The Practical Magnetic Healer
G. M. Brown
Hip joint Disease and Rheumatism Cured in One Week.
S. Paul, Kan., March 31st, 1899

    It is with a grateful heart that I write this testimonial of Prof.  Brown’s magnetic treatment.  On April 18th, of last year, I fell and dislocated my hip and injured my knee.  I also had rheumatism which crippled me so that I could not walk or even dress myself.  I was examined by a specialist who pronounced my case hip joint disease, and said that it would cost a large amount of money and a long time to cure me.  My mother heard of the Weltmer Magnetic Institute and concluded to send me to Nevada, Missouri, for treatment.  I went there and remained one week, and for five dollars I received seven treatments, and am happy to say that I am cured.  I was treated by Prof.  G. M. Brown, and will always feel grateful to him (after my kind parents, who sent me to him) for my cure, and his kindness to me while under his treatment.  I recommend his magnetic treatment to all who are in any way afflicted.

St. Paul, Kan., March 31st, 1899.

    PROF. G. M. BROWN--Dear Sir--Rose arrived home on Wednesday; I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am to see her walking again.  I wouldn’t see her as she was when she left home for ten thousand dollars.  Please accept my heartfelt thanks for her cure, also for your kind treatment of her while in your care.  I send you Rose’s picture which you can use if you wish, in your advertisements.  Very respectfully,


Nervous Prostration and Partial Paralysis Cured in Ten Days.
Enid, OK., May 1st, 1899.

    For five years I have suffered from a complication of diseases.  The aftermath of a most severe case of lagrippe, resulting at last in nervous prostration and partial paralysis.  I was almost entirely without hope of ever being well again.  I received the best medical attendance but obtained no relief.  At the beginning of April, 1899, I went to Nevada, Missouri, for treatment from Prof. G. M. Brown, that most powerful of magnetic healers.  After the sixth treatment I could walk a mile without fatigue, and feel today that I am fully restored to life, health and hope.

    Words are inadequate to express my gratitude.
    I give this testimonial with a thankful heart and the hope that it may bring others who are suffering as I did, to that noblest of men, Prof.  Brown.  May success attend him.

    MRS. GEO. A. TODD.

Gettysburg, South Dakota, June 19, 1898.

    To Whom it May Concern:

    This is to certify, that I have been a chronic sufferer with constipation for a number of years, and that nearly three weeks ago Prof. G. J. Brown gave me one treatment which resulted in almost instant relief, and I have every reason to believe that the cure is permanent.

    C. W. TABER.

Big Springs, Texas, Feb. 22nd, 1899.

    PROF. G. M. BROWN, Nevada, Mo.--We have waited one month for adverse developments and as they have not come, it is my duty as well as pleasure, to make a statement to you, and all others, of my wife and son’s sickness and speedy restoration to perfect health.  My wife has been a constant sufferer for many years with stomach trouble, lung and spinal affection, for weeks at a time she was unable to do her work and had got reduced down to eighty-seven and one-half pounds.  My son had contracted chronic diarrhea crossing the Sonora Desert in Mexico and could get no relief from any one; he had got to that state in his bowels they were uncontrollable.  My wife saw the add of Prof. Weltmer and after a little correspondence arranged to go to Nevada, Mo.  They left our little city with hope and fear, hope that they would get well or be benefited, fear that they might not be able to reach their destination, after a long and tedious journey of over 1,500 miles they arrived at Nevada and were put under the treatment of Prof.  G. M. Brown.  They were at Nevada just one week and were fully restored to health and commenced to gain flesh, wife gained 19 pounds in 26 days and son 15 pounds.  I consider them two of the most remarkable cures in the history of science and should we live a hundred years we will be still indebted to Prof. G. M. Brown for the happiness he has brought into this family.  I advise all who are affected in any way to go or send to him at once and be cured.

    Very truly yours, JOHN T. SUTTON.

    P. S. -- Any communication cheerfully answered if stamp is enclosed.

Greenville, Ill., March 3rd, 1899.

    PROF. G. M. BROWN, Nevada, Mo. -- Dear Sir -- It is with pleasure I write thanking you for the great good you did for my nephew, Elmer Frensley.  He came to you a physical wreck, with no hope at all, but left you feeling like a new man, and he is still improving, for which we feel very grateful to you.

    He is like one who has been miraculously saved from the grave, and we all join in wishing you continued success in your noble work.

    Very truly yours, ALMA BLIZZARD.

