Neuropathy Illustrated
The Philosophy and Practical Application of Drugless Healing
Andrew P. Davis, M.D., N.D., D.O., D.C., OPH.D.
    Motto: Takeoff the pressure.
    Leading Thought: Freedom.
    Keynote: Harmony.

Neuropathy is superior to all other sciences in the healing art, because it embraces in its scope the entire Nervous System.  Its philosophy is to FREE the fluid-carrying vessels from all abnormal pressure, to release the finer nerve-trunks, and their endings, from undue pressure, so that there shall be no interference with their functions.

It is absolutely essential that all of the fluids in the body should be permitted to flow through their channels uninterruptedly, that the Nervous System - which is the media for the transmission of thought - should be undisturbed, so that its functions be not interfered with.

There are three grand divisions of the nervous system, to-wit: the Motor, the Sensory and the Sympathetic; these have their origin in the cranium in what is called the Brain, are distributed everywhere in the body, ending in footlets.  Where they end they perform their functions.

The Brain - the origin of the Nervous System - is strongly guarded and protected by a thick, bony, oval, or nearly round, encasement, called the Cranium.  The nerves pass out of this bony cavity through holes, named foramina, or sinuses, enter into tissue or muscle, and control the tissue in which they end.

There are, according to anatomists, twelve Cranial nerves, and thirty-one Spinal nerves, and these are in pairs, making really twice that number, or twenty-four Cranial and sixty-two Spinal nerves.  Phrenorogists have, located forty-two pairs of Cranial nerves; each one of these nerve centers send forth nerve filaments which express themselves, in what is denominated Faculty.

The centers, or the origin of these Cranial nerves is expressed on the surface of the skull by prominences, or irregular elevations.

The Brain is composed of fatty substances named the white and the gray matter - named anatomically the "White substance of Schwan and the Gray matter."

All of the Cranial nerves but one - the Auditory - leave the cranium and end in some other part of the body.

Neuropathy has to do with disease, and all diseases involve the nervous system.  The disturbance of the nerves being a prime factor in all pathological conditions, all due to interference of nerve filaments, it becomes a matter of supreme interest to know how to relieve the nerves from all disturbing causes, irritation, etc., in order that they may perform their functions normally.

Disease is a result of violated law - so stated by the Maker of all law, in Deuteronomy, chapter 7, and in Exodus 15:26, also in Deuteronomy, chapter 28; the penalty always follows.  The human body was made perfect, is perfect yet, when allowed to perform its functions in a normal way.

The body was formed of 'the dust of the earth, the breath of the Almighty was breathed into man's nostrils, he became a living soul.  He was pronounced perfect, and would have remained perfect till now had he not violated law.

The consequences of that first violation followed man went away from God.  In his alienation he kept going farther and farther from perfection until he became a putrefying sore from head to foot.  He became a transgressor, hence became diseased.  We have to deal with this diseased mortal, and while many ways have been in vented, used and recommended, yet all have failed to afford satisfactory relief, or immunity from the great monster called disease.

Medicines made a signal failure to cure a great King 3500 years ago, and death followed its first use; regardless of its signal failure, men have experimented with it during the centuries, from that day till this.

The experimentations have been rewarded with more or less success.  Medicine, to say all that can be said in its favor, is a foreign substance, and per consequence an uncertainty.  It is extremely problematical whether any satisfactory results have followed its use; some think so.
Men are so constituted that they are disposed to try something when in pain; whether by spontaneous resolution or by death the case terminates, the last thing tried, if recovery takes place, is attributed as the one which accomplished the purpose - cured the case.

The systems practiced, and the means supposed to afford relief may be numbered by the score, and all have their advocates.  Many, found wanting, have been abandoned; there are many claimants for supremacy.

Neuropathy is one of the latest aspirants for a place of honor, and a position in the ranks of the Healing Art.  Having been long tried with other systems of healing, by comparison and strong tests, by its originator - he having diligently studied all systems known - places it in the front rank of all physical, manipulatory and Drugless Healing Sciences ever practiced or known.

It is adapted to man in all climes, all ages and in all Conditions.  It embraces and includes the entire man because it deals with his nervous system as the prime factor in all pathological conditions.  It is an indisputable fact, when the nervous system is permitted to perform its normal function, disease cannot exist in the body.

The nervous system functions every organ in the body - sees to it that every organ, with unerring exactness, performs its allotted work, superintends every heart throb, whether we wake or sleep; it sees to it that normal functions are performed, being the media through which mind permeates the entire physical body; it signals warning when a disturbance occurs along any line of nerve, filament from the brain, that something is wrong at the citadel of the mind which should be righted, and when righted, it assumes its wonted duties again.  The human body would be a chaotic mass without the nervous system.

It will be remembered that all diseases are products of nerve disturbance or impeded circulation of the fluids of the body.  The science of Neuropathy, properly applied, removes the pressure which causes all pathological conditions in the easiest, the best and most rational way of any system or method ever known or used by any physical manipulator.  The very simplicity of its application and, the favorable results obtained commend it to the afflicted. It always does good; nearly always cures; never harms.  The physician who represents a science of healing should always be qualified to explain why his remedies, cure and be able to enlighten his patients as to his claims.

It will some day be regarded as a crime to be sick.  Now it is a crime for one to render assistance to the sick, unless, perchance, licensed by a law passed by lobby influence.  Any law that protects a few and proscribes others is wrong.  The most inconsistent feature of such a law is that it is restrictive of the rights of the people to render relief to their suffering brothers.

Everything is the product of mind.  Evil thoughts culminate in evil doings.  The remedy is righteous thinking.  To have righteous thinking there must be righteous training - teaching emanating from a higher source than man.

It is a fact that disease is a result of violation of' law - wrong thinking, either by the individual or by someone having control over the sick person.  Law, being a rule of action, is only, or should only be, made for the lawless, the disobedient - those who are intent and bent on injury to one's own or to others.  No law should be enacted which restrains or forbids doing good to humanity. If it be a sin to be sick, the only way to be immune from sickness is to return to God's law, which is good, and only good.  Its environments and influences are uplifting and tend to harmony -physically, morally, intellectually and spiritually.

The healer, under the present state of affairs, should stand between health and disease, and cry aloud, sound the alarm, and teach the ignorant how to conform to law - to the law or laws which, if observed, would render all men immune from sickness.  Nature's laws are simple and easy to comprehend; they need only to be observed to be rewarded with perfect health.  The people must come back to God, to be healthy - must conform to His laws, and then harmony will prevail.  The healer should occupy the same position as the minister - preach the gospel of health.

All functions in the body being performed through the nervous system, one should understand the nervous system, especially its functions, and know that when the nervous system is unduly interfered with, its functions are disturbed, inharmony ensues.  The nervous system should be permitted to remain normal to perform its functions undisturbed.

Natural law being one of universal harmony (the physical law of God), when all things are in harmony with this law harmony prevails.  God's law is universal harmony. System in the body is a reflection of Deity, and the nervous system is the media through which mind acts, expressing itself at the nerve-end filaments.  It will keep every part of the body in harmony with every other part if undisturbed in its functions.  Over-use or influences which interfere with the conductibility of the nerve tissue of the mind which directs its functions should be avoided.

When the proper food supply is furnished to build up the tissues of the body, and it is properly assimilated, made into blood, the elements kept in due proportion, the fluids of the body permitted to circulate throughout the body undisturbed, no undue nerve pressure permitted, no excess of nerve function performed, the system is in perfect harmony with itself; there is health.

The correct understanding of the laws which govern the natural functions of the body, the intelligent, proper application of Neuropathy, restores the body to its wonted harmony, and disease vanishes like frost before the rays of the morning sun.  This beautiful world was given to man for his habitation while in the flesh.  Man is the acme of the Divine mind, made in the image of God, has been given possession of this entire world, commanded to occupy the land.  He was made perfect - perfectly adapted to every environment in which he might be placed, with power and authority to so act as to appropriate to his own use any and everything that would conduce to his health and happiness.

The nervous functions conduct the mentality to every part of the body, so that the mind, placed in the body by divine power, might superintend, preserve and maintain harmony in the body as long as he would conform to law - the law of his being.

The longevity of man is now about 37 years, and he should live at least two hundred years.  It is a recognized fact that all animals live about eight times as long as they are in maturing; so that we scarcely live one-fifth of our allotted time on earth, verifying the word of Holy Writ, "The wicked shall not live out half their days." The care of the body is positively commanded by the Almighty, and the penalty has been affixed: "Know ye not that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit - a temple of the living God?" "If any man destroyeth the temple of God, him shall God destroy." These are the consequences of sin by man.

Any system of healing which does not embrace the entire nervous system in its application, restore the harmony of the entire body, is evidently, necessarily, wrong.  We sin by thought, word and deed.  To get back to the place from whence we started, we must retrace our steps; and this man can do, if he is not lost.  If he is lost, he must be shown the way out.  The Neuropath should be able to do that, so far as the restoration to health is concerned.

The student of Neuropathy should study to know his calling - to know the conditions he has to deal with, and be able to render the needed aid to his patients.  We commend to you the study of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, and the careful study of the natural means to apply to relieve human suffering, and to restore harmony to your clientelle in all conditions needing your assistance.

Be true to yourselves, to your brother man and to ,God, and all will end well, and you will be 4 a power for good to humanity, and worthy a name while you live.


Can It Be Learned by the Common People?
Answer - Yes.

This book explains, in the simplest language possible, the methods used to relieve the conditions, or change them, which cause disease or sickness.  Nearly every condition known, which is denominated disease, originates in disturbance of some blood vessel or nerve filament, resulting in disease or inharmony, partial or complete, causing pain, inflammation or discomfort.

These disturbances can be removed by special manipulations of the body, by the hands of another.  Disease may be arrested before it produces much, if any damage - as it were, "nipped in the bud" -and much suffering avoided.

Physical manipulations can be so applied to accomplish this purpose.  A little experience will fully demonstrate this, and are all that need be used in most functional, human ills; they save the patient much distress, pain, long spells of sickness and attendant expense.

It will be a great saving to families to know how to treat their own dear ones, at the time when disease begins to make itself manifest, and be able to afford immediate relief.  This book contains the information which has been found satisfactory, when properly and intelligently applied.

The application of the hands in such a manner as to remove undue pressure from the fluid-carrying vessels and the nerve filaments, constitutes the larger part of the work needed in most cases, which, added to cleanliness, dietetics, breathing and proper physical exercises, meet all of the demands necessary to relieve and to cure all curable conditions denominated disease - especially of a functional character - and mitigate many organic diseases, pronounced incurable by eminent physicians.

The application of the science of Neuropathy will be generally sufficient to satisfy every demand, and absolutely efficient, under the most trying circumstances and conditions which may be met with.  It is more reliable than medicine, absolutely harmless in all cases, in all diseases, for all ages, sexes, climes, seasons, altitudes and localities.

The important thing to consider is the freedom of the circulation of the fluids of the body - by overcoming muscular contraction - arresting the pressure upon nerve filaments, which express their functions at their endings.  If their functions are disturbed by undue pressure, inharmony is the result.  Inharmony is denominated a diseased condition, and as soon as the harmony is restored, the disease ceases to be.

It is the only rational thing to do - "Take off the Pressure"; all is free, nature is satisfied, friction ceases, and co-ordination of the entire body follows as night follows the day.


The term Neuropathy literally means, Nerve pain, and as applied to the treatment of disease, means the relief of Nerve pain.

The mechanical means for relief consists in such manipulations as can be applied with the hands, commonly called adjustments, which are, for the most part, applied to the spinal column, limbs and muscles.

The object of adjustments is to overcome extra muscular contraction.  Muscular contraction being the cause of nerve pressure and interference of nerve function, relaxation becomes a necessity in order to permit the normal, flow of the fluids through the vessels which pass through the muscles, distributing nourishment, the building-up material of the body, as well as the vessels which return unused material, the waste which should be eliminated from the body, so that the normal conditions may prevail all the time.

Unless there is a normal circulation of all of the fluids of the body through the various channels -arteries, veins, lymphatics, ducts, and all of the fluid-carrying vessels - disease of some kind is sure to follow, sooner or later.

