Text-Book of Osteopathy
American College of Mechano-Therapy


    1.  Take the limb in both bands and with a rotary movement of the hands move and relax all tissues to the bone.
    2.  Internal and external rotation and circumduction of limb.  Flex calf of leg on thigh, and thigh on abdomen.  Straighten limb out with proper rotation. with more or less force.
    3.  Stretch the sciatic nerve by extending limb, at the same time bearing down considerably on the foot.
    4.  Slightly flex the knee, work deeply into the muscles on the under side with both hands, stretching them outward at the same time.
    5.  Turn the foot outward as far as possible and allow it to come back to its normal position.  Repeat the movement inwardly.  Perform each movement about ten times.