    PROF. G. M. BROWN -- Three years ago I was taken with typhoid fever, and when the fever left me I was in a broken state of health, and to regain my former health I tried all the remedies recommended to me, including the doctor’s prescriptions, but without relief.  I also tried hospital, electricity, etc., but all to no avail.  I was badly afflicted with constipation, stomach, lung and liver trouble, had rheumatism in every joint, and had lost flesh until I was almost a living skeleton.  After all remedies thus far tried and failed, I was at last advised to go to Nevada, Mo., and see Prof. Weltmer.  On arriving at the Weltmer Institute, I was assigned to Prof. G. M. Brown for treatment, and in just two weeks was entirely cured.  To say that I am a thousand times delighted does not begin to express my seemingly miraculous transformation.  I am now a well man with a long life yet before me to live and enjoy, all for which I am ever and many times thankful to Prof. Brown.


Sciatic Rheumatism Cured in Four Days.
Calla de la Palma, No. 2.
City of Mexico, Old Mexico.

    TO PROF. G. M. BROWN, Nevada Mo. -- Dear Sir -- During the month of December, 1898, while traveling through the U.S. of A. I was taken with an acute attack of rheumatism; it was in both hips and limbs, and I suffered most intense pains, passing the entire night in wakefulness and agony.

    I visited Prof. Weltmer’s school of Magnetic Healing, and was assigned to your care; after four treatments I left Nevada, completely and permanently cured.

    I write this to express my gratitude to you, and to say that I shall recommend your wonderful magnetic treatments to all of my afflicted friends.

    Thanking you again for the kindness and courtesy shown to me while in Navada, I am,

    Respectfully, MRS. LOIS L. L. DE VRIES.

Nevada, Mo. Feb. 21, 1898.

    It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial of Prof. G. M. Brown’s wonderful magnetic treatment.  I was taken with a very severe and painful congestion of the spine, there being a contraction of the muscles, causing me considerable alarm, and being very anxious for immediate relief I called in Prof.  G. M. Brown, and I am very glad to tell of his great power to immediately cure and relieve pain.  It was just four minutes after I placed my case in his hands the pains all left me, and every symptom of my former trouble disappeared.  I have had no pain since, and I consider myself entirely cured.  I can cheerfully recommend him to the afflicted, as I am confident he can do you more good than all other curative agencies combined.

    H. L. MILLER, M.D., Druggist

Nevada, Mo., Dec. 17, 1897

    It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Prof. G. M. Brown, the magnetic healer.  I have been a patient sufferer from neuralgia in the head and eyes since the days of my childhood.  Having had my case pronounced incurable by at least fifty of the best doctors in this country, I, in abject despair, submitted my case to Prof.  Brown, and to my surprise and delight I was immediately relieved and permanently cured in one treatment.  I am now enjoying perfect health.  May success ever attend Prof. Brown in his noble work for suffering humanity.

W. D. PHILLIPS, Merchant

Nevada, Mo., Jan. 7, 1898

    Prof. G. M. Brown permanently cured my rheumatism in two treatments, after having stubbornly resisted all medical treatment for sixteen long and bitter years.  I am both literally and practically a new man, and I feel that I should live those sixteen years over again, all of which I owe to the ability of Prof.  Brown to conquer the worst enemy of mankind.

    L. A. GRISHAM,
    Contractor and Builder

Nevada, Mo. Dec. 6, 1898.

    I was afflicted with catarrh, rheumatism and constipation.  Have taken all kinds of remedies and have been treated by three different physicians in the last three years without permanent relief.  I was confined to my bed the most of the time and was in the hospital five months.  After having been pronounced an invalid I heard of Prof.  G. M. Brown’s wonderful cures.  I immediately applied to him for relief.  I had more relief from the first treatment than I had in all the years of my affliction.  I was entirely and permanently cured in one week and I have enjoyed splendid health ever since.  I take great pleasure in recommending Prof.  Brown to the sick and afflicted that they may profit by his wonderful power to heal diseases such as I was afflicted with.

    W. M. GRIFFIN, Machinist, M. K & T. R. R.

Nevada Mo., Jan 25, 1898.

    While we live on this earth there are many things we do that are both a duty and a pleasure.  This is a great one in my case.  At this time, I am in perfect health, and I owe it all to Prof. G. M. Brown’s wonderful magnetic treatment.  For seven years I have been a sufferer from a complication of diseases, stomach, liver and kidney trouble, and have been treated by a number of very eminent physicians with but little relief.  Hearing of Prof.  G. M. Brown’s remarkable cures, concluded to test the merits of his treatment and it is with great pleasure and happiness that I find myself in perfect health.  It is impossible to express my gratitude and appreciation of the great good he has done me.  I feel it my duty to do all in my power to direct all suffering humanity to a never-failing source of health and happiness.  I will cheerfully answer any communications enclosing stamp for reply.

    MRS. HENRY BECK, 817 Front Street

Nevada, Mo., March 15, 1898

    Prof. Brown cured me of Rheumatism in arm and knee in one treatment.  He and his power to heal are truly wonderful, and a boon to the afflicted.