The distention of the vessels, if continued, separates nerve filaments, in many instances presses upon them and interferes with their normal functions, causing pain, or disturbs motion and sympathy, thereby causing unnatural changes; hence disease.

The object and aim of this book is to explain the philosophy of the Science of Neuropathy and its application in the treatment of disease.

The various means used to remove undue pressure, to, arrest nerve-waste, to relax muscular contracture, to restore normal circulation of the fluids of the body, and to establish normal conditions will be shown and fully explained, so that the science may be fully comprehended.

Neuropathy is so far-reaching in its effects, so easily applied, and so remarkably efficacious, when rightly applied, embracing so much, that each department will be as brief and concise as the nature of the case will permit, so as to make every point stand out clear, distinct, and comprehensible to the reader.

Neuropathy is applicable to all conditions in which the nerves are involved, either in their production or continuance, denominated pathologic or diseased conditions of humanity.

Neuropathy embraces the principles and the philosophy of all of the physical, manipulatory, drugless, healing sciences - Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Naprapathy, etc., and is the only science which fully explains the manipulations, giving a reason for each and every one of them, using those which are for a special purpose.

The relationship of the movements, to object intended, will be seen as the explanations are given in each, and unnecessary manipulations are eliminated, so that every one, here given, will have special relationship to the object for which it is intended.

The various manipulations having a special effect upon the part manipulated, the effects should be thoroughly understood by the manipulator, for each means something; has a purpose to accomplish; conditions to change, which aids in freeing the circulation of the fluids of the body; removes nerve pressure; relaxes muscular contracture, and conduces to the restoration of harmony - which means health.

The how to manipulate; the manner in which it is done; the force applied, and the intensity increased or modified, has much to do in every case treated; so far as benefit or harm is concerned.

The age of the patient; the locality of the ailment; its character; the susceptibility of the patient to pain; should always be considered, and only that amount of intensity or force used that will change the conditions existing for the time-being, and be repeated when needed; being careful not to overdo in any case.

The effects of the treatment will be in accordance with the manner of application, hence the necessity of knowing how to manipulate.

The effect, as well as the reputation, of any science, depends upon how it is applied.

The proper application of Neuropathy, cures disease; restores harmony.

Many cases linger along, uncured, simply because the means are not rightly applied.  Awkwardness; too much force; over doing; exhausting the patient; putting in time, instead of intelligence, often make the patient worse, for the time-being - making the muscles sore; the nerves irritable and hypersensitive; whereas, milder treatment has .the effect intended; restores harmony; cures the patient.


The philosophy of the science of Neuropathy is the most far-reaching of all modern sciences.  It includes and embraces more than any other healing science, and is more effective in removing the obstructions which cause disease than any of the healing sciences extant.

Its correct application relaxes the muscular structure, frees the veins, nerves, lymphatics, capillaries, permits the onward flow of the fluids of the body, and does it in a natural way-unknown to any other system of physical manipulation ever devised.

Uninterrupted freedom is the natural order of things.  Unnatural pressure, in all the range of material things, animate as well as inanimate, produces injury or distortion, malformation and all kinds of injury, if continued indefinitely.

The plants which grow and bloom at our feet must have undisturbed space to develop normally.  The tree must have normal pressure on all sides to cause it to grow round.  The individual must have sufficient pressure on all sides of the body to hold the fluids in place, and prevent spontaneous hemorrhage from every pore.

The natural order of the universe must be maintained at all times, or there would ensue a crash of worlds, and chaos result.

Man never would have known what disease was except by disobeying the divine law.  Had man always lived in such a manner that his relationship with God had continued, he never would have known pain, the consequence of violated law, physically.

Whether we regard the natural or the spiritual law, they are both unalterable, unchangeable; the penalty is just as sure to follow the one as the other - when violated - unless, perchance, the violator retraces his steps, and changes his relationship with the Law-giver.

The physical body was made subject to law, with its bony structure, its muscular, its arterial, its venous, its lymphatic, its nervous systems, and all other parts which make up the individual called man; sets every part in the body - perfect and complete - each part complete in itself, and each part related to every other part, so that there is not naturally any such a thing as inharmony anywhere throughout the body.

Every part has so many equivalents of chemical constituents, and in perfect harmony with every other part, so that with the multiplied millions of molecular changes which go on all the time, there is not a deviation which does not right itself, through the functionaries of every part, for all these changes are natural changes - and nature makes no mistakes - so that in a normal condition, living in accordance with a natural law, instituted and ordained of God, health prevails.

Anvthing which disturbs the harmony, causes disease - inharmony.  The mind which pervades the utmost recesses of the physical organism, controls the functions of every part; sees to it that every atomic cell is duly polarized, every atom so arranged that each performs its normal function, that every molecule so arranges its relationship that the due amount of friction may ensue, so, that sufficient heat is generated; that the electric forces are constantly maintained, whether amidst Polar snows or Torrid heat.

The mind also sees to it that every chemical element, throughout the entire body, is so distributed that each particle performs its function with unerring exactness.

It is beyond the ken of mortals to comprehend the workings of the Divine mind - and "Who can understand the spirit of man, save the spirit that is in him?"

It should be absolutely understood, that the freedom of the circulation of all of the fluids, and the undisturbed action of the nerve filaments which convey the mental intelligence to every part must be permitted, or the whole machinery becomes a chaotic conglomeration of confusion, and inharmony prevails, and this is disease.

There can be no order anywhere, without mind directs the forces, and this mind in man is the controlling power, placed there when God made man.


The muscular system is responsible for Nerve Pressure - impediment to the venous and lymph circulation, as well as all of the other fluids of the body.

Muscular contraction may be produced by cold applied to the surface of the body, causing shrinkage of the skin; this closes around the nerve endings in the skin, the irritation continues, extending deeper, involving the areolar tissue; then the muscular fibers close around the capillaries and the small veins, arresting the circulation of the blood and other fluids, driving the blood to the internal viscera, causing congestion, perhaps in the lungs, heart, stomach, liver or any other organ.  This is the result of continued irritation of end-nerve filaments and closing around small blood and fluid-carrying vessels, causing any and all kinds of disease.

Undue contraction of the muscular walls of the arteries causes increased force to propel the same amount of blood through them.  This causes friction, and fever ensues.  The fever evaporates the watery portions of the system, leaving unused waste material, causing toxic poison to accumulate, thereby pressing end-nerve footlets apart, impeding fluids from passing through their normal channels, thus making any or all sorts of trouble.

There is no disease possible when all of the fluids are permitted to flow through their channels naturally; there is no obstruction to their normal flow when there is not muscular contraction beyond a normal contracture; hence, the greatest cause of disease is muscular contracture, unduly continued, and the greatest task the manipulator has is to remove MUSCULAR CONTRACTURE, permitting the normal flow of the fluids, thus removing nerve-pressure.

Every disease that flesh is heir to, is a product of disturbance of the fluid-carrying vessels and nerve disturbance.  Nerve irritation, at their endings, causes muscular contracture, and the amount of disease-producing effect the contracture causes may be determined by the number of muscles involved, and the organs affected thereby.

If the muscles of the chest - the thorax - are unduly contracted, the lungs, heart, stomach and internal viscera may suffer the consequences.  Undue contracture of the chest walls - resulting from the muscles controlling the respiratory apparatus - prevents venous return circulation, hence a failure of pulmonary circulation, and engorgement of blood in the lungs.  If there is interference of pulmonary circulation the blood cannot be oxygenated, hence aeration of the blood is interfered with, and the blood is returned to the general system contaminated with all its impurities.

There is no accounting for the damage which ensues from the above disturbance of the small veinlets and small end-nerve filaments.  Failure of the return venous blood from the head causes the many diseases of the head, face and neck.  The character of the disease depends upon the kind of tissue involved, the state of the mind, the temperament, kind of food the patient has been living on, altitude, condition of the atmosphere as well, the state of health at the time, and vocation.  The age has much to do with the kind of disease one may have from the obstructions and pressure named, and the parts of the head involved.

The glandular system may be affected, so that there is a stoppage of normal secretions, and that condition may interfere with the digestion of the food, hence general emaciation may ensue, and go from bad to worse - all due to the above, seemingly simple, cause or causes.

When one knows the etiology of disease, and knows the remedy, and how to apply it, disease will be easily controlled.  Remove the causes of disease to cure it.  We need not be concerned about the administration of foreign substances in the form of medicines.

The simple means which removes the pressure from the nervous system, thus restoring the normal circulation of the fluids, arresting the muscular contracture, satisfies the demand, and nature assumes her wonted function, harmony is soon restored, and disease ceases.

The various means recommended herein are adequate to meet the demands in all conditions called disease, when taken in time.  The mental condition of the invalid, the diet and habits have much to do in the restoration to health, and no means should be spared which has to do with the removal of the pressure, the arrest of nerve waste, the proper kind of diet which overcomes the waste and furnishes the elements necessary to supply the body with normal strength.  To these, with the proper breathing, exercise and cleanliness, all conditions known as functional human ills are amenable.

There never was a system practiced - never discovered - which embraced the entire nervous system and all that pertained to bringing the functions of the entire body into harmony, as Neuropathy does, when properly understood, fully comprehended and rightly applied.  It is amply sufficient to meet all of the demands to relieve the functional, physical and mental ills of suffering humanity.  As such we commend it to the careful, intelligent consideration of everybody, with the assurance that it will be eminently satisfactory.


The science of Neuropathy is inclusive, in that it embraces every known condition of the body, controlled, or affected, by the nervous system.  Every organ in the human body is functioned by the nervous system, hence should receive due consideration.  Every part of the body, in which nerves end, is influenced by them; the subject deserves critical and careful study, in order to learn their function.

Their anatomical and chemical constituents should be thoroughly understood.  Their physiological function becomes a matter of very great importance, so that deviations from the normal may be discerned, which constitutes pathology, or abnormal physical conditions.

When every part of the body is in a normal condition, there is harmony throughout its entire structure: every muscle, gland, lymphatic, artery, vein, tissue and nerve is performing its proper function.  The arterial, venous circulation, and all of the fluid-carrying vessels being normal, the nervous system functions properly.

Pathological Conditions.

These consist of abnormalities; of deviations from a normal state.  These abnormalities are denominated disease, whether from interference of the circulation of the blood, disturbance of the nervous system, a solution of the continuity of a bone, laceration of a muscle, or a change in the secretion of a gland, indigestion of the food, or any condition different from a normal state.
The conditions causing these, or any of them expressed, is Etiology; a description of them is called Diagnosis.

Treatment; the Essential Thing to Do.

To know the conditions is of more importance than the Diagnosis - or the name of the disease - for the name may only indicate the structure involved, and one may know all about the structure, and not know how to remedy the trouble.

When it is known that the interference with the nervous system and the circulation of the fluids, causes the majority of the ills of the flesh, these important factors will be considered, conditions causing their disturbance will have the attention demanded, a restoration to a normal state effected, and the conditions changed from disease to health.

Muscular Contraction a Prominent Factor.

The muscles having but one function - that of contraction - become factors in the production of many disturbances by producing undue pressure upon nerves and fluid-carrying vessels which pass through and under them, or draw ligaments tense over them, obstructing the circulation of the fluids or nerve filaments.  Manipulations which overcome these conditions are far better than medicines.

Some Things About the New Science.

The nervous system pervades every part of the body; functions the five senses, and through sympathetic filaments correlates each part with every other part.

There being eighty-four faculties in the cranium, and all these, capable of many wonderful phenomena, are all controlled, governed and functioned by mind, through nerve filaments, which give expression in character, mode of living, harmony or inharmony as per influence exerted through filaments emanating from said faculties.

That the nervous system has its origin in the Calvarium, seems altogether settled in the minds of Anatomists and Physiologists of the present day.  From their origin to their terminus each fiber conveys what we are constrained to denominate mind, and this mind expresses itself at nerve-filament endings.  The filaments - the small nervelets - end everywhere, and mind goes through them and all functions are performed at the endings, and not along the line.

While it is true that nerves end everywhere in the body, it is also true that large bundles or leashes emerge from foramina and go directly through various substances, such as muscles, fascia, etc., and end in remote parts of the body; yet, from these bundles nervelet emerge, and end in the tissue the main bundles pass through, and perform functions where they end, whether in a gland, capillary or bone.

