The Practical Magnetic Healer
G. M. Brown
    Auto-suggestion is the weapon to be used in battling for health by one’s own efforts without the aid of any outside influence.  The power of auto-suggestion is infallible in its effects where a reasonable persistency is observed.  One can get just what he wants if he will apply the power within him to bring about the thing desired.  The power is within you to become the possessor of anything which now exists upon this earth.

    There is no question that auto-suggestion directed for the purpose of restoring one’s health is one of the most potent factors now known for therapeutic purposes.  It appears that without this factor the whole science would be a myth as far as potency is concerned, from a therapeutic stand-point.

    By applying auto-suggestion to the subjective mind, ladened with the intention to be impressed thereon, it is first necessary to assume that it is possible to acquire health, wealth and happiness.  Then try it, and keep on trying and trying until you have secured the treasure you were in pursuit of.

    There are well-defined principles upon which the power of suggestion is based in its application of self-healing.  Among the first principles are: (Hudson’s L. of P. P.)

    1st.  The subjective mind exercises complete control over the functions and sensations of the body.

    2nd.  “The subjective mind is constantly amenable to control by the suggestions of the objective mind.”
    3rd.  “These two propositions being true, the conclusion is obvious that the functions of the body can be controlled by suggestions of the objective mind.”

    Those three primary propositions are all that can be applied by the patient in bringing the forces within him to bear upon the work in hand, and all that he need to know.   He must now assume that those propositions are true and put them to the test.  The result will be that he will know that they are true, (or false).  Belief, then, is unnecessary, as the patient will have acquired knowledge, and knowledge thus acquired is power - power to do, to act, to bring to you any and all things that heart could wish for - health, wealth and happiness.  Just assume that the power is within you to do or to draw those blessings around you and try it.

    Now, in reaching this force within, we must assume that the subjective mind is to be dealt with just the same as if it were separate from the objective mind.  It must be regarded as a servant and subject to orders from the objective mind.  It will be found a true and faithful servant if it is only trusted, relied upon, and depended upon to do or to act as directed by the objective mind.

    In the way of an illustration, we will assume that the person has taken a cold.  Now, in dealing with a cold we find that the most effective time for treatment is at night, just before going to bed.  Let the patient concentrate his mind upon the intention of breaking up the cold, so he will call up the subjective mind and impress upon it the idea that there is an enemy in camp and must be dislodged.  Give the mental command to the subjective mind to drive the enemy from its position and that you will expect upon awaking in the morning to see an improved condition and the enemy subdued.  Keep this mode of treatment up for a few nights at most and you will find that you have entirely overcome the objectionable conditions.