Writings of Dr. J. Martin Littlejohn, Ph.D., M.D., D.O., L.L.D.

  (First Dean of the College of Osteopathy, Kirksville Missouri,
founder of the Chicago College of Osteopathy, and
founder of the British School of Osteopathy)


The Physiological Basis of the Therapeutic Law.
(An article from The Journal of the Science of Osteopathy, Volume 3, Number 4, August, 1902.)

The Theory of the Treatment of the Spine
(An article from The Journal of the Science of Osteopathy. Sorry, I do not have a date or volume number for this article.)

(This document appears to be an unpublished, undated paper.)

    We wish to acknowledge and thank Chris Campbell of the Hopeton House Osteopathic Centre in Dublin, Ireland for the above contributions to the Early American Manual Therapy database.