Remember, that the nervous system is the media through which all function is performed, and when there is no undue pressure upon these nerve-footlets, anywhere in the body, normal function is the result, and health prevails, because there is a state of harmony, when the nervous system is free from interference or pressure.

To free the nerve filaments from undue pressure, and to restore harmony thereby, is the province of the Neuropath; the means to be employed should be adapted to the conditions interfering with nerve functioning, wherever found.

Inasmuch as normal tissue is a product of nerve influence and function - as the mind, through the nerve filaments, has the entire supervision of the body - it is but rational to conclude that, to relieve any abnormal condition, it would be of the first importance to free the nervous .system from all obstruction.


In the treatment of diseases, the importance of each method usually stands out prominently in proportion to its merits or demerits.  Hypotheses are estimated according to their reasonableness, and the comprehensiveness of the interested parties.

The afflicted are searching for relief, and care more for its attainment than for theories as to how it is brought about.  Accomplishment is the thing which concerns the people in this age.  To get there is the motto.

The system, or method of treatment, which accomplishes the purpose is the one most desired, provided it does so without injury and at a reasonable cost.  The masses are not so much concerned as to what theory or philosophy is held or advocated by the representative of the science claimed, as they are for its intrinsic merit.  The question is, will it do the work?  Will it accomplish the purpose?  Is it absolutely worthy of confidence?  Is it reliable, and can it be trusted?

These questions are of profound importance, and the thinking classes will take great interest in investigating the claims of any system which promises them value received, in actual benefit, when applied in their case, for their ailments.  Disease being the common inheritance of humanity, pain and distress being conditions which are unpleasant and derogatory to happiness, success or longevity, any measure which holds out the greatest inducement to, absolve them from the contaminations of disease, is hailed with emotions of delight.

There are many systems which make promises of immunity from disease, to cure existing disease, which, when tried, leave the afflicted worse off than before trying it. Observation demonstrates this, and it cannot be gainsaid.  Hundreds and thousands of afflicted mortals experience these conditions daily.  These failures work injury and cause distrust in the minds of the afflicted, lessening the confidence in all systems of healing.

Misplaced confidence - the bane of the human race has been caused by over-drawn statements, untruthful assertions, as regards the merits of any system of healing.

That each and all of the systems, methods and measures have some merit in them is indisputable, and under proper conditions, just what is needed is a truth; but the over-zealous advocates of each system have overdrawn its adaptability, and not considered its limitations, nor comprehended its special application.

This is an index citing to the general status of most of the claims in vogue at the present time; hence it behooves every one to investigate every claim proposed, as a means of cure, for his ills.
The physician and the patient are alike interested in this matter, for a necessity presents itself at the present time, to arrest the tendency of the various cults to monopolize the practice and fasten their views upon all, and to dominate their authority by unjust legislation.

No system ever devised by man has just claims to perfection.  Disease is a product, caused by influences within and without the body, hence conditional and provisional; subject of age, temperament, mentality and circumstances; hence is amenable to many kinds of agencies for relief; therefore one stereotyped course of treatment cannot possibly meet all of the indications.

This idea furnishes the reason for the institution or origination of the many and various systems, or methods of treatment now in vogue.  There seems to be a necessity for the many ideas included in all of the means known and practiced by the various cults; no one should use ONE idea to the exclusion of all the rest.

That many of them could be blended into one and under one head, seems plausible, for there is a similarity of method as well as design, and no plausible reason why they should not be classed under one name.  This would simplify matters greatly, and obviate the necessity of so much explanation of the various ideas and opinions now go strenuously advocated by the different promulgators of their various systems.

When it is understood that the principles of relief are almost exclusively dependent upon the few leading functionaries of the body, and that when these are in proper condition, disease is an impossibility, the methods to accomplish this purpose could be amalgamated into one system.

Medical practitioners are wedded to medical treatment for all conditions called disease, and antagonize other methods.  Those who use other means are equally zealous in the advocacy of their methods, and each one assumes to KNOW the other is wrong; when the fact stands out in bold relief for the use at times of different methods to meet the indications in given cases - and even these are inadequate to meet the necessities of the case, sometimes.

Neuropathy, meaning "Nerve-pain," is a system which blends all known Drugless methods into one system, and utilizes the various mechanical measures to bring about a condition in the body which relieves it of excesses and restores the entire body to harmony with itself.  It does not ignore chemical influences, and the necessity of the use of such agencies as tend to, and do, restore the body to a state of harmony.

When harmony exists, there is no such a state or condition as is commonly recognized as disease.  If there be a condition in the body, after being properly adjusted to itself, that indicates enervation, it indicates a deficiency of NERVE POWER, and that can only be restored by arresting the excessive function of the organ causing the loss, and by the addition of the nerve elements, which may be gotten from the proper food, which supplies the blood with these constituents that are used in nerve function.  These are the only reasonable things to do, and when done we bring the system up to a normal state, called health.


That all things earthly have their limitations needs only to be mentioned to make one mindful of the fact.

Everything we do is a product of thought.  "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." We should think the things we ought to think, and if we think right, we will do right.

If we think that medicine is amply sufficient to cure all diseases to which the human family is subject, we will use nothing else.

If we think that water is the sine qua non for all ills, water is the only remedy with us, and it will be the only agency used.

If we think that dietetics is the sovereign remedy to restore us to a normal state, diet will occupy our special attention.                                                       I

If we have been taught that prayer is the balm for all ills, we will depend absolutely on prayer as nature's Divine restorer.

If we get it once fixed in our minds, that one particular system of treatment is sufficient to satisfy all the demands of nature in the treatment of disease, that will be the only system uppermost in our mind, and all others are wrong - unnecessary.

The injunction, "Prove all things; hold fast to that which is good," is too often ignored.  If we could understand that all men, everywhere, are limited in their knowledge of themselves, and their relationship to their environments, and that every one thinks as environments impress them, we would have a different view of life, and of living.

Conditions, as well as environments, have their influence in molding the mind; the mind controls the body; so that the sayng is true: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

The condition of each individual's mentality, being a product of suggestion, teaching, mental and physical influences, the results differ in degree in an exact ratio of susceptibility to them, and thus we find mankind as he is - seemingly - a medley of contradictions; yet all, of every nation, tribe, and tongue, possess the same elements of body and mind, but modified and proportioned according to circumstances, food, habit, locality, education, training, strength and size of faculties.
All have the same number of bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, senses, human faculties, chemical elements; all susceptible to the same influences, at least in a modified degree.

Whatever may be the consensus of opinion, as regards ONE method of treatment for all kinds of human ills, it is a fact, nevertheless, that different conditions need different means; different attention; and often entirely different environments, to meet the indications.

That all systems of so-called healing have been used with more or less satisfaction, needs no other proof than their use - some of them for ages.  Their promoters and advocates have thought them all-sufficient; hence been content with them.

No method of treatment would be adopted and practiced for so many years, unless it had some merit inherent in it, or some one had not derived some benefit from it.

That demerit inheres in all systems is true, or there would never have been an excuse for new systems being introduced.

That more or less merit inheres in all systems no one can gainsay, but that some have proven more efficacious than others cannot be disputed, truthfully; yet no one of them all dare claim perfection, except that one pertaining to the soul, and that is Divine Healing.

Our conceptions of the healing process of any system is somewhat conjectural - in fact, there is no human system of healing, properly so-called.

All healing consists in a return to normal conditions throughout the process of natural law - a re-harmonization of the system with itself.

Whatever may be done; whatever means employed which conduces to this end, deserves commendation and approbation.  Hypothesis regarding any system is an uncertainty, to say the least of it.  Even many of the tried remedies are inadequate, at times, to satisfy the demand.

The best thing known, intelligently and scientifically applied, may and even does fail, sometimes, because conditions are not always clearly understood, and the best that can be done is sometimes futile.

The claims of the Neuropath, for Neuropathy, are that it is superior to any yet known.  Neuropathy embraces the entire nervous system, the circulatory apparatus of the entire body, bones, muscles, glands, brain, elements, functions, food, breathing, digestion, assimilation, elimination, physical exercises, senses, faculties, hygienics, bathing, suggestion, association, morality, MIND, LIFE.
Any system of healing which limits itself to one idea, in the very nature of the facts, must be deficient.

While it is true that some one or more things in any of the systems may answer the purpose sometimes, it may not answer in all cases.

Considering the fact that the practice of the healing art is not always a certainty, as regards results, it is well to consider one special thing, in all cases, and all kinds of human ailments - that is, the circulation of the fluids of the body, and the freedom of the nervous system.  "TAKE OFF THE PRESSURE" is always in order, in the treatment of all diseases - Neuropathically.

Whatever may be the matter, see to the establishment of the circulation of the blood and other fluids and the freedom from pressure of the NERVOUS SYSTEM, and in nearly all cases that will be all that need be done, to relieve the trouble.

There is much ado about nomenclature - naming disease - and the fear of doing something wrong, or not prescribing for the right disease, especially among physicians, so that they will spend more time finding effects, and a name for what they call disease, than conditions, which cause the trouble.  Remember that it is folly to treat disease.  The proper thing to do is to remove the conditions which cause the disease, and the disease is non est - does not exist - it is no more.

If, therefore, you have a case complaining of sore, throat, you do not treat the sore; take off the pressure, which is impeding the venous-return-circulation of the blood, and your sore throat is cured.

If a case comes to you with Pneumonia, or you go to see such a case, all you have to do is to institute means to relieve the congestion of venous blood, and the pneumonia subsides without any further anxiety.

If a case comes to you complaining of colic, all you have to do is remove the pressure from the nervous system involved; generally it is the Splanchnic nerve, or some of' its divisions, and the colic vanishes instantaneously.

If a patient comes to you having a pain in the arm, your only reasonable way to relieve such a condition is to remove the pressure on the Brachial plexus of nerves involved, and the pain is gone at once.

If any of the internal viscera is in pain, the only right way to relieve it is to ascertain what leash of nerves is involved, and take the pressure off of it, and the trouble is ended.

If there is accumulation in the intestinal canal, or any part of it, the thing to do is to remove the same, whether it be by water, or by any other means.  The whole thing of treating disease is couched in, and embraced in, the expression - the sentence – “TAKE OFF THE PRESSURE.”

Let it be understood, under any and all circumstances and conditions called disease, that the means to institute, adopt, and carry out are specifically enjoined in the expression, "Take off the PRESSURE." When this is done, the operator has discharged his whole duty.  This is the thing to emphatically consider, and surely do, and the results follow, as morning follows the night, so far as manipulations are concerned, and so far as the internal bath is concerned, in intestinal impactions and congestions following such engorgements.

If there is excessive use of any one or more organs, that should be corrected; instance, the over-use of the eyes, genital organs, or undue exercise, fatigue, overeating and intemperance, inactivity, etc.  All of these have their remedy, specifically, and should receive due attention and consideration.  Harmony should be established, under all circumstances, in order to be well, and maintained in order to remain well.

Be it always remembered, that the Neuropath is to exercise common sense under all circumstances; be able, intelligently, to improvise the means necessary, the means indicated, and see that the right course is pursued, to, consummate the thing desired.

But few conditions will be found where the means recommended herein will not be sufficient - amply sufficient - to satisfy the demands, and satisfy the most incredulous, if carried out as here stated.

Do not have any misgivings; manifest no doubt as to results; launch forth into the arena, panopolied with sufficient knowledge of the human body, to know the difference between a normal and an abnormal condition, to know what and where the obstructions are, and do not hesitate to apply the means in such a manner as to overcome the difficulties, as they present themselves, one by one, if necessary, and you will have the pleasing satisfaction of seeing your patient recover, oftentimes while administering the remedy, and smile with grateful heartfelt exultations of thanksgiving as a consequence of relief.

This science is the greatest boon to suffering humanity possible to conceive of, so far as intelligent, rational, effective relief is concerned.  It reaches the utmost bounds of our highest conception of rational means to remedy the ills of suffering humanity; can be easily learned, thoroughly mastered, and so easily applied that any tyro should be able to give relief, in ever so many cases, which, if let alone, would terminate in disease, and in many cases, death.  It shows how to right the wrongs at the beginning, so as to avoid the consequences of neglect, or lack of knowing what should be done.


