Applied Anatomy of the Lymphatics
F. P. Millard, D.O.

    We have come to believe that the most effective measure in proving the harmful results of vaccine and serum poisonings is the disturbance produced in the lymphatic system when these poisons are introduced into the circulation.  We wish to go on record as being opposed to the use of both vaccines and serums.  As osteopathic physicians, we are taught that the body is complete within itself, that there are within the body sufficient secretions to combat diseases if the mechanism is properly adjusted.  We believe in the axiom laid down by the founder of Osteopathy, that the “rule of the artery is supreme,” etc., that the body is a perfectly complete chemical laboratory wherein the metabolism is balanced so stably that health is maintained when we are lesion free.

    The lymphatic system plays a far greater part in the body mechanism than we once thought.  No book as yet has been published dealing with the lymphatic system from an angle other than merely that of an anatomical and physiological description.  The new method of diagnosing various diseases by palpation of lymphatic nodules is yet to be accepted, but we already have a few believers.  The nodes are readily affected, we all know, when poisons are introduced into the system.  The mother of any child can see for herself the effects of vaccine poisoning if she will but look for them.  She can see the swollen glands in the neck and armpit following a vaccination that “takes.”  No one need have a more striking demonstration.

    In the illustrations shown here the lymphatic vessels and nodes are outlined on the figures to show the areas most commonly affected.

    Observe the vaccination sore on the arm lies in a path of direct lymphatic connection with the glands in the axilla.  These axillary glands enlarge, and it is with difficulty the arm is raised.  In a few days sore throat occurs and the tonsils enlarge.  Next we find the neck or cervical glands enlarging and there is usually a complication continuing of blockage and nodular enlargement of the bronchial glands as shown in the accompanying plate.

    The swelling of the axillary glands blocks the drainage down the arm and in severe cases the adenitis is followed by the arm and even hand swelling.  Cases of gangrene, erysipelas and cellulitis are recorded by authorities such as Osler, Holt, Peebles and others.  In Higgins’ work on the “Horrors of Vaccination” repeated cases of suppuration of the lymphatic glands from vaccination are recorded.

    PLATE XXVI. -- Showing the possibility of incipient phthisis through lymphatic  blockage, as the result of vaccine or serum poisoning in the axillary region.  The  bronchial glands are closely related to those of the cervical region.

    Once the lymphatic vessels and nodes are blocked, there is a systemic disturbance that involves the various organs of the body and many patients state that their breakdown and ill health dates from the time of vaccination, or the poisoning of the body through blockage of the lymphatics.

    Hundreds of persons have died from this lymphatic poisoning following vaccination.  It is a question whether or not a severe vaccine poisoning is not more difficult to clear than a venereal poisoning.  The sores following suppuration, after vaccination, are almost impossible to heal in some instances.  Arms and legs have been either disabled or amputated in a number of cases.

    In the normal person it is with difficulty the lymphatic system is kept clear.  There are sufficient toxic products in the system at all times to tax the nodes and vessels.  To inject or introduce by scratching in a virus that is in itself a polluted product is to endanger the body in many instances.  The insidiousness of intravenous injections is so marked that unless a person is naturally immune, he takes chances of producing an adenitis.

    The enlargement of the axillary glands makes it possible for the lymphatic vessels to convey these poisons to the pectoral or breast region.  The lumps, found in the breast of a girl or woman after vaccination, are hard to reduce and often persist for years.  Who knows but that these lumps, in time, cause cancer?

    Numerous cases of phthisis have been recorded following vaccination.  The bronchial glands enlarge after the cervical glands, and the blockage soon poisons the lung tissue.  A cough results and the first stage of consumption is recorded.

    When vaccination is made in the leg, as shown in the plate, there is a nodular swelling in the groin or inguinal region.  As these glands are connected with the pelvic lymphatics, we find the ovary on the vaccinated side congested and sensitive.  In some cases the inguinal adenitis is so marked, the patient is unable to work for days.  It takes time to reduce this lymphatic blockage and the leg is often swollen, and in some instances turns black.  The lymphatic blockage may extend down to the foot.  Suppuration follows, and a running sore persists for months.

