy And The Medical Profession

Chapter VIII: Osteopathic Organizations

Chapter IX: Osteopathic Literature

Chapter X: Landmarks In The History Of Medicine

Chapter XI: Drugging In Medical Practice

Chapter XII: Other Proceedings Than Drugging In Medical Practice

Chapter XIII: Principles And Practice Of Osteopathy


1. Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, Founder Of Osteopathy.

2. Father And Mother of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still.

3. Dr. A. T. Still's Former Residence, Kirksville, Mo.
Dr. A. T. Still In Working Clothes. Present Residence In Background.

4. Dr. A. T. Still When A Young Man.
Dr. A. T. Still In 1897 With Silk Hat.

5. Dr. A. T. Still At The Morris Home.

6. First School Of Osteopathy, Kirksville, Missouri.
Second School Of Osteopathy, Kirksville, Missouri.
The American School Of Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo.

7. The Pacific College Of Osteopathy, Los Angeles, Cal.
The Atlantic School Of Osteopathy, Buffalo, N. Y.

8. The California College Of Osteopathy, San Francisco, Cal.
The American College Of Osteopathic Medicine And Surgery, Chicago, Illinois

9. The Southern School Of Osteopathy, Franklin, Ky.
The S. S. Still College Of Osteopathy, Des Moines, Iowa.

10. The Philadelphia College And Infirmary Of Osteopathy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The Massachusetts College Of Osteopathy, Boston, Massachusetts.

11. A Cartoonist's View Of The Situation.

12. Presidents American Osteopathic Association, 1897 To 1901.

13. Gavel Of The American Osteopathic Association.

14. American Osteopathic Association At Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis.

15. Presidents American Osteopathic Association, 1901 To 1905.

16. Dr. A. T. Still In The Summer Of 1902.

17. Machines Approved By The Medical Profession For Correction Lateral Curvature Of The Spine.

18. Illustrated Advertisements Of Drugs.

19. Massage Machines Approved By The Medical Profession.

20. Dr. Andrew Taylor Still In Winter Of 1903-4.