The certainty of effects from the application of Neuropathy places it in the front rank of all of the Healing Sciences, as it is the only one that embraces the entire Nervous, Arterial, Venous, Lymphatic and Glandular systems.

The Nervous system and the circulation of the fluids of the body are the prime factors involved in every condition known as Disease, and they must be liberated - freed from pressure - before they can perform their normal f unction.

Disease being a product, and a resultant of disturbance of the Circulatory apparatus and the Nervous system, the rational means of relief, or cure, is to remove the irritating cause which disturbs the nerve function, to take off the pressure from the vessels which carry the fluids to and from the heart and lungs.

The means improvised for relieving the nerve irritation and undue pressure on the fluid-carrying vessels instituted by the author of the Science of Neuropathy are the BEST ever devised or used.  They do the work.

There remains nothing to be done to accomplish this but the Science of Neuropathy rightly applied.  Ample and satisfactory evidence is at hand to verify the superiority of Neuropathy over all other physical manipulations, yet discovered, to satisfy the demands in every condition called disease of a functional character.

The cream of all other Drugless Healing Sciences is utilized when indicated, including Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Suggestive Therapy, Dietetics, Deep Breathing, Exercise, Correct Habits and all things which tend to restore harmony throughout the body.

It is a serious mistake to presume to cure all conditions through one method of treatment.  The indications to be met should be met and the indicated means applied, and the results will always be satisfactory.

There is so much depending upon how the manipulations or adjustments are applied as to the effects they produce.  Skilled manipulators should be employed - those who really know how, when, where to apply and when enough, for the condition found.

These are important points for consideration, as they have much to do in all cases of illness.  Circumstances, conditions, environments, age, occupation, the character of habits, sex, kind of affection, and degree are essential factors to consider.

The whole body is diseased when one part is affected, because of the relationship of all its parts with each other, through the Sympathetic Nervous System.

The influences which bring about undue pressure upon blood-vessels and nerves are numerous and varied.  Irritation of nerve endings in muscles, causes contraction of muscle-fibers which surround blood-vessels and nerve filaments.  That inhabits nerve function and arrests the circulation of the fluids in the blood-vessels.

Inflation of any part of the hollow viscera is another source of pressure, not only in the walls of the organ inflated, but the expansion is often extended to surrounding organs; they may continue the pressure on still others, and thus involve many; instance, IMPACTION of Colon.

What Impaction of the Colon May Do.

It may cause Appendicitis, Constipation, Proctitis, Peritonitis, Colitis, Hepatitis, Inflammation of the Pancreas, Stomach, interference of the action of the Diaphragm, Heart troubles of various kinds, and even extend to the Pleura, Pericardium and the Respiratory organs - the Lungs.  It will be seen, from even a casual observation, that almost every condition of an abnormal character, in the internal viscera, may be caused by impaction of the colon.

Impeded venous circulation - always due to undue pressure from some of the simplest causes - is responsible for many human ills.  Irritation of the nerves produces what is commonly called Muscular Insufficiency, Nerve strain, Nerve waste, Cross-eyes (Strabismus), Vertigo, Headache, Neurasthenia, and many other conditions.  Muscle strain, commonly so-called, which produces Asthenopia, Conjunctivitis, etc., is strain of the Nerves.

The excessive use of any organ in the body results in some disorder in the organ, and more or less exhaustion, or debility of the entire body.  From an enervated condition, due to excessive use of the nerves in any one or more organs, Tumors may result, Constipation, Headaches, Neuralgia, Cataract, and many other disorders.

Irritation of the nerves of the neck causes impeded venous return circulation, and any sort of trouble may ensue, in the head or face.

Muscular contracture of any or all of the muscles along the spine - from the nape of the neck to the end of the coccyx - causes diseased or painful conditions in the organ or part where said contractured nerves end - be their endings in other muscles along the spine, or in some internal organ.  Continued contracture may produce Spinal Curvature, or any other disorder common to humanity.

Neuropathy Teaches What Needs to Be Done to Relieve Human Suffering.

It teaches what constitutes disease, its principal causes, and how to right the wrongs - restore the normal conditions in a natural manner by removing the abnormalities and thus harmonizing the body with itself.

The Neuropath is like the pioneer of the forest in a new field of labor.  He finds himself surrounded with immense trees, whose tall branches reach skyward, whose foliage obscures the light of day and seem as barriers to his progress, with no shimmering light to brighten his pathway.

Darkness and gloom hover over him as a pall and enclose around him, lessening his horizon so that no way out seems possible; every effort seems fruitless and abortive.  No ray of light seems to enter the darkness to let in the sunshine, and hope seems almost obliterated.  The gloom thickens, hope sinks to despair, the darkness increases until all is one great cloud let down and completely
overwhelms him.

In darkness and despair he makes an effort to extricate himself, and begins to think.  He turns his thoughts inward.  Hope begins to assert itself.  Self interest demands an effort; he makes it.  He begins to fell the trees.

In this effort a light gleams through the opening made.  The light seen inspires hope.  The effort is renewed; another and larger ray penetrates his dark abode.  He continues his struggle, and in time he finds himself out in the full glare of unobstructed sunlight, amid beams of' indescribable and permanent beauty.  As he eagerly views the situation, he finds himself in an open field; everything, with open arms, invites him onward.

Darkness has passed, the obstacles have been overcome; the field is clear, and the landscape invites him to bask in the sunshine and balmy air, to utilize the knowledge gained by the trials endured, to press forward and to share, the bounties strewn broadcast everywhere before him.

This is now the condition in which Neuropathy is environed - full of hope.  Opportunities innumerable are offered; the student is bidden welcome to reach forth and partake of its emoluments and share its blessings.

The science has a footing, a reputation, and is on the road to successful and lasting achievements; no obstacles will be too much for the Neuropath to overcome; as he advances, new fields will open and invite him on.


In summing up the various phases of the philosophy and principles of the science of Neuropathy, it will assist the student to comprehend at a glance the reasons, without having to search the many details as applied to the special applications to the various conditions denominated disease.

The Motto is: "Take Off the Pressure."

It will be understood that all diseases are products, and these products are results of pressure upon nerve filaments, or fluid-carrying vessels, causing a disturbance in the normal functioning of organs, or parts to which said vessels or nerve filaments go or in which they end.

Assuming that undue pressure upon nerve filaments and fluid-carrying vessels interferes with their function and causes disease, it becomes a matter of the first consideration to remove the obstruction - the pressure - the cause of the disturbance.  If this is not done, the disturbing cause remains, and as a consequence the results remain.

Whatever causes the obstruction or the interference of the function of any organ in the body is the thing which demands the special attention of the one who assumes the role of manipulator, physician, healer, doctor.

Irritation Causes Muscular Contraction.

Temporary irritation may not cause any permanent disturbance, but if continued may result in permanent contraction of muscular fibers, interfering with vessels passing through or into the parts contracted, and disturb their function, or functions, causing inharmony – disease.

The consequences, even of a slight disturbance, cannot always be determined, the special organs affected, nor the character of the affection which may occur from said pressure; but some pathological effect will ensue.  What that effect will be, depends upon the tissues involved.

It is not wise to prognose the consequences of nerve pressure, nor to predict what effect muscular contraction will produce, for impediment to venous circulation is often fraught with the severest consequences, culminating in very painful affections and destruction of tissue, often terminating in death.

Too much stress cannot be placed upon the venous circulation, because it may become the prime factor in many ailments, and culminate in direful consequences to the person who is unfortunate enough to be afflicted in this way.

Taking off the pressure is the only remedy indicated.

It is the function of muscles to CONTRACT.  There are 527 muscles on the bones of the human body, and 208 bones.  The muscles have their origin and their insertion in the bones - or in the periosteum which surrounds the bones - which constitute the anchorage of the muscles.

All movements are caused by muscular contraction.  Muscular contraction is caused by nerve irritation, commonly called nerve influence or impulse.

Whatever causes undue and protracted nerve influence produces contraction of muscular fibers.  Inasmuch as blood vessels and fluid-carrying vessels enter into muscles, terminate in them, or pass through them and end in other muscles, tissue or organ, if the muscular fibers contract, they close around the vessels or nerves and interfere with their function, retard the onward flow of the fluids or interfere with the nerve filaments, and in so doing change, modify or arrest their function.

The functional disturbance caused by the muscular contraction around the vessels aforesaid - if continued beyond a reasonable time, or persisted in uses inharmony in the body, and this inharmony is of such a character as to produce disease.

Disease is a product, a result of too much and too long continued muscular contracture around venous blood-carrying vessels, or nerve filaments.  The Lymphatics are likewise interfered with by muscular contracture.  The lymph-carrying vessels, if unduly pressed upon, cause disease the same as the pressure on the veins, veinlets, or nerve fibers; hence the pressure causes interference with the functioning of the above named vessels.

As little as may be thought of this matter, when investigation has been made, it will be ascertained that the prime cause of all diseases originates in undue pressure, somewhere, somehow, or everywhere, in the body.

The rigidity - the contracture of muscular fiber - is caused by any and all abnormal or unnatural influences, such as cold, friction, pressure, excitement, too much labor on any set or leash of nerves functioning an organ, unnatural positions maintained too long at one time, overeating, retention of waste or refuse, either in the colon or stomach, or intestinal canal; constipation or tumors, and perhaps other conditions not now thought of.

Contracted muscular fibers which interfere with large vessels are sometimes the direct cause of disease; instance, the Clavicles may be drawn against the Jugular vein, and any kind of disease may result - such as goiter, tonsilitis, sore throat of any character, inflammation of the brain, eyes, nose, pharynx, larynx, a catarrhal condition, erysipelas, or any other disease of the head.


In the treatment of all conditions called disease, the manipulator should bear in mind the necessity of the following special considerations:

1st - That the patient who comes to be treated has something to be relieved of, some sort of ailment which needs to be cured.

2nd - That all abnormal conditions, however slight, or how little they affect the person for the time being, should be looked after and removed at once.

3rd  - That acute diseases become chronic by neglect.  Diseases are easily cured if the cause is removed and conditions changed from the abnormal to the normal.

4th - The cause of almost all conditions called disease, can be easily ascertained by a careful examination of the following: The character and locality of the pain; the condition of the circulation of the blood and other fluids of the body; the condition of the digestive organs; the condition of the bowels - whether constipated or the contrary; the condition of the urinary organs; the character of the urinary secretions; the condition of the genital organs; the color and condition of the glandular organs - their secretions; condition of the Liver, Stomach, Colon, Heart, Lungs, Muscles, Bones, Joints, Skin, Eyes, Nasal organs - in a word, every function and every organ which performs function in the body should receive special attention - and the character of the affection is important to know.

5th - The anatomy and the physiology of the body cannot be too well known, for every part of the body is correlated with every other part of the body, and when one part is out of harmony, all of the rest sympathizes with it - and this causes inharmony, and inharmony is disease.

6th - There are THREE conditions of the body which demand special consideration under all circumstances; and in all cases where disease is suspected or exists.  These are: The condition of the circulation; the condition of the nervous system; the condition of the nutritive functions.  Unless these functionaries are in a normal condition, something is wrong, and unless the wrong is righted, there will continue to be inharmony throughout the body, and it may prove disastrous and culminate in discomfort, disease and death.

7th - Whatever form a disease may assume, and by what name designated, one or all of above conditions will be found to exist, and oftentimes found to be the cause of the disease - in fact, the prime cause, for a disturbance of either of the organs which function any part of it, produces inharmony, and that is disease.

Almost all diseases originate in a disturbed venous circulation of the blood.  If the veins are closed by muscular contraction, in their attempt to return the blood to the heart and lungs, the blood fails to receive oxygen; hence remains impure, and any disease may ensue as a consequence.

If the Nervous system is interfered with abnormally - that is, so pressed as to interfere with its normal functions - confusion reigns throughout the body.

