A. P. Davis, M.D., N.D., D.O.
    It is not so much a matter of fame on my part, nor the glory of popular praise, in presenting this book to the world as an individual production, as is it is to present facts.  Every man has more or less pride in himself, who amounts to anything as a leader of the people or who wishes to aspire to a promulgator of a great thought, and I hope to be pardoned for any seeming presumption in presenting this volume for consideration.  No subject claims audience of so large a number of people as that which concerns their personal welfare, and this being of that nature - the physical welfare of the race - we hope that the principles laid down and elucidated herein will receive careful consideration, investigation, and after trial, the approval of every one interested in health.  It would be presumptuous on the part of the author to claim perfection, but we have studied the principles involved most carefully, and hope that we have consummated much that will be invaluable to the reader, and be in some measure a means of showing to the world, in a clear, concise form, the peculiar marvelousness and untold benefits of this great science, so that it may indeed be a blessing to mankind.

    Our only apology for offering this volume is that the subject has not been clearly presented to the public, nor to the profession in such a manner as to be understood.  The sketches sent forth through journals have scarcely indexed the meaning of, nor the science in a manner that brought out in anything more than ridicule and repugnance.  This science deserves the closest scrutiny and the most searching investigation, for it is surely worthy, and will be the leading science of healing - at no distant day.  Our illustrations will be most interesting to the reader, in that they exhibit fully the application of the principle in detail so clearly that the science stands out to view in the clearest light possible, and at once attracts intense attention.  Special pains have been taken to prepare this series of manipulations so as to be easily understood and used by all persons who carefully study the philosophy involved.


    It is not the design of this work to embrace all other sciences and specialties in order to make a show of wisdom - our sole object being to present the reasons for the application of this science, and to demonstrate its place among other means of healing.  If the reader will carefully survey the premises, investigate the philosophy and note the results, a just estimate of the value of the science may be placed on it, and its proper place assigned for it.

    Unobstructed circulation of fluids to and from the heart, in all parts of the body, and uniting the forces and removing the pressure, constitute the basic principles of this philosophy, and the means of promoting these ends is the only object of this book.

    Disease, according to the common acceptation of the term, being only the product of impeded circulation, the desideratum in all of the manipulations, moves and adjustments shown, illustrated and explained in this work, will be conceded by the careful reader who desires to know.  There is no secret, arcane abstruseness aimed at, but the practical uses and results of the science to ameliorate suffering humanity, to set free what is and has been bound, "lo, these many years," not by word only, but through the means God has given us.

    The field of surgery, gynecology, obstetrics and other departments of the healing art are not considered in detail, nor is it the object of this treatise to embrace, but the principles illustrated will be alike useful to the one as the other.  When it is considered that obstruction causes a larger per cent of pathological conditions than anything else, and all other things combined, the importance of the thought we have labored to impress on the mind of the reader, will be realized.

    The various methods recommended and shown will be found adequate, properly applied plied, to afford much satisfaction, great relief, many cures thought to be beyond the power of known remedies to reach.

    It is as much of an impossibility to send communications over electric wires without continuity of contact as it is to cure disease without freedom of communication of terminal end nerve footlets or freedom of the circulation of the fluids of the body; and the reason that Osteopathy shows up so brilliantly, is because it succeeds in taking off the pressure and permits vital fluids to move on.  Co-ordination in the physical body is as essential as Faith in the spiritual body.  We are not dealing in uncertainties, if we understand ourselves, nor do we need to conjecture results, for they follow with as much assurance as effect follows cause.  This science, then, becomes a necessity in the curriculum of the healing art.  Those who have had most experience with Osteopathy are the most ardently impressed in its favor.  It wears favorably with acquaintance.