A Manual of Osteopathy
Eduard W. Goetz, D.O.
    THE prime object of the second edition of this Manual of Osteopathy is to bring it up to the present high plane reached through the steady advancement made in the science.

    Since the first edition was placed on the market much additional knowledge has been gained through experience.  Numerous changes and additions have been made necessary in order that the volume might be brought strictly up to date.

    It is not the author's purpose to incorporate in the book all that there is in Osteopathy, nor does he wish to convey such an idea.  On the contrary he has laid down only some of the fundamental principles and has endeavored to demonstrate the efficacy of the science by the simplest kind of instructions as to the method of treatment.

    A mere reading of the book cannot possibly result in one's becoming a full fledged Osteopath.  The intention is simply to impart sufficient knowledge of the mode of procedure to enable the careful reader to apply the treatment in his home in case of emergency and until such a time as a regular practicing Osteopath can be called in should that be found necessary.  The instructions are lucid and if faithfully and intelligently followed can result in nothing but a bettered condition of the patient.

    The manual is the only work of the kind before the public which embodies with Osteopathy the three accessories of diet, baths and exercise, and through these agencies the author hopes to accomplish much in the direction of alleviating the physical distress of suffering humanity.

    OSTEOPATHY IS NOT MASSAGE, a fact that even a cursory glance through the following pages will prove beyond a doubt.

    Osteopathy is absolutely a science and its discovery one of the greatest boons with which mankind has been blessed.

Cincinnati, O., April, 1905.