The Practical Magnetic Healer
G. M. Brown
    Let us take up the proposition that “All diseases originate in the mind.”  The first thing that takes place in the mind is a thought.  Thoughts precede all other things in the human mind.  Take for instance, the great enterprises, small ones also, for that matter, the first thing that was done to put all those enterprises into reality, was a thought.  The mind must first act in all cases or there will be nothing done in any direction.  The body is subservient to mind, and cannot be influenced without the consent of the mind, or without it first taking cognizance of the fact.  The mind must first give its consent before the body can be influenced.  Let us now look to the origin of disease.  We will commence with headache, and there we find an ache in sympathy with a diseased stomach, indigestion, dyspepsia, gastrodynia, gastritis, etc.  The cause for all of the above conditions, is the taking to the stomach more food than it could digest before fermentation sets in causing a formation of gas, distending the walls of the organ and thus influencing the pneumogastric nerve, which conveys the pain to the temporal nerves where the headache is generally located.  Now let us take up the question as to how the stomach became in such a deplorable condition?  Let us interview the appetite.  There has been some overloading done, or there has been something eaten which could not be digested, or both, more than likely BOTH.  When such is found to be the condition, we should pursue appetite, and find its abiding place, the reader can answer that without any trouble whatever.  We find the prenological organ about three quarters of an inch in front of the ear.  Those foods which are taken into the stomach are never permitted to enter therein without first securing the consent of the mind, hence, the origin of headache is in the mind.

    We have now handled the most simple of all ailments, and traced its cause to the mind.  Now let us take up Cancer, one of the most terrible of all diseases.  It appears from the best authority obtainable that Cancer is caused from a peculiar blood taint, which of course is only a half way station supplying the material of which it is produced and added to from time to time, until it reaches a condition where the blood can no longer circulate through the tumor, producing decomposition in the tissues resulting in a pussy accumulation, a breaking down and a discharge, pus is then inevitable.  There are several different kinds of cancers, among them are the “spider,” “rose,” “bone,” sleepy,” “wolf,” “black scaley,”, glandular, scrofulous, fungus, molecular.  They are produced by bruises, obstructions, or poisons in the blood, which is directly or indirectly the source and support of them all, appear how or where they may.  Thus, though the cancer may seem to have arisen from a bruise, it will be found that it must receive its support from a diseased blood.  Had the blood been pure, the effects of the bruise would soon have been extinguished, and nothing but the bruise itself would have resulted, but the blood being bad, its impurities determined at the bruised place, and developed in the form of a cancer, or other species of sore.

    When a cancer begins to pustulate, it then can inoculate the blood with its own virus, thus involving the greater necessities upon the patient to effect a cure, that of purifying the blood and cancer also.

    As we started out to prove that all diseases originate in the mind we will now return to the subject.  It has been shown that the blood is the ultimate cause of cancer, and not the primary cause, as has often been said, now let us consider the causes of impure blood.  We know, without discussing the fact that the blood gets its twelve constituents from the contents of the stomach and lungs, and depends entirely upon these organs for its state of health at all times.  If the food taken into the stomach is pure and well digested, and the air breathed into the lungs is pure and in sufficient quantities, it is only reasonable to expect good from that direction.  If your digestion is poor, it is because you have allowed it to be overloaded or you have permitted something to enter your stomach that could not be digested, thereby leaving it to ferment or decompose as the case may be, furnishing a poisonous substance to be taken up by the lacteals and conveyed to the blood, it being then circulated throughout the body seeking lodgment where it can communicate its poisonous condition to the surrounding tissue.  Let us then investigate the causes of indigestion, one of the most common is overeating.  Another is that of eating indigestible foods.  We hold Appetite responsible, it being a mental faculty.  The part that the lungs take as relates to the condition of the blood, much depends upon the action of the lungs, as to the maximum or minimum quantities of air breathed, is controlled by the mind.  The supply of oxygen and the displacement of the carbonic-acid-gas is regulated by the action of the lungs.  Carbonic-acid-gas is a rank poison and stagnates and burdens the blood, while oxygen purifies and vitalizes it.  Hence, the action of the lungs is controlled by the mind.  We must therefore assume that all diseases which spring from improper breathing must be charged up to that faculty.  There are many other things that influence the physical functions.  Among them may be mentioned fear, worry, grief, despair or any over-active mental exertion.  The requirements of the active brian are supplied with a physical force generated in the body, which we may call nerve force, electricity or vital fluid, etc., which the brain draws upon when in action and is consumed as fuel in accordance with the degree of activity.  The brain must be supplied with this force at all hazards.  If this force is not generated enough the brain draws upon the reserve forces and leaves the body in a more or less weakened condition, which, of course, stagnates the blood and prepares the body for any disease your neighbor may suggest.  Now, the question will be, what to do under the circumstances?  In answer to this question it may be well to offer a few suggestions.  Provided, if you do not fear you will be courageous, if you do not worry, you will be more contented.  If you do not grieve you will be joyful.  If you do not despair you will be more hopeful.  If you do not over-work your brain you will have more mental energy for the labors of tomorrow, and last but not least, if you do not burn up your vital energies in a hopeless endeavor to die before time comes, you will have enough life left for seed, to start on life anew.

    The stock-in-trade you can then display on your shelves will be, courage, contentment, joy, hope, energy, peace, ambition, health, strength and happiness and enough life left to build on.  The supply of the above materials is unlimited.  You have only to make your wants known and your orders will be promptly filled.  You will then observe with a clear vision that all conditions of health or disease originate in the mind.

    As this course of lessons, the object of which is to show how the writer has treated successfully different diseases as they came to him, thus enabling the reader to form some method of treating similar diseases, as they may fall into his hands.
 It will be observed from time to time that the workings of the objective and subjective mind are more or less discussed in the treatment of diseases, as those influences are the principal remedies used as the ultimate, really and finally, that restores the patient to health.

    It should always be understood that in all science of magnetic healing, the basis at all times is the assumption that the MIND controls the body under all circumstances.  The mind is always first in all things pertaining to the body, and can do nothing without the mind first directing it in every way, shape, form and manner.