The Nervous system performs all the functions of the body, in a way - that is, it superintends and directs all action, sensation and sympathy throughout the entire body at all times, when undisturbed; but when any part is unduly interfered with - pressed upon, irritated beyond its normal functioning - there follows some abnormal condition in the organs or parts where said nerves end.

That condition will continue until said disturbance ceases or is removed.  This is one of the three prime causes of disease, and must not be overlooked in the treatment of all conditions called disease.

If the Motor nervous system is disturbed, excessive or deficient action ensues.

If the Sensory nervous system is disturbed, sensation is disturbed, and pain may ensue, or may not be recognized at all; sensation may be lost - destroyed.

If the Sympathetic nervous system is unduly disturbed, sympathy is interfered with, nutrition is disturbed, mal-assimilation is the result, as well as mental communication and knowledge of action and sensation fail.  The Sympathetic nervous system is the superintendent of all bodily function.  It becomes the prime factor in directing every function, and deserves special consideration.

Nutrition is an essential in all conditions of life, whether sick or well.  The perpetuity of life depends upon nutrition-nourishment-renewal of elements.  The elements which constitute the physical organism are chemical elements.  These elements are in the food eaten, and the food must be taken into the body in proper quantities, at proper times, containing the normal elements, be properly digested and assimilated in order to build up new tissue, renew the old or worn-out tissue, and the waste must be eliminated.

The physician should be familiar with the physiological functions of the body, and its needs, manner of functioning its various parts, and how to meet conditions which right wrongs under all circumstances, to restore harmony - restore the normal circulation, take the pressure off of the nervous system and blood vessels, and direct the proper nourishment needed to build up the entire body to maintain strength and generate the physical forces which express themselves in what is denominated life.

These and more are all embraced in Neuropathy.  Everything that conduces to restore harmony and bring about conditions which restore the afflicted to a state which is called health come under the preview of Neuropathy.  No physical manipulatory system embraces so much or does so much as Neuropathy.


It is said by one wiser than man, that "Every seed brings forth after its kind." It is also said by the same authority that "Whatever a man sows shall he also reap."

The question would naturally be asked: What has either of the above declarations to do with the caption of this narrative, or proposition?  Harmony, absolutely, has reference to Deity, relatively to material things.  What we wish to discuss as regards harmony, is in reference to our physical condition as regards health and disease.  When the elementary constituents, of which the body is composed, are in due proportion, the Muscles, Bones, Arteries, Veins and Nerves are in a normal condition, each performing its proper function, there is that state prevailing which we denominate health.

Incoordination is a condition which is regarded as "lack of the normal adjustment of muscular actions; failure of organs to work harmoniously - that condition which leads to great and sudden irregularity of movement." This, when applied to the physical body, is that condition which is denominated Disease.

Harmony of function is denominated physiological; inharmony is Pathological.  Physiological conditions are normal conditions, and relate to the functions of the various organs and parts of the body, and this is denominated natural; co-ordination; harmony.

Incoordination of the system with itself is synonymous with pathology.  Pathology means a diseased or unnatural state or condition anywhere in, or including, the entire body, or that state in which all of its parts, or any one or more parts, are not performing their normal functions, or not capable of doing so, or are doing more than is natural for them to do.

Inasmuch, therefore, as health is a natural condition, or recognized as such, how it is possible that offenses or sicknesses come?  What causes sickness?

In answering this question, when we stop to think, it requires a consideration of many things and conditions.  It is said, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he", therefore, thought has much to do with the production of pathological conditions, as well as the preservation of health.

All rational human beings act as they think; hence actions are products of thought.  Traumatism and accidents excepted - it is rational that disease is a product of thought, or the execution of the will power in the wrong direction; or to mental incoordination, brought about by will power exercised in the formation of some injurious habit which culminated in conditions called disease; or unnatural conditions which might never have occurred, had the will power been directed along proper channels, when conditions were such as would have changed results altogether.

If disease were natural, then it would be wrong to, use any means whatever to relieve the person afflicted; but being unnatural, and incompatible with the well-being of any one, it is right to bring to bear the proper agencies which produce harmony.

The etiology of disease is usually found within the body of the person afflicted, and generally the result of something the one afflicted has done, which has changed the harmony to inharmony.

Every function normally performed is a product of thought, conveyed through nerve filaments; hence if the structure in which the nerve filaments end is normal, the function is natural - provided there is no disturbance of the filament of the nervous system from its origin in the brain to where it ends in the tissue in which it performs its function, or should perform it.

Interference of nerve function causes disease; and this interference involves so much that a few explanations are necessary to make the subject clear to the mind of the reader.

The body is composed of elements; these elements being products of the food, air and water.  The elements are in the food eaten, and through special functions performed in the glandular system through nerve terminals, special secretions are extracted from the blood - as it passes through the glands - which digest the food and control its course through channels into the heart, thence to the lungs, where it is changed into blood.

The process of making blood which builds up nerve, bone, muscle, tendon, and tissue, is a product of mind expressed at nerve endings.  Mind permeates every tissue and cell, controls every action, sensation, motion, and sympathetic influence experienced by man, through the nervous system.

All function, including all action, sensation and sympathy, is a product.  The muscular system is used in expressing action, the action and contraction being expressed by nerve influence; all vessels which pass through them are affected by the muscular contraction - contraction being the only function muscles have.

The venous blood and nerve filaments are affected by muscular contraction.  Impeded flow of venous blood, and either stimulation or paralysis occurs, as a result of muscular contraction - and effects follow which produce inharmony.


It should be understood that the body is a unit; that all of its parts constitute the whole; that every organ is related to every other organ; that all of the fluids necessarily traverse all parts of the body, pass through every tube, cavity and tissue, leaving some of their elements here and there and everywhere needed; that the sympathetic nervous system directs and superintends the whole body, and sees to it that every cell and tissue is performing its allotted purpose at all times.

The normal condition is when every part is performing its function without friction, when the fluids circulate through every part, the functions of the entire body are performed without friction or pain.  This state of affairs is denominated health.

A deviation from this state, in any way, manner, or in any degree, is regarded as disease.  A diseased condition of any part, no matter how minute it be - even to a molecule - sooner or later affects the entire physical and mental organism of the body.

The irritation of a nerve may cause a contraction of some tissue or muscular fiber; undue pressure upon a delicate structure, perhaps a fluid-carrying vessel, obstructs the flow, causes disturbance of function, results in disturbance of some other organ, and this may be the starting point of local or general disturbance throughout the body.  A little disturbance may cause a great disturbance, even to the extent of producing fever, pains, inflammation, enlargement of bone, gland, tonsil, congestion of a part, thus disturbing the whole body, rendering it incapable of performing normal function.

These conditions are of every day occurrence.  Disease seems to be the common lot of the human race.  All this, because of a lack of knowledge of the laws of life, and the world stands in awe, with the expression of the Apostle James staring them in the face: "Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!"

The Neuropath takes into consideration the various functions of the body, of every organ, vessel and tissue.

He considers the functions of the nervous, venous and arterial systems, the lymphatics, the glandular system, the internal viscera, the skin, the lungs, heart, liver, spleen, the pancreas, the brain, kidneys, the procreative organs and their function, the digestive organs, the eliminative organs, the bowels, colon, rectum, muscular structure and their function; the relationship existing between one organ and another, and the relationship of all of the organs with each other - in a word, the physiology of the entire body.

Without some degree of knowledge of this wonderful structure, it would seem like folly to undertake to determine its functions and to be able to determine the difference between a normal and an abnormal condition, thus be able to render the proper assistance when needed.

A careful perusal of this book will afford such information as will be needed to right the wrongs, whatever they may be, or wherever found in the body.

If the abnormal condition be due to obstructed flow of the venous blood, such means must be instituted as will remove the pressure causing the obstruction.  This is done by manipulating the muscles, or stretching them a little beyond normal, causing them to relax, and thus remove the pressure; this suffices.

If the nerve filaments are involved, the same procedure should be pursued, then they perform normal function; disease or pain subsides.

It may be necessary to use considerable force to overcome the rigidity of the muscular fiber; persistence for several minutes in some cases, before the contracture is overcome.

This manipulatory process is essential to the restoration of the venous circulation in all diseased conditions of the head and neck.  The muscles should be manipulated, the clavicle raised, so that the venous blood may be permitted to pass through the jugular veins to the heart.

The chest muscles may have to be stretched to relax them, so the venous blood can return through its channels, back to the vena-azigos, and be carried back to the heart, and to the lungs to be oxygenated.  These manipulations are shown and described in the book.

The lower limbs may require the same attention, for the same purpose.  The Saphenous vein may have to be manipulated to open the channel which empties the venous blood from the lower limbs, which is an essential thing to do in case of edema of the lower limbs, varicose veins, or ulcers of the lower limbs, to effect a cure.

The spines may be distorted from excessive irritation and contracture of some or all of the five layers of dorsal muscles, and it may require adjustments of a greater or lesser force to overcome the contracture and remove the pressure from veins and nerves involved, so as to relieve the distortion and pain, and the contour of the spinous processes be restored to their normal positions.

Patients, or individuals, come to the place where they can find relief; that is their object in going to a doctor to get relief.

The Neuropath has but one thing to do to relieve all pain, and in order to do this he must "Remove the Pressure," wherever it may be, or wherever found, causing the disease, pain or ailment complained of.

If the nervous system is unduly interfered with, that disturbance must be removed; if the throat is sore; the tonsils enlarged; if there be croup; if erysipelas; if there be fever; if there be appendicitis; if there be impacted colon; the means must be instituted to remove the pressure from the nerves, veins and muscles involved, and the difficulty will be overcome.

If the spine is involved in any way whatever, causing the disease, it should have due attention.  If there be any disease of the internal organs, due to interference of any portion of the spine, it is to be corrected.  Disease is only a product, and when the conditions which cause the disease, and keep it up, are changed from abnormal to normal, the disease ceases to be.

The object of this book is to impress upon the minds of its readers the importance of studying how to remove the pressure, wherever that may be found.  Rest assured that this, carried out, is all that is needed to restore harmony throughout the body.  The various mechanical means recommended herein are sufficient for all practical purposes, whether it be done with the hands; a word; a suggestion; irrigation of the colon; wearing the proper lenses; lessening the amount of ingesta; the use of antidotes to chemical poisons in the system, or the neutralization of toxic poisons; whatever is necessary to restore the system to a harmonious condition, which means health.

It is not a question of this remedy for this disease, nor such a medicine for that disease; but the question is, and should be at all times, what is the matter, what caused the condition, what is perpetuating the conditions existing, what will change the conditions and bring about a normal state?

When the philosophy of the science of Neuropathy is understood, and the means used which carry out its principles are applied, it will be found adequate to the relief of the various functional human ills.

There will not be needed, in the way of medicines, but few, if any even of the simplest and least harmful kinds.

The Tissue Elements, and the proper food, water, air and exercise, with normal and deep breathing, sleep and rest, with proper thoughts and a temperate life, insure health, happiness and longevity.


The Two Forces are regarded as the Positive and the Negative Poles of a Battery.  The two kinds of secretions - the Acid and the Alkaline - found in the body are the products.

These products exercise a controlling influence over every tissue and organ, and control the digestion, assimilation and eliminating processes going on all the time throughout the entire body, producing every change which takes place in every part, and regulating the kind and quantity of chemical ingredients needed any and everywhere in the body during the life of the individual.

Inasmuch as human electricity is distributed everywhere and exercises a controlling influence over matter, it is essential that it be so regulated as to harmonize everything related to the formation of and coordination of atoms, molecules and local batteries throughout the entire organism, so that there shall be kept up a natural change of structure and the relation of every part - keeping up the harmony at all times.

These Two Forces may be united in dorsal area from the fifth to the twelfth, whether the Pneumogastric nerves ,are at fault or the Splanchnic nerves are impinged or in any way interfered with in performing their function, or functions.

The mind is the power expressed through the nerve filaments, and each filament or bundle of filaments, functions itself at the endings of the nerves, whatever that function may be - whether separating from the blood certain elements or changing elementary constituents, or distributing elements or building up tissue.

The mind, through the nervous system, has complete control of the Skin, Liver, Kidneys, Stomach, Heart, Lungs, Genitalia, and all parts of the body, including the brain as well.

