A. P. Davis, M.D., N.D., D.O.
    Those emerging from the level of the second sacral to the plantar. The epigastric, or abdominal, from the sixth to the eleventh dorsal. The genital from the second and fourth lumbar. The scapular from the fifth cervical to the first dorsal.

    The musculo-tendinous reflexes are ones which produce the clonic spasms, and are the fifth lumbar and first sacral. We have the knee-jerk from the third and fourth lumbar.

    The flexors and extensors of upper extremities arc the sixth and seventh cervical. We leave the spinal center, complex centers, at the sixth cervical, and second dorsal.

    The sexual center at the second lumbar.

    The vesical and rectal through the third, fourth and fifth sacral.

    The vital center is supposed to be between the medullar and the fourth cervical.

    Pain in back of head from third cervical, and also pain in ear from this plexus. Pain in sterno-clavicular region from fourth and fifth cervical. Shoulder, arm and brachial region from the sixth and seventh cervical and first dorsal.

    The upper six vertebrae in dorsal region, corresponding pains are felt inside of the corresponding vertebra, and treatment should be made there to relieve. The nerves emerging from these vertebrae supply the intercostals, skin and the epigastric area, hypogastric, umbilical and abdomen down to the iliac area, for the nerves emerging from the spine down as low as the twelfth control the muscular tissue in front of them. Those emerging from the lumbar area supply ilio-hypogastric, ilio-genital, ilio-crural, and anterio-crural area, and pains referred to in the internal saphenous nerve, as far as the ball of the big toe, may be attributed to have their origin in the lumbar area, and treatment should be in that region.

    It is a matter of considerable importance to remember that we have caries of the spine, and where there is caries of the spine in the region of the twelfth dorsal and first lumbar a constricting or drawing pain or pains around the body in that region, with tenderness there, we are liable to find a psoas abscess, and the pus will trickle down through the sheath of the psoas muscle, pointing in the groin, or femoral area, through the fascia of the muscle, or through the ischio-rectal fascia, or through the great sacro-sciatica foramen, or through the quadratus lumborum muscle into the lumbar region, or it may follow the fascia of the psoas muscle down to the ending of that muscle at the lesser trochanter. The opening to the pus may be reached through either place mentioned above - where the abscess is found to point - and should be let out.


    It will generally be noticed when any disease is troubling any one, that soreness at the sides of the spinous processes from whence the nerves supplying the parts diseased, a tenderness or soreness there, will be felt by the person afflicted, when gentle pressure is applied there, by the operator, or any one else. When there is no soreness along the spine, there is not apt to be any trouble at the end of the nerves emerging from spinous foramen, and there will not be needed any treatment of the spine; but should there be, treatment is to be continued and repeated until all such soreness subsides. This treatment - adjustment - may be repeated every day, or every other day, until patient is entirely freed from soreness.

    Diarrheic conditions may be absolutely cured by pressure and raising the lower limbs at the same time as a counter pressure, holding the limbs up while the patient lies on the stomach or front side of the body, and the operator places thumb on one side of the spine down next to the sacrum, and fingers on other side of spine, using pressure as the lower limbs are being raised - firmly, steadily, gently, of course - and then lower the limbs to a level, and move the thumb and fingers one vertebra higher up the spine, and thus include all the lumbar area in the treatment. Always treat upward for the arrest of any and all discharges from the body in that region. The same effect may be had by letting the patient lie on the back (and lifting the patient), with fingers of both hands touching spines on either side in lumbar area. Lift body strongly with fingers thus placed, slowly and up to a gentle curve, then letting patient straighten out, and repeat once or twice. This does the work - cures diarrhea. Letting patient lie on the side while the fingers are placed just above the sacrum, and one limb drawn strongly backward, and go up the spine as before directed, will accomplish the same purpose. There is no better remedy than this ever tried. Usually one treatment is sufficient to arrest the difficulty.


    That the "two forces" claimed as a basis of the cause of disease is true, we submit the following facts: That when spinal vertebrae are out of line, when replaced by "our peculiar method," certain results follow in the way of return to a normal condition, the opposite of the condition when the spines are distorted. That there is soreness along the sides, or either side, of the spinous process, in the region where the leashes of spinal nerves emerge, there is usually some deviation of contour of the spinal processes, and that when the adjustment is made, that soreness ceases, and diseased conditions at the ends of these leashes of nerves cease, whether they end in the lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, ovaries, genitalia, abdominal viscera, colon, rectum, or either upper or lower limbs; so that this amounts to positive proof of specific and immediate results of such adjustments, and may be positively relied upon in all conditions as a certain means of removing all spinal nerve pressure. The nomenclature (nosology) need not be considered.

    This course of treatment is so radically different from all others that it will seem incredulous to the reader at first glance, but, when the application of this philosophy is made, the surprise will be greater still, for the results will be fully up to expectation of the most earnest seeker of a verification. In a word, it will be as stated, and results will universally follow as stated; for we have not presented "cunningly devised fables" to deceive. This is a system of demonstrable facts, and not theories and failures. The principles herein will go down the ages as long as time lasts, and never need changing as long as man remains anatomically as he is now, and has been for all past ages. This system has to do with the physical man as he is, applicable to every condition known or ever will be known; for it deals with him as he is, and the means may be improved as to application a more intelligent application - but the things to be done will always be an essential desideratum and absolutely demanded; for they constitute the means by which the waste of nerve power is restored and nerve pressure removed, so that harmony may be re-established and health restored in a natural way. Too much emphasis and intensity need not be feared, for confidence may be assured; for the evidence will be forthcoming as the application is made and the principles are carried out in practice.

    The study of the relationship of the nervous system to the bodily control enlightens one as a lamp lights his way in the dark; for all is guess-work without a knowledge of the human system, anatomically, physiologically and mentally. When medical colleges shall have adopted the practice of instructing students in the rudiments of anatomy as related to pathological conditions, and a knowledge of causes as they are to be found in the individual (and not outside of him, seeking some foreign substance as the cause), there will be a more thorough understanding of how to ameliorate human suffering simply, effectually. For a while it will be hard to "unfog" their "fogged" intellects so as to discern truth.