A. P. Davis, M.D., N.D., D.O.
    In presenting this book to the public, we have no apology to offer.  The book contains matter not found elsewhere, hence needed.  The subjects presented are replete with most valuable information.

    Neuropathy, the title of the book, embraces the Entire Nervous System - its freedom from Pressure, Waste and Irritation.

    Neuropathy is the discovery of the author of this volume.

    Neuropathy is applied in the treatment of all conditions wherein the nervous system is involved.

    Uniting the two forces - the Positive and the Negative - harmonize the Acid and the Alkaline
Secretions, which cause disease, is shown in this book.  This is the secret of spinal adjustments in the cure of diseases, and is plainly shown and explained herein.

    Chiropractic Science rationally explained, and the "Luxation Fad" eliminated, and shown why.  Much new matter about this science is added and rationally explained.

    Osteopathy: The cream of that science is herein fully shown and amply illustrated and made so plain that any one can learn it.

    Ophthalmology: In this department the eye, with its anatomy and refractive power, and its uses and abuses specially shown.  The best method of conserving Nerve Power shown, and how to arrest nerve-waste through the eyes - by the proper correction of refraction.

    This book embraces three of the greatest modern sciences.  It fully illustrates and explains every means necessary to relieve human ills mechanically, rationally, scientifically and successfully.

    The department which relates to "How to Bathe, Breathe, and Eat," will be found of incalculable value to everybody.

    The Domestic Department is replete with many valuable hints.  The how to use salt, lemon juice, kerosene oil and Epsom Salts, will be a boon to every one who desires the simpler methods for treatment by home remedies, for they will be extremely useful to know about and how to use to relieve many pains, and save expense and much suffering. Many valuable recipes are included in this department: Antidotes to Poisons; How to Cure Appendicitis; Remove Gall Stones; Cure Snake Bites, and many other poisons as well.

    The Advice to Mothers is exceedingly interesting and can not fail to be of immense interest and untold value to every mother in the land.  Besides all of the above, there are many other features in this book which apply to the betterment of humanity every way.  We heartily commend it to the afflicted everywhere as a book of the timer and wholly up-to-date, and the result of a long and arduous study by THE AUTHOR.