The Buxton Technological Course in Painless Chiropractic
A. G. A. Buxton, D.C.



    ONE of the problems that has confronted the profession is adjusting patients in their homes.  The suitcase table, the ironing board, the  piano bench and many other pieces of furniture have been mustered into service to assist the operator in an effort to relieve the patientís suffering.  However, notwithstanding the benefit derived from such instruments in these emergency cases, the equipment has appeared crude and clumsy to the onlooking relative or neighbor, as also to the patient, who must suffer the additional punishment of getting out of a sick bed to have an adjustment.

    Now, this is all done away with by the Doctor who has taken The Buxton Technological Course in Adjusting.  See illustrations on pages 78, 80, 82, and 84 and follow closely the technique given.  How much more professional the Doctor appears when he walks to the bedside of a patient, and without any other assistance but his hands, guided by the knowledge he has acquired, slipping the hands under the bed covers and placing them in their chiropractic position, he adjusts the patient and leaves with no other luggage than himself.  Or, if his patient is ill in his chair, the Doctor performs the same artistic professional service.  See illustration on pages 86 and 100.  Or has the patient stand upon his feet, see illustration on pages 92, 94 and 98.  Or has his patient lean forward against the wall as shown in illustration on pages 88 and 90.  Hence, the advantage of using a chiropractic adjustment adapted to any and all circumstances.