The Functions of the Two Forces in the Body.

That certain Glands secret Acidity and others Alkalinity in the body needs no more proof than the assertion; it is so.  Instances: Salivary and Peptic Glands.  If these secretions are not needed, and each have not a special function, why are they manufactured?

That the Nervous system, known as the Pneumogastric, secretes Acids needs only a little observation to confirm the fact; and that it controls the vascular action of the fluids of the alimentary canal we have ample proof, in certain localities.

That the Splanchnic Nervous system, beginning at the fifth Dorsal vertebra and ending at the twelfth Dorsal vertebra, has for its function the manufacture of the Alkaline secretions, is proven by its endings.  From this region we have the secretions of the Liver manufactured, as well as those of the Pancreas - and these furnish that element which is known as Alkali, which is distributed through the entire body by the systemic circulatory apparatus.

The adjustment of the spine anywhere from the fifth to the twelfth Dorsal vertebra, neutralizes an excess which may prevail in either of the two departments controlled by the two nervous systems - the Pneumogastric and Splanchnic.

The thrust in the back does not "adjust a subluxation," but takes the pressure off of the nervous system which passes through the muscles along the spine, and their functions are at once re-established.


The principal sign of life is motion.  Motion expresses life.  From the smallest atomic cell to the largest sphere that rolls in space, motion is characteristic.

From the gentle zephyr to the monsoon which carries in its wake great mountains of sand along its pathway, or the tornado of the western plains which spends its force in destructive violence in forest, city or hamlet, leaving waste the area of its pathway, we see what motion does and is.

Motion being an essential to life, and of life, becomes the more interesting as we enter into a study of its relationship with all things that have to do with our physical well-being.

The most important consideration which concerns every individual is the method each ought to pursue to sustain normal conditions.

Normal conditions are health, being those conditions in which a freedom of circulation of all of the fluids of the body exist, so that each and every organ performs every function in a natural manner.

Inharmony, anywhere in the physical body, is indicative of interference of the circulation of the fluids - the moving elements - in channels through which the fluids normally flow, and through sympathy - a condition maintained through the sympathetic nervous system - the disturbance is manifest, showing conclusively that an intimate relationship exists throughout the body - is expressed through the circulation of the fluids therein.

That method of treatment which restores the normal circulation of all of the fluids of the body, is the rational one to apply.

The entire body is composed of cylinders - tubes; even the nerves; and through these tubes the fluids pass; composed of the vitalizing elements which make up the constituents of the body.

The media of communication of mentality, or mind, which directs and superintends the entire body, in every and all its parts, is carried on through these tubes, and an unseen power guides each atom to its proper place and gathers each molecule from its place, in the tissue, and places it alongside its fellow to form batteries, where needed, to maintain the motion necessary to form new elements by producing chemical changes.

This order must be maintained at all times to make up that condition which is denominated harmony, which, in other phraseology, means health.  Interference with these normal changes at any time involves the entire change in the whole organism, however minute the change may be; and this must be restored, for, if left alone, it would eventually destroy the entire structure.

While the human body is so fearfully and wonderfully made, and includes so many chemical elements, and provided with such a variety of intricate textures - atoms, molecules, nerves, muscles, bones and vessels, glands, liver, stomach, kidneys and every tissue in the body these are the product of ingesta, what is eaten, or received into the stomach.

The digestive organs prepare the food for assimilation and conversion into new material; but the alimentary tract must be in a normal condition, and the glandular system which furnishes the secretions which digest the food, must be normal.

We Should Use Brain Power.

The exercise of the mind in planning business enterprises, while the food is digesting, or the process of digestion is going on - especially the first part of it - is wrong.

When food is introduced into the mouth, the glandular system begins its work, secreting the fluids which are to be used, mixed with the food to prepare it for assimilation, or to be taken up into the absorbents in the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, or the alimentary apparatus.

Each division of the alimentary tract - from the mouth to the duodenum - has special departments, in which certain processes are accomplished, which must be done by that department or it is not done at all; hence the necessity of letting the process perform its allotted task, undisturbed.

The salivary glands secrete the saliva which mixes with the food to prepare it for the next department - the stomach.  In the stomach another process takes place, with different kinds of glands, which manufacture a different kind of secretion, and an emulsification takes place in this department.  The secretions here are acid secretions; whereas, in the mouth an alkaline secretion is manufactured; and now, in the stomach, these are all blended together in the process of emulsification, and after being thoroughly mixed together, the product is ushered onward - through the pyloric orifice - into another department - the Duodenum - and there meets with another alkaline secretion from the Pancreas and the Liver where the process of digestion is completed.  These several departments are separately controlled by the nervous system, whose function it is to superintend the several departments of the human cosmos - the living body.

The point of interest involved is that the nervous system should have complete control of whatever process is going on in the body at all times, or the whole body, sooner or later, begins to express itself in some manner which is experienced in failure to perform function ill the parts used, or exercised; the nervous system shows signs of exhaustion or inefficiency to properly perform normal function.

The stomach and all of the digestive organs are connected in the process of preparation of the food for assimilation, being the laboratory where the material is prepared which furnishes the supply to be used in building up the various departments of the body, and it should not be thwarted in its designs by interference in any way.

Elimination Essential to Health.

The energy we use in the elimination of the excess of what we eat and what results from the burned up tissue in executing the functions of our organism, in various ways, causes enervation.

If the skin becomes the eliminating organ we have eczema, shingles, boils, etc.  If the mucous membrane becomes the eliminating organ, there will be throat troubles; fistula, piles, etc., catarrh, consumption and even pneumonia.

Failure to recognize these facts is the cause of the; misunderstanding of the origin of disease, and how to cure it.

Some of the Many Desirable Features Derived From Being a Neuropathic Physician.

One of the desirable features in the practice of this metbod - of treatment is its certain and satisfactory results.

Another especially desirable feature is its immediate and positive remedial effects - the patient experiencing relief at the first treatment.

The treatments are not exhaustive, but really restful, curative, absolutely harmless, and applicable to all conditions, to the afflicted of all ages, to all diseases, and afford quicker and more lasting benefits than any other mechanical system known.

The Neuropath gets directly at the CAUSES of conditions and knows how to, and does, remove them, and disease subsides - in many cases, immediately - without “making worse to make better.”

The treatments are not lengthy, nor wearisome to the patient.  The Nervous system is relieved from pressure, and its function restored; the circulation of the blood and other fluids of the body is re-established; all of the functions of every organ, muscle, nerve, vein, artery, capillary and lymphatic is favorably influenced; the normal condition restored.

If you desire to get well, from whatever ailment you have, an investigation of our claims will satisfy you that Neuropathy contains all necessary means to accomplish the purpose.

The restoration of the individual to harmony is all that can be done by human skill, and the educated Neuropath has the best possible means of doing this; and any case, not in a condition of human impossibilities, can be relieved by Neuropathic treatment, proper dietetics, right habits and deep breathing.  There is no better system known than this.


The idea of relieving the complications called disease by a single method of procedure is prima facia evidence of the limitations of knowledge of the human body.

The various functions which are performed in and throughout the body, all differing one from the other, all in harmony with every other part, it would seem to the casual observer that every function were only a part of the whole, and that there was only one function.

The nervous system is the principal functionary, and it is through the various filaments of this system that all functions are manifested.

Each organ is functioned by a group of nerve filaments which end in that special organ; each organ functioned by separate and independent groups of nerve filaments; there being separate secretions needed to perform certain functions for certain purposes, and to keep the supply of the several elementary constituents of the body, it is a matter of necessity that each organ performs its normal function, so that there be no superfluity or incompatible combination result, which would cause unnatural chemical changes, that would cause disease or destruction of the whole body.

Sometimes a disturbance of one set of vessels causes inharmony; sometimes another set of vessels causes quite a different condition, and so on throughout the various parts of the body; each condition may require an entirely different means to right the wrong, and restore the harmony.

Some cases require a spinal adjustment; some cases the stretching of a muscle; sometimes an irrigation of' the colon; sometimes the desensitization of some portion of the nervous system; sometimes an emetic; sometimes a cathartic; sometimes a change in diet; sometimes a fast; sometimes a bath; sometimes heat applied to a part; sometimes cold; sometimes an arrest of nerve waste; sometimes exercise; sometimes special deep breathing; and often only a suggestion, change of thought, manner, habit, vocation, locality, environment.

One kind of treatment for all the conditions, is like eating one kind of food and expecting the normal elements in the body to be supplied therefrom.  It is not reasonable, nor is it practicable.  It is better to lay aside prejudice, and use common sense in all cases and conditions.  Do not become stereotyped in any mold that is not any larger than the environments of one mentality.

The means are ample for all purposes, under all conditions and circumstances which may arise, or be found in disease.  They may be summed up in a few words, and these words are the culmination of many years of observation and experience.  "Take off the Pressure" embraces the whole philosophy of the science of healing; for no unnatural condition exists where there is no undue pressure upon some nerve, vein, capillary, or fluid-carrying vessel.

This condition may be a result of shock, fear, anxiety, pressure, traumatism, excess, stimulation, incompatibles in diet, overloading the stomach.  The indications met and overcome, restore harmony.  Those who read this book will find ample instructions to meet the various necessities of each and all conditions, provided practical common judgment be exercised.  Study is required in order to ascertain the exact nature of the condition in each and every individual.

It should always be a fixed principle in the mind of every one who attempts to relieve a fellow sufferer, to see what is indicated, to use the remedy with a view of relieving the conditions causing the trouble, persistently, until the object is accomplished.

No stereotyped system is sufficiently inclusive to satisfy every demand.  Some methods embrace more than others in given conditions, yet even they seem to lack something.  Sometimes additional means need to be used.

The term Neuropathy embraces every known means to relieve the conditions and the resources are ample under all ordinary circumstances to give relief.

There are some things the person can do for himself: Breathe.  Eat, Sleep, Bathe, Exercise, Think.  All of these things are a part of the curriculum essential to the cure of many conditions denominated disease.

The proper exercise and breathing, dieting, bathing and right thinking, constitute the larger share of the things essential to health and comfort in this life, and no one is excusable for not attending to these things.

These attended to as they should be, with assistance in the way of physical manipulations will be amply sufficient to meet the requirements in the larger per cent of all diseases.

Overfeeding - a process of "INVASION" - overtaxes the entire organism; "Retention" produces the "toxic poisons," manifesting itself in all manner of symptoms, commonly called disease; and "Enervation" follows, which terminates in disease, and death.  The means indicated should be applied, avoiding excess, and see that normal metabolism is constantly carried on; the eliminating organs kept free, and the proper kind and quantity of nutrient material is furnished, with the proper exercise, sleep, and rest; these diligently attended to, all will be well, and life will flow as a peaceful, gentle rivulet to the great ocean beyond.  Life is natural, and is perpetuated by natural means, naturally applied.  Look well to these fundamental facts, the result will be health.


The first thing to consider in the treatment of any disease or abnormal condition is to restore the circulation of the fluids of the body to a normal condition, because, without normal circulation of the fluids of the body, disease will remain.

There are many things to be taken into consideration in the treatment of the body when diseased - or when it is out of harmony with itself.  Without a normal circulation of the fluids - especially the blood - toxic effects ensue, a failure of normal secretions in the glandular organs ensues; and if that occurs, especially in those glands which furnish the salivary secretions, as well as in all of the glands which furnish the secretions along the alimentary canal, and these are not permitted to perform their normal functions, there will be a failure of nutrient material to furnish the normal supply to take the place of wasted, or used up, material, as well as new material, to keep the normal supply of tissue to maintain the weight and strength of the body to perform its various and sundry duties in life.  The normal circulation is of the first importance in the treatment of all conditions of whatever character, or abnormality found in the body.

The Various Manipulations Necessary.

Inasmuch as there is always some impediment or, interference in the circulatory apparatus in all diseases, it becomes a necessity to restore this function to a normal state, or at least bring about a condition which will maintain a normal circulation of the fluids in the body – any and every part of it - to bring about harmony.  It must not be neglected, and the means used must be such as will bring about that condition, or disease will remain - the inharmony will continue.

