Text-Book of Osteopathy
American College of Mechano-Therapy


    1.  Place the patient on back with knees flexed.  Relax the abdominal muscles with the palm of the hand.  Begin low down on one side, work up on that side and repeat the movement on the other side.  Spring the ribs.  Move the abdominal contents from one side to the other between the palms of the hands.
    2.  Apply direct pressure to the abdomen with the flat of the hand over the center of the abdomen below the umbilicus.  Use side pressure to force the contents of the small intestines toward the caecum.
    3.  Lift the intestines.  Flex the knees several times, in the meantime holding the abdominal contents for a minute or two.
    4.  Stimulation of Solar Plexus.  Apply deep, steady pressure with a slightly circular motion just below the sternum, backward and upward.
    5.  Stimulate the liver, spleen, stomach and other abdominal organs by placing one hand on either side of the ribs and applying pressure, alternated with a few seconds of rest.
    6.  Alternate pressure and relaxation directly over the liver for the purpose of toning up this organ, as well as the adjacent abdominal viscera.