Text-Book of Osteopathy
American College of Mechano-Therapy
    Uses - A general treatment is indicated for the correction of nerve troubles and general circulation.
    Patient reclines on table, lying on the side.  Relax the tissues of the back by the following methods:
    1.  Stand in front of patient and grasp uppermost arm.  Relax the tissues about the shoulders and down to the spine and back with the other hand.  Hold the arm at the elbow, and using the joint as a lever, work the arm back and forth.  By this means the spine is manipulated and any deviation corrected.
    2.  With patient in same position, place one hand beneath the neck and grasp the occiput.  Rest the other side of the patient's head against your breast, and apply traction to the tack and upper dorsal region.
    3.  Place one elbow on the hip and the other on the shoulder.  Stretch the spine by extending the arms and stretching the hips away from the shoulder.
    4.  Manipulate the shoulder.  Pull up the scapula with one hand, while with the other press the shoulder.
    5.  Place one hand under patient's scapula and grasp the shoulder with the other hand.  Then rotate the shoulder.
    6.  Manipulate the limbs by seizing the limb in both hands, relaxing all tissues with a rotary movement of the hand.
    7.  Manipulate the spine by pulling it toward you, while patient is lying on his side with knees flexed and braced against you.
    8.  Turn patient on other side and repeat above treatment.
    9.  Place patient face downward, with toes extended and arms hanging down over the sides of the table.  Describe a circular movement with the palms of the hands, at the same time apply pressure, to relax all contracted tissues of the back.  Pull the muscles away from the spine with the fingers.
    10.  With the patient lying in a prone position, stand at one side of the table and grasp the hip of patient on further side in front.  Apply pressure up and down the spine with the heel of the other hand, while pulling the hip upward.  Treat both sides.
    11.  Patient in same position.  Operator stands at head of the table.  Apply considerable pressure on each side of the spine with the thumbs.
    12.  Raise the limbs in one arm and rotate them, while applying considerable pressure at the lower part of the abdomen with the other hand.
    13.  Apply pressure to lower part of spine while one limb is raised.  Raise the other limb and repeat the pressure.