Text-Book of Osteopathy
American College of Mechano-Therapy

    This treatise was written with a view of presenting to those interested in Physiological Therapeutics, and particularly in that branch known as Mechano-Therapy, a concise resume of the Practice of Osteopathy as now carried on by its foremost practitioners.
    Osteopathy derives its name and meaning from the words "Osteo," signifying bone, and "pathos," suffering, feeling, or disease. The term therefore, presupposes that disease is caused by some pathological process due to faulty position or adjustment of bones. This theory regarding the etiology of disease has never been taken seriously by the scientific world, and indeed, it is a fact that the rank and file of Osteopaths are just as luke-warm in the defense of same as the present-day Homeopaths are in the defense of their erstwhile slogan: "Similia similibus curantur."
    We anticipate the reader's question: "What, then, is responsible for the popularity of Osteopathy?" The answer is plain: "The Manual Manipulations incident to the practice of that profession." These manipulations are known under various names, such as Mano-Therapy, Massage, Swedish Movements, Medical Gymnastics, etc. Furthermore the failure of the Medical Profession to recognize and practice Physiological Therapeutics, has in a large measure contributed to the spread of Osteopathy in the United States. This is easily proven from the fact that in European Countries, especially in Germany, where there are all kinds of "Naturopaths," "Kneipp-Curists," etc., Osteopathy is practically without representation, and simply for the reason that Mechano-Therapeutic principles have been utilized there for a long time.
    It must be regretted by everyone interested in the study of Physiological Therapeutics that a system of treatment, the practical application of which is so beneficial within certain limits, should have been given a name which will forever leave it without the pale of serious, scientific contemplation and which is bound to bury it along with all other panaceas and fads started by well-meaning men whose enthusiasm overbalanced their mental calibre.
    We have endeavored to give herewith the scientific facts relating to etiology, symptomatology and diagnosis of disease, together with such manipulative treatment as is generally used by Osteopaths, thus rejecting the theory, but giving the Mechano-Therapeutic principles of Osteopathy.
May we express the hope that all those engaged in the work of Manipulative Healing and Physiological Therapeutics generally, may at all times remember the limitation as well as the advantages of their calling. As a rule, acute diseases, infectious, surgical and accidental, are not amenable to these methods, and should be left to the physician, not because he can cure them all, but because emergencies make artificial and surgical interference not only permissible but necessary in a certain percentage of cases.