Spondylotherapy Simplified
Alva Emery Gregory, M.D.

This work is prepared for the purpose, of serving as a ready reference for the busy practitioner as well as to enlighten you on a very practical, useful and expedient procedure in emergency cases and it will be found very useful in many forms of diseases.

This book may not appeal to those who are narrow in their views, and who are wedded to one system of treatment to the exclusion of all other rational methods.  Light travels 283,000 miles a second, and may it penetrate deep and fast enough to reach the subconscious brains of those in the rut.

The man with a subconscious mind needs waking up, as it requires a fully conscious mind to keep pace with the progress being made in the healing art, as it is advancing today at rapid speed.

I have had such wonderful success in so many difficult cases by the use of Spondylotherapy measures, that I am pleased to present this new and helpful measure to you and for your consideration and for your use when needed.

I wish to thank my former friends and customers, who by their appreciated patronage have exhausted the former edition, and now I gladly present you with a more beautifully bound volume that will be a beauty and pleasure to you and an ornament to your best library collections.

The cost of production of this edition is high but I have spared no pains to present you with the best and neatest edition that money can buy and I am sure that you will appreciate our efforts.

In making public my development and improvements in Spondylotherapy literature I am not actuated by an itch for fame, nor by a fondness for notoriety, but by a desire to give to my fellow practitioners the fruit of years of travel, study, experiments and observation.

In offering the fruits of my research in spinal concussion I am not unconscious of the dangers I must encounter.  Since it bas been the fate of those who have discovered or improved an art or science to be beset by envy, malice, hatred and calumny.


I am well aware that those who miss the information which I bring them, because of prejudice or unbelief, will not be benefited by my efforts.

We desire that the progressive practitioner may investigate our system and this work on spinal concussion and not prejudge nor condemn this science before they know its merits, which you may determine by an impartial test.

The most successful doctors, drug and drugless, professionally and financially, of my acquaintance are known to be liberal in their views.  They are willing to extract a grain of truth or wisdom whenever it is possible to do so, regardless of its source or previous history.

Very truly yours,