A. P. Davis, M.D., N.D., D.O.
    If the manipulations explained in Neuropathy be understood and properly applied, there will be but little use of the osteopathic manipulations in very many conditions.  There is such a far reaching effect of the spinal treatment, as performed by adept Neuropaths, that but few movements as shown in Osteopathy, are necessary to accomplish the purposes intended through manipulations; and yet, if the student will closely study the directions for each manipulation, as shown in the Osteopathic Department, great benefit will be derived through their use, and the two will include and embrace everything necessary in the manipulatory department, physically, to alleviate any condition. possible to be alleviated through Neuropathy, Chiropractic, or Osteopathic science.

    The relief of nerve pressure and the freedom of the circulation of all of the fluids of the body, and the uniting of the two forces, may be effected by the application of the instructions in each department; and when one becomes familiar with all of them, no difficulty need be experienced in applying just what treatment is necessary in any case.

    When the Eye Department is considered and applied where indicated, one need not fail to know how to remedy any and all conditions which are to be found in functional, human ills.  The recipes, given for various diseases, are useful in many cases as adjuvants to the physical manipulations, and will be appreciated greatly by many people, for they are the best known for the things recommended and will suffice most admirably.

    The study of the contents of this book will be interesting to those who need its instruction, and to know how to apply the various means to relieve suffering humanity will be a stock of information that but few need to add to or change.

    We commend the entire book to the afflicted with assurance of its merits and as reliable in every respect for the purposes mentioned in it, and would emphasize its importance above every other system known to suffering humanity everywhere.