    B. F. BURTON

Nevada, Mo., Feb. 7, 1898

    I have been troubled with nervous headache and neuralgia of the stomach from which I have suffered at intervals for years.  Prof.  G. M. Brown cured me in one treatment.  I have been in perfect health ever since.  Many thanks to Prof. Brown.

      OSCAR SMITH, Order Clerk

Nevada, Mo. April 11, 1898

    This is to testify that I have suffered for a long time with liver complaint, falling of the womb, nervous fits, and other weaknesses such as are common to females.  To all appearances I was fast going into consumption.  My complaints were such as to confine me to my bed.  I had also lost all hope of ever being restored to health, till happily I saw a notice of Prof. G. M. Brown’s, and was induced to call on him at his office, and under his magnetic treatments I am happy to say my health has been completely restored.  My husband feels grateful to Prof.  Brown.  I would recommend any of my sex, troubled with female difficulties, to call on him.

    MRS. J. N. B.

Nevada, Mo., March 10, 1898

    I am pleased beyond expression to inform you of the extraordinary cure by Prof.  Brown’s treatment in my case.  Eight or nine years since I was attacked with constipation, followed by a very severe case of eczema which continually tormented me and made my life miserable.  My sufferings were awful.  I applied to several physicians without relief.  Last fall I was threatened with paralysis, my limbs were growing very cold.  I could feel a gradual breaking down of my entire system.  After having almost despaired of getting well again I tried Prof. Brown’s magnetic treatment, and am much pleased to say that after first treatment I was much improved, and in two weeks I was entirely free from all my trouble.  I have the happiness to enroll my testimony in the long list of his miraculous performances and am conscientiously recommending my fellow sufferers to his advice and sympathy.


Nevada, Mo. Nov. 25, 1898

    PROF. G. M. BROWN -- Dear Sir -- It is with great pleasure I now address you, the purport of which is to state to you my last distressing case and to request for the benefit of others, that you will make it public, and my cure.  I was ill for some time by reason of taking a severe cold which settled in the small of my back.  The pains from this trouble were continuous.  My regular physician gave me medicine for three months but without any change in my distressing condition, and I became convinced that this treatment would do me no good.  I resolved to try your treatment and in a week found myself in perfect health.  All symptoms of sciatica and lumbago disappeared and I am now able to do any kind of hard work without the least pain or fatigue.  I have the happiness to enroll my testimony in the long list of your miraculous performances, recommending my fellow sufferers to your advice and sympathy.


Nevada, Mo., Feb 17, 1898

    Last December I fell and broke my arm near the wrist.  The small bones of my wrist were dislocated, and when the broken bone in my arm healed, I suffered intense pain in my wrist and hand continually.  I could not sleep nights.  I sought relief in medicine and liniments without avail.  At this time anchylosis set in, and my arm and hand became perfectly rigid.  I, then in great misery and despair, called on Prof.  G. M. Brown, and I am much pleased to say that the treatment relieved me of all pain, and in three treatments I could use my arm and hand almost as well as ever.  I think it very remarkable that such excruciating pain of which I was a sufferer could be eradicated in such a short time.  My sleep was undisturbed after the first treatment.  I am very grateful to Prof. Brown, and gladly recommend him to all suffering humanity.


Nevada Mo., June 8, 1899

    MY DEAR PROF. BROWN -- I cannot leave Nevada without saying to you, individually and personally, how deeply I appreciate your efforts in my behalf, during my stop in your city and while a patient under your care, in connection with The Weltmer Institute.  To your faithful attention and treatment, I owe a large share of my return to my feet, for I am quite sure that I should never have had the courage to try crutches, if you had not faithfully and patiently encouraged me to attempt to stand.  I can now walk fairly well with crutches and if the summer at the sea coast does not put me thoroughly on my feet, I shall be tempted to return to your kind care to strive for a complete restoration.  With best wishes.

    Sincerely yours, PHOEBE W. COUZINS
    Prof. Gilbert M. Brown.

Pawnee City, Neb., June 23, 1899

    I owe all my future life and happiness to Prof. Brown who after one year and a half of suffering and pain has cured me in eight treatments of magnetic healing and without touching a joint.  I layed in bed for one year and was treated for salt-rheum and eczema by the best medical doctors in the state of Nebraska, after which I was moved to Hot Springs, Ark., on a stretcher, but received little relief after staying there five months and taking seventy-five baths.  I then decided to return home.  After arriving home became interested in the Weltmer Institute.  I came here and after eight treatments am well.  Could hardly walk when I reached here my knees were so swollen and stiff.  I believe Prof.  Brown to be one of the most powerful magnetic healers I ever met.  Yours truly,  FRED M. SHINN