The Buxton Technological Course in Painless Chiropractic
A. G. A. Buxton, D.C.



    ONE of the strange notions conceived by many Chiroprators is the adjusting of a major subluxation, with total disregard for the minor.  It is as evident as an axiom in mathematics that one vertera bears a relation of juxtaxposition in every sense of condition to an adjacent vertebra, varying only in degree to the major malalignment, and the Doctor who cares to give a thorough spinal correction will look after the minor as well as the major, however slight the abnormality.

    It is one thing certain that a subluxated vertebra affects the entire spinal structure if it affects an organ, or any part of the body.  This being true, we should then make a complete adjustment of the spinal column at every operation, giving special attention to the specific subluxated segment, and this method of correcting spinal subluxations makes our work unmistakeable because it corrects what the eye can not observe, or the hand of the palpator recognize.

    The complete adjustment of the entire spinal anatomy need not occupy more than a few moments time of the skillful Chiropractor, and the results will be quicker and the labor less.  The operator will also find the patient more relaxed, strengthened and appreciative by the service performed.  You will also find this way of adjusting doing away with the rest room idea.  Why should a patient need to rest up after an adjustment is given, any more than before?  If the patient does not lie down to rest before an adjustment, there is no reason why he should lie down after, unless the adjustment has caused distress.

    The rest room is an unnecessary encumbrance, except in cases of fatigue after adjstment, and a severe adjustment usually brings on a need for rest and recuperation, in which case the providing of a resting couch might be called a kind and generous act.

    If the Chiropractic Doctor will follow closely the instructions and illustrations contained in this book, he will not have need for the rest room and patient will smile without having a wall card, prompting him to keep doing so.