A Manual of Osteopathy
Eduard W. Goetz, D.O.
    THE following rules must be strictly adhered to in the application of any of the treatments described on the following pages.  While most of them are harmless in the general sense, yet there are times when certain ones should not be given, lest bad results follow; and before treating any one it would be wise to post yourself on these rules:

    GOLDEN RULE - Take no drugs or stimulants in any form while taking these treatments.

    RULE 1. - Never use the tips of the fingers in treating, as this would be painful; but use the cushions of the fingers; hand flat with the fingers slightly bent.

    RULE 2. - Never treat hard enough to cause the patient severe pain; while there is always more or less sensitiveness where any abnormality exists, the operator must regulate the force of the treatment according to his subject, as it is self-evident that a child could not stand as much pressure as a grown person.  By beginning the treatment lightly you can increase the force as you proceed.

    RULE 3. - Sensitive spots along the spine or any part of the body indicate the seat of some trouble in more remote parts and should have special attention and treatment. (See part X, page 165, for special nerve centers.) To illustrate: if there happened to be a sensitive spot anywhere in the splanchnic region, you would at once diagnose some disorder of the stomach or liver, etc.

    RULE 4. - Never treat a pregnant woman below the twelfth dorsal vertebra behind, nor below the last rib in front, and do not raise the arms above the head.

    RULE 5. - Do not treat a woman during her menstrual period below the twelfth dorsal vertebra.  Should the period be delayed beyond the regular time, apply treatment under head of "Irregular Menstruation."

    RULE 6. - Do not treat chronic conditions over three times a week; in many cases twice a week is sufficient.  Acute diseases, such as a cold or a fever, may be treated every day or even twice a day, until relief comes, after which treat three times a week until cured.

    RULE 7. - The idea of manipulation of the muscles is to soften them, to restore the circulation and to relieve the pressure on nerves impinged upon by the contracture or hardening of the muscles, hence sufficient time must be given to accomplish this.

    RULE 8. - Most of the diseases of the body are reached through the treatment of the spinal column, do to the fact that the nerves that control the motion, sensation, function, and nutrition of the different parts of the body, spring from the spinal cord contained in the spinal column.  It is for this reason that most treatments should be directed to this region.

    RULE 9. - The male patient need only remove the coat, vest, and outer shirt, preparatory for treatment, it not being necessary to treat next to the skin as in massage.

    RULE 10. - The female patient should remove the corset and loosen waist bands; or, better still, remove outer waist and skirt and put on a dressing sack or wrapper.

    RULE 11. - It is always best for the patient to rest about an hour after each treatment, as it will materially assist its good effects.

    RULE 12. - No full treatment should be given longer than 20 minutes, and all stimulating movements must be repeated two or three times.

    RULE 13. - Any inflammation, no matter in what part of the body, is due to an imperfect circulation; it is the idea of these treatments to remove the obstruction and create a free passage of blood to and front the affected part, hence a thorough manipulation is necessary.

    RULE 14. - To apply more successfully the treatments by this system, it is advisable to have an operating table which should be six feet long, two feet wide, and two and a half feet high and covered with leather, oil cloth, or any other material, and padded with cotton, hair, or moss.

    RULE 15. - Provide yourself with a reliable fever thermometer that you may take the patient's temperature in all cases where necessary.  This is usually done by placing under the tongue of an adult or in arm pit or in the rectum of a child.


Stimulate - To manipulate the parts thoroughly.

Inhibit - To desensitize or hold the part for from one to three minutes.