    We are now confronted with the blockage of the mesenteric nodes and interference with drainage in the thoracic duct.  The plate shows the abdominal nodes and the duct leading up to the neck.  Another plate shows the lymphatics of the pelvic region.

    PLATE XXVII. -- Lymphatic involvement in vaccination.  The possibility of nodular  enlargement in the axillary and cervical regions, including the tonsillary area, is plainly  shown.  The lymphatics of the entire arm may become involved, and spread to the  pectoral region.
    It is a serious proposition to block the already taxed lymphatic system.  If the receptaculum chyli is blocked practically all the abdominal organs are improperly drained.  The lymph flow is as essential as the blood flow, and the poisoning of the lymphatic system simply means the poisoning of the entire body tissues and organs.

    In dealing with serums we have a blockage or poisoning as striking as in vaccine pollution.  I have seen cases in my city that had been given serums and observed a breaking out on the body of ugly boils and sores.  A number of cases of sudden deaths following serum injections were recorded this year.  Two cases, well known, died within a few minutes after the serum was given.  Direct poisoning, more sudden than poison given to kill.  Instructions were given, following these sudden deaths, to give all serum injections at home with the patient in bed.  Is it possible that a method of this kind is scientific or necessary to restore health?

    One case in my city, where a serum was given for acne, resulted in the girl being taken to a hospital where she died a few days later.  As osteopaths, we believe in keeping the system clear and the arteries carrying pure blood.  We are opposed, as a body of physicians, to the pollution of the blood stream.

    A most striking case of direct lymphatic poisoning in a child came to my notice four years ago.  The case was the son of a physician, who had been given antitoxin for supposed diphtheria.  The nodular enlargement of the cervical glands and tonsils was so great that the neck was almost as large as the head.  It was with great difficulty the child’s life was saved.

    To have a vaccination scar is a reflection on the high intelligence of a civilized people.  A scar following a solicited vaccination signifies loyalty to medical superstition.  A scar from forced vaccination is a brand, and is a mark of medical tyranny and despotism.  I would not be vaccinated and take the risk of complications for a $10,000 check.  My children have never been vaccinated and I trust never will.  So many mothers are frightened when an epidemic scare is on, they simply give in and have their children vaccinated for fear they might be kept away from school.  I would rather keep my children out until the scare is over, than to submit them to the dangers of lymphatic poisoning.  If mothers of the land would take a determined stand, we could make compulsory vaccination a thing of the past in a few years.

    The serum theory, presented by Medical Doctors, claiming that it is a scientific treatment, induces adults all over the land to take serums for almost every complaint.  I am of the opinion that there will be a great reaction some of these days, and just as the best specialists are not performing many tonsillectomies, so the best physicians will not long give serums for every complaint.  We cannot afford to block the system unduly.  We want instead to find a way of clearing the system of poisons.

    In treating the lymphatics we must work with one point in view; that of freeing the lymphataic channels and ducts first at their emptying point in the neck, and then clear the lymphatic vessels and nodes at distant points.  First the thoracic area and then the abdominal and pelvic areas.  The extremities come last.
    PLATE XXVIII. -- We find that vaccination on the thigh or just above the knee causes  enlargement and sometimes suppuration of the inguinal nodes.  As the ovary and pelvic  regions are in close proximity, sterility may result where poisoning has affected the  glands and tissues of that region.

    The lymphatic vessels and nodes must be reached through the vasomotor centers that control them directly or indirectly.  We must get combined effect on the vascular system and lymphatics.  No superficial treatment will be of any great value.  We must reach the deeper or main vessels and ducts.  The intercostals may be reached by thoracic adjustment, and the receptaculum chyli and its tributaries by the splanchnic and mesenteric vasomotors.  If you clear the lymphatic system you will clear the vascular at the same time.

    Six swollen lymphatic glands in certain areas will make one ill.  A dozen will put you on your back, and fifty vital glands blocked may cause death.

