The Buxton Technological Course in Painless Chiropractic
A. G. A. Buxton, D.C.



    WE MUST not overlook the fact that when we are giving an adjustment, we are not merely affecting the segment subluxated, but to the contrary every atom of the human system.  If the vibration theory of life be true, and we have no reason to doubt that it is, and there are one hundred and ninety-six billion vibrations to the second estimated to keep in motion one blood corpuscle, what must be the rapidity with which a sensation travels on its course affecting every neuron, ganglion and plexus of the entire neurological system!  Again, it is estimated that the heart lifts an average weight of twenty pounds to every throb, and beats in the adult being on an average of seventy times per minute, sixty minutes per hour, and twenty-four hours per day.  This means an average lift of actual weight of eighty-four thousand pounds per day.  What then must be the jar to the molecular building in which we live, when a thrust is given upon any one segment in the spinal column!

    Under such reasoning it is prima facie evidence that we have done something more than the merely placing an alignment a subluxated vertebra.  We have not only released the impinged nerve at the subluxated point, or opened a valve as it were, to let loose the flow of life hindered by the impingement, we have done something more than correct the local subluxation.  We have by the thrust made, produced a concussion of molecular energy coursing through every minute part of our anatomy at a s peed that can not be measured.

    It is absolutely contrary to the laws of our being to reason otherwise.  This being true, then what does a severe adjustment do, at the abnormal alignment, to the nervous terminals of our electrified structure?  Therefore, all we need to do is to work in the way in which nature intended the correction to be made.  Trunks have handles attached to them that they may be easily moved here and there, and heavy weights are lifted by crowbars.  Likewise every vertebra has is handle or moving bar, the transverse process, by which it may be moved to proper place of alignment.

    Don’t expect a popping noise when a vertebra is moved.  The noise may not always mean a proper adjustment, and groans by a patient are only sounds of wasted time and energy, such sounds being usually caused by painful and severe adjustments.  Do not imagine you have failed to adjust a vertebra because you do not hear a popping sound.  Results of restoration to health are what count, and you will obtain them easier and quicker by the lifting or prying method.  See illustration on page 50, also read again Chapter Eight, and you will recognize the reality of the simple, natural adjusting move by such application.

    It comes to my mind that I once saw a Chiropractor’s advertisement which read:  “Eat anything you want and come to me”; but he either forgot, or did not stop to reason concerning the law of metabolism, which means a change in the intimate condition and relation of the cells in a constructive or destructive manner, and that very few people are alike in chemical affinities.  Likewise we have seemingly overlooked these transverse handles that so readily yield to our wishes.