The means to be applied depends upon the locality and the organs involved.  Starting with the Vaso-motor area is of the first importance, and after this part has had the attention, other parts will demand attention, and all of the body should be thoroughly gone over, and seen to that all of the obstructions are removed, and then the conditions will have been met which are generally the causes of the abnormal condition called disease.

When the Vaso-motor nervous system is freed, the arterial circulation is regulated, the capillaries are filled with healthy blood; if the blood contains all of the elements which build up tissue, and the venous system is free from pressure, the results or residue of elements which remain after the supply has been filled in the vicinity of the capillaries, the tissue which has survived the period of usefulness has been dissolved and ushered through the lymphatic tubes into the veins beyond the capillaries and returned back to the heart, thence to the lungs, and purified by oxygenation, the system is in a normal condition to perform its functions, and health should prevail.


When man was created, made in the image of his Creator, and received the breath of the Almighty, He made him ruler of all things below him - the beasts of the field, the birds of the air and fishes of the mighty deep.  He gave him a place and position "a little lower than the angels, crowned him with glory and honor."

His only restrictions were that man obey Him.  Failure to do so brought alienation, disease, death upon the entire race, and that condition remains.

Transgression of law has resulted in a multitude of afflictions, changed the relationship between man and his Creator, and caused man to become incompatible with himself and all things else - especially with himself and his species.  So that we find him as he is today - diseased from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet, full of putrefying sores, wretched and undone - all because of his forfeiture of Divine Law.

Disobedience today brings sickness - physical inharmony in the body.  This can only be accounted for rationally after learning the elementary constituency of the physical organism and its relationship to itself, and to its environments.

Being composed of the elements of nature, chemically, and the mentality of Divine Power, and these so related that the mind controls the body, it is evident that the body is under law.  Whatever this law is, it is what directs every change in the body, controlling the formation and position, growth, and elimination of every molecule formed in the body, and sees to it that nerve and bone and tissue have their proper equivalent and due proportion in every part of the body.

Every structure, regardless of its size or function, throughout the entire physical frame, is kept supplied with the proper elements, at the proper time, so that the growth and decay of every part goes on with unerring exactitude; that all of the functions, in the various parts of the body, are carried on without lack or hindrance, and that each desire of the mind is furnished without delay, and so harmonized that there is no friction anywhere in the body.  This is the order of things when the law is strictly enforced; then there is no lack.

The wisdom of such a law indicates its source - the Divine mind of God.  This is the God in man - the power which built all things and holds all things in His own hands, and has given him a law which is perfect, and will continue as long as time is - until the worlds shall be rolled together as a scroll, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, and time shall be no more.

This is our body.  In this body God's power dwells, rules, controls, and He has declared that he who destroys this body, him will He destroy.

The Originator of the Science of Neuropathy Regards the Following Conditions Important.

The human body being composed of so many elements, structures and complications, many things conspiring to produce inharmony or that state denominated disease, its anatomy and physiology should be duly considered.

The 208 bones constituting the frame work, and the muscles, which number 527, the elastic fibrous structure, are the expressions of the various motions, numbering about 14,000.  These are supplied with nerves, blood vessels, lymphatics, all being composed of chemical elements, and these undergoing constant changes, it is no wonder that diseases are liable to occur at any moment.

Each and every organ in the body performs a special, individual, as well as relative and coordinated function.  It is necessary that every part be in a normal condition, free from unnatural influences, in order to maintain harmony, not only in individual parts, but throughout the entire body.

Interference with the Nervous system - either one of the three divisions - causes changes in the functions it has to perform.  If undue pressure takes place on a sensory nerve filament, sensation is changed; if slight, intensity is increased; if excessive, sensation may cease entirely, the effects being governed by the amount of pressure.

The Motor and the Sympathetic nervous systems, having special functions to perform, are affected by pressure, and if it is unnatural, the effects will be according.  All nerves express their functions at their endings.  Nerves end everywhere, in every part of the body.  Without freedom from pressure, which, if unnatural, interferes with the function, the nervous system does not, cannot perform normal function.  Abnormal function of the nervous system causes inharmony throughout the entire body, and disease is the inevitable consequence.

A normal condition prevails when the nervous system is performing its function in every organ and every part of the body.  This is invariably the case; hence the nervous system is an important factor in all conditions of the body denominated disease.

The pressure upon blood vessels is alike injurious, because the circulation of the blood, and other fluids, is interfered with, and diseases of every name and nature are results which follow, especially if the pressure is intensified or continued too long.


In restoring the normal circulation of the fluids of' the head and neck, taking off the pressure from the venous system in the head and neck, from the smaller veins, is not always sufficient; for, unless the jugular veins are freed, the manipulation of the muscular structure will have been done in vain, for the blood in the small veins is emptied into the larger veins and larger veins are emptied into the jugular veins.

In order to secure a normal flow of the venous blood from the head and neck, the Clavicles deserve special attention, as they, from contracture of the muscles having their origin in, and others being inserted into that bone, above and below, tend to draw the Clavicles backward at their sternal ends, and press against the Jugular veins, which impedes the return flow to the heart.

Raising the Clavicles is an essential thing to be done, so that the pressure upon the Jugular veins may be removed, in order to permit the free flow of the venous blood to the heart, thus relieving the congestion in head and neck.  This done, the pathological conditions cease.

Any manipulations which do not accomplish the purposes above named are useless labor.  This is the rational treatment to be instituted, for all conditions denominated disease in the head and neck.

In applying the Science of Neuropathy to relieve nerve pressure there is a tendency to use too much force.  This should be avoided.  Just enough to accomplish the purpose should be used, being always careful not to cause unnecessary resistance on the part of the patient; for if the patient does not maintain a state of relaxation while being manipulated, an extra effort on the part of the operator is required to overcome the rigidity that tends to increase it, and the object of the treatment is thwarted.

The principal object of the physical treatments is to so manipulate the muscular system as to cause complete relaxation of the muscular fibers, so that the small blood and fluid-carrying vessels and the nerve filaments may be free, that their functions may be restored; when that is accomplished, harmony prevails, and disease no longer exists.

That the application of Neuropathy relieves a large class of so-called conditions denominated disease, no one who has had an opportunity to witness the effects can deny, for the worst conditions have been favorably changed to a normal state, when other means have proven themselves ineffectual.  This is not an assertion merely, but a demonstrated, indisputable fact.


In giving General Treatment, the entire body receives attention; the principal object being to free the circulation of the blood and other fluids, to relax the muscular system, to relieve any undue pressure upon nerve trunks or nerve filaments, and to restore every part of the body to a normal condition, or as nearly as may be, so that all unnatural conditions may be set to rights, harmonized, as it were, that every part may perform normal f unction.

General Treatments consist in subjecting the entire body to the various movements and manipulations which will relax the muscular system of the neck, shoulders, arms, body and lower limbs, as per general directions given elsewhere.

The so-called Table Treatment embraces the general treatment.  The Sitting Treatment, sitting on a stool, embraces the treatment of the upper part of the body, as shown elsewhere.

The various movements recommended, shown and explained herein, will be found sufficient, as a rule, to accomplish the purposes intended - that of relaxing the muscles, freeing the circulation of the fluids of the body, removing nerve pressure.  Others would be superfluous.

Just enough manipulation to answer the purpose intended should be applied, and no more; too much manipulation tends to exhaustion.  The manner of application is of special importance, as favorable results are expected when the manipulations are properly, intelligently applied.  A careless, haphazard, indifferent manner of applying the manipulations will be unsatisfactory to patient and manipulator; hence the operator should always be in earnest, with a special object in view - that of relieving the person treated, of the abnormal conditions found.

The Special Treatments apply to special conditions; and the kind of manipulations, the locality, the intensity, the object, are all to be considered, the manipulator holding in mind the effects expected - that of relief from the abnormal conditions existing.

It will be understood that Neuropathic manipulations are more than "spinal adjustment," and yet "spinal adjustments" are included, if necessary.  Use whatever adjustment or manipulation is needed to relieve the condition found; nothing short of this would be just to the one afflicted.

Neuropathy embraces every known means necessary to take off the pressure and to restore the circulation of the fluids of the body.  There is no other known science which embraces so much, does so much, means so much as Neuropathy.


Were it not for the idea which prevails among certain physical manipulators regarding the spinal "Luxations and sub-luxations," I would not make any strictures concerning that theory.

It will be seen, by examining the vertebra, that they are so formed that it is an impossibility to be luxated, or even sub-luxated, without fracture or laceration of ligamentous structure.

A normal condition allows the articulation of the process of the facets, or they would be of no use, but the surfaces of the facets go to their edges, and cannot go beyond without fracture; hence there is no possibility of luxation without fracture and a solution of continuity of structure, or of the processes extending from the bodies of the bone.

The deviations seen are the result of muscular contracture, as seen in spinal curvature, and the slighter deviations of the vertebra, and these are reduced to their normal state by relaxing the muscles involved, the muscles having their origin in the bone deviated.  Any one who will examine the anatomical structure of the vertebra will discover the unreasonableness of "sub-luxation or luxation." It would be a waste of time to argue this question further, for one versed in anatomy knows what is stated above is true.  It were better the one not versed should study before attempting to argue a question so palpably misleading as the position taken by the advocates of the theory of disease being caused by a sub-luxation or a luxation of bone, causing pressure upon nerves.

The normal, as well as the abnormal deviations - in fact, all motions - are caused by muscular contracture, and they do not act without there is some motive to act, and the mind permeating the nerve filaments ending in the, muscle, or muscles, causes them to move, or act.

The extraordinary contracture, the persistent contracture beyond a normal state, causes all the interference of nerve function, as well as interference of the circulation of the fluids in the vessels passing through the muscle, or muscles contracted.

The above are facts, demonstrable, irrefutable, and lift the cloud of mystery from the mind regarding the cause of disease; and we hope that theory will, ere long, be relegated to the realms of forgetfulness, and be buried so deep that it can never be resurrected to deceive any one.


In the application of the science of Neuropathy, it should be observed that diseases are not to be treated, nor their names considered, so far as the Neuropath is concerned.  Disease is a condition, resulting from circumstances, or accident; in a word, anything which interferes with the normal conditions and functions of the general or special parts of the body is to be attributed "The Cause."

Causes may be cumulative, and not manifest immediately, but gradually affect the system until developed into interference of some functioning of one or more organs, producing inharmony, which is denominated disease.  Various phases are expressed in the body according to the organs involved, and the degree of influence exerted in the way of pressure, or interference with the circulation of the fluid-carrying vessels, or the chemical changes which take place as a consequence thereof.

The influences are so varied which cause inharmony that they are not always an easy matter to determine, hence may not be so readily removed as some suppose.  It is not a safe method of procedure to be always hunting causes of disease and stating that "as soon as the cause is removed the disease will be cured." This is misleading, and not to be regarded as reliable.

The recognition of disease from its symptoms is to Diagnose it.  The distinguishing of disease by excluding all other conditions, is termed Diagnosis by Exclusion.  The distinguishing diseases between similar symptoms is called Differential Diagnosis.  The recognition of disease by external examination is called Physical Diagnosis.  The above is considered the Standard method of Diagnosis; but the Neuropath is supposed to use the latter method, to a greater extent than the others named, inasmuch as physical conditions are expressed through the nervous system, at nerve endings.

If the manipulator knows the anatomy of the nervous system, it is an easy and correct method of ascertaining the organs involved by tracing the nerves from their endings to their origin, or if the nerves emerge from the spinal foramina, to trace them to the exact locality of the pressure causing the disturbance.

Now, inasmuch as the prime cause of physical ills is due to Nerve pressure, and the removal of the pressure relieves the condition existing, it follows that the cause of the trouble can be ascertained and removed by physical manipulations, provided the cause be physical and affects the physical structure of the body, and the manipulator knows how to use his science.

One of the principal causes of disease, or pathological conditions, is improper diet; the combination of food; too many kinds mixed together; too much at a meal; too many meals in a given time - that is, eating them too close together, and without regard to the condition of the system.  The manner of eating, and the condition of the mind during meals are to be duly considered.