    Let us work together as osteopaths to clear the system of poisons, and tell the people of the dangers of vaccines and serums.


C. C. Reid, M.D., D. O., Denver, Colorado

    Vaccination as a method of preventing smallpox has been universally adopted by the medical profession.  There are very few who openly oppose it.  Those who do oppose it as a rule keep very quiet for fear of coming under professional disapprobation.  There are not many people who have the “guts” to stand up against public sentiment and the general professional trend.

    Not many physicians now dare to speak out in open meeting against the universal trend toward state medicine.  Yet, not many years past we had the autocracy of state religion which required many years and much suffering to throw off.  We seem now to be ready to put on state medicine, which will probably be more galling than state religion, after it is thoroughly established.

    During the last smallpox epidemic and the resulting scare, a very large percentage of the people rushed to be vaccinated.  Personally, I have no way to prove or disprove the theory of vaccination.  Since it has been adopted almost universally by the medical profession and through their educational propaganda, vaccination has been accepted largely by humanity as a prevention of smallpox and people desire to have it done.

    Recently I had occasion to vaccinate many of my patrons.  I was interested in watching the results of the vaccination on a great many of them whom it was my opportunity observe.  Some were vaccinated on the arm and others on the leg.  In the arm cases, where it took, there was an enlargement and swelling of the lymphatic glands in the axilla.  Those that took on the leg, showed a soreness and thickening of the gland in the groin on the side of the vaccinated leg.

    PLATE XXIX. -- Enlarged nodees as result of vaccination.

    Many of them had large pustules; were quite sick with fever, ranging from 101 to 103, went to bed for from one to three days, and were more or less prostrated for something near a week.

    For this article, the interesting phenomenon was the effect on the lymphatic glands.  You might turn it the other way and say the effect of the lymphatic glands on the vaccination.  The functioning of the lymph glands showed that there was a real poisoning or infection of that part of the body on which the vaccination was taking.  The tendency of that infection was to spread through the system.  The function of the lymph was to counteract poison and head off infection.

    The lymphatic glands in the groin on the side vaccinated had an extremely hard proposition to prevent the infection from spreading in some instances throughout the system.  In these cases if it were not for the lymph keeping the gateway closed against a large per cent of the infection, the system receiving the whole bolt at once would very likely be overwhelmed.

    I have not had a chance to observe, but I believe a woman who has had her breast removed, along with which the axillary glands are frequently removed in such operations, if she were vaccinated on that side afterward, the consequences of the vaccination on her system would be considerably more serious as a result of the absence of the lymphatic glands.  Also, in cases where the glands of the axilla have been removed the patient would likely suffer more in a systemic way when vaccinated on the leg.

    Most of these cases had a real acute adenitis, as shown by the enlargement and swelling, soreness in the limb, and the pain in the glands of the axilla or the groin, according to the location of the vaccination.  The tonsils and the lymphoid tissue making up Waldeyer’s ring about the throat have the same function very largely as that of the lymphatic glands.  When there is a toxin or infection, as there frequently is in the nose and throat, some portion of Waldeyer’s ring becomes thickened, enlarged and sore.  If the reaction is so great as to set up an acute condition, there will be pain, redness and swelling sometimes extending from the tonsils into the tissues of the neck and involving practically the whole of Waldeyer’s ring.  Repeated inflammation of this kind causes enlargement of the faucial tonsils and the pharyngeal tonsils known as adenoids.

    Operations in this region of course should be conservative because of the tendency to destroy the integrity of Waldeyer’s ring.  Every evidence points to the fact that the structures composing this ring are placed about the throat for a protection against infections and toxins in this region.

    It was noted that many of the patients developed sore throat with more or less swelling about Waldeyer’s ring.  Those who had tonsils showed more or less enlargement there.  Those who did not have tonsils were not excempt from the sore throat.  The effect of the vaccination upon the lymphatics was to cause acute inflammation resulting in more or less chronic conditions causing the overworking of the lymph glands.