All food should be thoroughly masticated, to prepare it for digestion.  The action of the glands is caused by the movements of the jaw during the process of mastication, and the mixture of the saliva takes place during the grinding of the food, while it remains in the mouth.  Mastication should not be neglected, and all foods should be thoroughly insalivated before swallowing.

The mental state is an element in the process of digestion which is seldom considered, and it is of special importance.  It will be remembered that the mind permeates every tissue in the body; it controls the functioning of every organ, specially superintending the kind of secretion in each gland, and the distribution where needed.  It has its special time to carry on these functions, determines the purpose, and in special functions the nervous system ending in a part which is to be acted upon, does so by an especial concentration of the mind through those special filaments.  The process of digestion being essential to the rebuilding of the system, mind cannot carry on some other function during the process of digestion.

The sympathetic nervous system superintends the digestive process, and should not be diverted to something else; for all of the secretions along the alimentary canal being superintended by mind, through the nervous system, it is important that it be allowed to finish the digestion before being directed elsewhere.

Eating deliberately, slowly, and thoroughly masticating the food, being quiet mentally, thinking along lines which do not require fixedness of thought, entering into a conversation not requiring mental concentration, and allowing the meal to be eaten with gladness and singleness of heart, then giving time for the digestive process to have accomplished its task - say half to one hour - giving time to get the digestion well under way, will insure completion of digestion.  Then the food will nourish the body.  The mind may then be directed to business or something which requires it in some other way.  These facts are important.

Unnatural methods of breathing may become factors in causing disease.

If the air cells are not expanded as the blood passes between them, the blood is not oxygenated; hence passes back into the heart and out through the body unpurified, and lessens the nutritive qualities to that extent, and becomes a source of toxemia, or poisoning the entire body, causing irritation, disease.

The failure to expand the air cells in the lungs may be due to muscular contracture of the chest-walls, the intercostals, etc., which lessens the capacity to expand the air cells.  This condition may be effected also by contracture of the muscular structure of the outside walls of the chest; a special cause of the impeded circulation.

It will be remembered that the contracture of muscular fibres presses upon the small veinlets, and the lymphatic tubes which empty into the veins, and both are closed through the muscular contracture, interfering with their function - that of returning their contents to the larger veins, which, finally, empty their contents into the heart.

Thus tracing the causes of disease to their legitimate sources is not always the easiest thing to do.  The one who asserts that all kinds of human ailments are traceable to the spine, or to some "luxation or sub-luxuation," is liable to be mistaken, sometimes, at least.

Whatever interferes with the circulation of the fluids of the body or interferes with the nervous system, lessening or increasing its function, changes the relationship of the system with itself, and may be the cause of disease.  These facts are sufficient data to base a reason for the starting point of the greater number of human ills.

Although the body is composed of elements, these elements will continue to be renewed, and kept in exact proportion, just so long as the supply is furnished in proper quantities, at the proper time, and other habits do not change the natural order of things.

The human body is composed of such delicate structure, and so susceptible to changes, it is essential all through life that special care be taken, all the time, to keep its every part in order, or leave it to perform its normal functions in its own, natural manner.  When from accident, or ignorance, it becomes diseased, one should understand its structure well enough to set it right.


The normal condition of the system being health, it becomes the diagnostician to consider a normal state for comparison, so as to be able to tell the difference - that is, differentiate between the normal and the abnormal conditions.

When every organ is performing its normal function throughout the entire body, the body is in a state of health.

Any organ which is not in harmony with all of the other organs in the body, is regarded as being abnormal, diseased.

The above conditions are general terms, expressing conditions as a whole; for the functioning of the organs of the body may be enervated, all seemingly performing normal functions, yet be abnormal.  The enervation, or a condition below par, is a diseased condition, and its cause may be the result of deficiency of the elements in the body due to deficiency of the chemical constituents of the food eaten.

Inharmony is the most frequent characteristic of diseases, and the causes of inharmony may be various and complicated.  The interference of the circulation of the blood, in different parts of the body, may be the cause of various kinds of effects, according to the function expressed in a part where the interference occurs, whether in a gland, the heart, lung or other functionary.

The influence of environments may cause changes, mentally as well as physically, which culminate in serious conditions locally or generally, having no relationship with the circulation directly or remotely.

A mental shock may change the normal elements to a poison, thus contaminate the entire physical body, as has been known in the nursing mother, causing indigestion of her breast-milk, producing spasms of the child.  A shock during certain stages of digestion will cause arrest of the process, and may cause diarrhea, or some other trouble, or an arrest of the glandular secretions - the liver; for instance, torpidity.

The normal condition of mind and body; the proper care of the diet, the habits, the mental state are prominent and important factors for consideration, when to be healthy is a desideratum.

While it is a fact that all diseased conditions involve the nervous and venous systems, it is also a fact that other conditions cause the disturbance of the circulation and the nerve irritation.

As stated by "Holy Writ," that a little fire kindleth a big one; if let run its course, so will small deviations from a normal condition culminate in conditions disastrous to the life of the individual.

The contracture of a muscle, slight as it may be, on some nerve or blood-vessel may cause much trouble.


The object of Neuropathic manipulations is to restore harmony everywhere in the body.  This can only be done by removing all obstructions to the flow of the fluids, removing the pressure which interferes with the normal functioning of the nervous system.

The muscular system having but one function - that of contraction - it is important to see that the muscular contraction, in any given case, be overcome.

The means usually indicated are, either to stretch the muscle, or muscles, a little beyond the condition in which they are found; immediately the muscle relaxes, the vessels impinged are freed, a normal condition ensues.  The pressure is removed; the nerves or blood-vessels involved assume their normal functions; harmony is restored.

This maintains in all parts of the body; when the pressure is removed, a restoration to a normal state is established; this is all that is necessary.

There are conditions, especially of extreme soreness or hyperesthesia of the muscles or the skin over them, that the use of heat may be needed to relax the muscles, to overcome the hypersensitiveness, when the manipulations may be applied to advantage in overcoming the excessive contractility, and thus restore the harmony.

This, to the writer, seems the most reasonable thing to do, or that can be done.  As all tissue is a product of food, food is an essential thing to consider

Friction may be caused by a lack of nutrition, or of some element in the food, or of some diseased condition of the glandular system which has to do in secreting the normal element needed in the process of digestion; that should receive attention, and the proper means instituted to change conditions, or the disturbance will remain and continue to annoy the patient.

It may be a lack of water, as many people drink too, little water.  When this is ascertained, the condition should be changed, additional quantities recommended and insisted upon until the system is properly supplied.

The breathing should have due attention, for it is through this means the blood is purified; hence it should never be neglected.  Without full expansion of the lungs, the blood is not all oxygenated; it is returned to the system unpurified, and contaminates, more or less, the whole body.  The physician, or the patient, should be sure, to observe this part of the treatment above all else, as the principal thing to be done in all cases.

The means used to expand the chest-walls, extending the arms, stretching the intercostal muscles, raising the clavicles, uniting the forces, accomplish this purpose better than any means yet devised; it takes off the pressure by relaxing the muscles of respiration.  This method answers the purpose, and is all that is necessary to do, and its simplicity commends its use.


The results of Neuropathic manipulations cannot be overestimated; for unless properly made they may not be satisfactory; much time and labor uselessly expended.

The object of manipulations is to relieve the pressure which is the cause of the unnatural conditions found, which produce pain, abnormal or pathological conditions.

The contracture of muscular fibers produces many conditions called disease.  The blood vessels and nerves being distributed throughout the entire body, vessels carrying the elements to every part, building up tissue, and returning the unused elements to the heart and lungs to be made over; the nerves being distributed to every part of the body, superintending and controlling every molecule, cell and structure, arranging and selecting the amount and kind of elements needed to renew the waste tissue, seeing to it that there be no lack, eliminating any excess, it becomes apparent, that unless a normal condition prevails everywhere throughout the body, at all times, a disturbance arises here and there, due to undue pressure upon the vessels which carry the fluids, or upon the nerve filaments which oversee, superintend and control all and every part in which they end.

If the muscular pressure, caused by undue contracture, interferes with the circulation of the fluids passing through them, in their delicate channels, conveying the blood to parts needing the elements, or preventing the return of the waste material to be recharged with oxygen, chemical changes ensue, and disease results.  If the pressure interferes with the nerve filaments, as they pass, through muscles to perform functions where they end, disease results as a consequence.

There should be freedom of the flow of all of the fluids of the body at all times, and no undue or excessive pressure upon the nerve filaments or the fluid-carrying vessels at any time; every tissue should be normal.  The normal condition can only be maintained throughout the body by keeping the undue pressure from the vessels which carry the fluids, and from the nerve filaments which function the various parts.


It is a matter of finding what the matter is with the person who is sick; the name of the disease, locality, and how it may affect the system; its cause, course, termination, general history, and all that pertains to it, together with environments, treatment, etc.

Prognosis is telling, or approximating, the course, how it may end, whether favorable or otherwise, sequela, and its effects upon the patient physically.

The question of diagnosis being a matter of importance, and involving, as it does, the welfare of the patient, the relatives, and the course of treatment, it becomes a matter of great interest, and should receive due consideration.

While it has no special relationship to the treatment, it is a matter of interest and importance to know what the trouble is, where it is, and its probable effects on the entire body.

Every human ailment, no difference how slight or mild it is, affects the entire body, in some degree, through the Sympathetic Nervous System, and causes inharmony throughout the whole organism.

To know the nature of the disease becomes an interesting desideratum of very grave importance; when the disease involves some vital organ, the life of the patient may be dependent upon the knowing how to direct the treatment to restore harmony and avert the unfavorable consequences.

Diagnosis, Neuropathically, so far as a single organ is concerned, is not of so much importance abstractly considered, as it is from a medical standpoint, but the manipulator should have sufficient intelligence, in regard to conditions, to know what relationship it sustains to the entire body, so as to be able to satisfy the patient, and friends, what the matter is, and what should be done, in any special case, to relieve the system from the diseased state, and to be able to utilize such means as will relieve the patient, to arrest the progress of the disease, and to restore the harmony.

The Neuropath is not supposed to treat disease, therefore need not, necessarily, regard the name of the disease, only in so far as locality and organs involved are concerned.  His business is to restore harmony by instituting means to change the conditions which cause, or perpetuate, the disease.

The principal object to be accomplished is to remove the undue pressure from the nervous system ending in the part, or free the circulation of the fluids, by taking the pressure off of them, through the means used to relax the muscles through which the vessels pass, in which they are unduly squeezed, their functions interfered with, or entirely aborted.

Whenever the normal condition of the nerves, blood vessels, and muscular contracture, are restored in all parts of the body, disease ceases.

The natural means for restoring the system to a proper, or normal state, is to remove the cause - the pressure - producing the abnormal condition.


It should be six feet in length; twenty-six inches in width - the top board - and eighteen inches from the end of the table where the operator is to stand, the top board should be left off; a box made extending twenty inches farther and this box should be filled with spiral bedsprings, having them come level with the top of the table; the remainder of the top of the table should be made solid.  The springs should be covered with gunny-sack, or some strong cloth tacked down so as to be secure; then the entire top of the table upholstered about two inches in thickness, so as to make it comfortable for the one being treated to lie on, comfortably.


The top of the table should be level.  It should be from twenty-six to thirty inches in height.  The top and side boards should be inch lumber; the frame should be substantially put together; the legs should be at least four inches square - or round - and so framed as not to give way, nor squeak after a few weeks' work on it.

The foot of the table should have its legs a couple of' inches shorter, so as to have fastened on them good, strong rollers.  This will facilitate convenient mobility of table; by lifting the end opposite, the table can be rolled at pleasure.

For the convenience of adjusting the spine, a small table, or foot-stool, twelve inches in height and about fifteen inches long, may be used to stand on, while treating the spine - which, when not in use, may be slipped under the table out of the way.

The table, above described, is the kind the author uses, and answers every purpose.  If preferable, instead of the spiral springs, coil springs may be used, in which case, they will have to be placed lengthwise.  It will take seven or eight of them to fill the space.  These can be upholstered, same as the spiral springs, or a cushion can be made to fit over them - and removed at will, if thought more convenient for the operator, in spinal adjustment.

I am not favorable to the "Bi-fed Table." The above will be found eminently satisfactory.