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Time, Space and Patience

(Posted on: April 21, 2013 by David McMillin)

This then is our first premise; that God IS – in the material experience of man – TIME, SPACE, PATIENCE!  (262-114)

Patience is about the soul and its journey through materiality. One Cayce reading poetically portrays the journey of the soul within the physical universe as a learning experience in which the soul tries out its wings:

Just so a SOUL … coming in the dimension of that plane in which it finds – through its awakened forces, by the various spheres of relativity of forces – to make manifest ITSELF, or – as it were – it has flown out from its source to try ITS wings, to seek ITS own doing – or undoing; dependent upon that as has been builded, and the use it makes of that given it. (311-2)

This same reading provides a cosmic perspective on the soul’s flight, sojourning in various planes and dimensions throughout the universe. For some souls the journey includes a visit to our local solar system and the familiar planets that share our sun:

In entering it takes on those forms that may be known in the dimensions of that plane which it occupies, there being not only three dimensions – as of the earth – but there may be as seven, in Mercury – or four, in Venus – or five, as in Jupiter. There may be only one as Mars. There may be many more as in those of Neptune, or they may become even as nil – until purified in Saturn's fires. (311-2)

Thus the soul is a citizen of the universe, exploring the various planes and dimensions, learning and growing dependent upon what it has learned and applied in its varied experiences. The purpose of the journey is development so that the soul can become a fit companion and co-creator with its Source.

Note the multidimensional quality of the soul’s experience. Multiple dimensions provide the opportunity for richness of experience, for more information can be enfolded in multiple dimensions. Also note that the soul’s manifestation on earth in a flesh body is defined as a three-dimensional experience.

Conceptually, we have already encountered various triune models – a triune model of the self – physical, mental, spiritual – a triune pattern of mind – conscious, unconscious, and superconscious; and of course, the Christian triune representation of God as Father, Son, and Spirit. Apparently, when having a three dimensional experience, we tend to group ideas in threes.

The Cayce readings acknowledge another important triune related to soul development – time, space, and patience.

Yet, as one finds self as a shadow, or as a representative of that indicated in the eternal – one may ask, what is the source of this association or connection?  It is time, space and patience that bridges that distance. These are man's concept of the spirit of God manifesting to the three-dimensional consciousness.  (2271-1)

As an explanation of how the three-dimensional consciousness of individuals developing on earth can measure soul growth, Cayce scholar Mark Thurston has observed:

The first two [dimensions] seem logical to almost everyone. To describe an experience, we usually give the measurements of (1) when it happened (time) and (2) where and what happened (space). However, to specify only these two measurements is to view life materialistically. As spiritual beings, we need to know the spirit in which we met the experience, and the readings use the word patience to describe that measurement. (Thurston, 1976, pp. 73-74)

Thus patience is the measure of our development in the three-dimensional experience of earthly life as a soul. The triune of time, space, and patience provides a three dimensional classroom for the soul to learn its lessons in a flesh body. This triune is an expression of God in materiality. Let’s take a closer look at each of these dimensions.


Time is a chronological measure. With it we track fractions of a second, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and so forth through the eons of time – about 14 billion years if modern scientific chronology is to be trusted.

Time allows us to make take our lessons in soul development in small increments – one at a time, so to speak. Otherwise we would be overwhelmed by the immensity of the process. Understanding comes gradually – line upon line; here a little, there a little; small steps in the flow of time.

And yet time urges us to act. Life on earth is time-limited. If we are to progress, we must not become stagnant. We must move forward continuously.


Space is a measure of distance – ranging from the miniscule gap between subatomic particles to the gulf between galaxies. As souls, we need space to grow and development. The universe provides the space we need to experience the awareness of separation. It is like a giant sandbox or playground for fledgling gods to try out their wings.

I am here and you are there. We are separate beings – at least, so it would appear. Space as a measure of distance provides the illusion of separation – separation from other souls – separation from the Creator – space to be ourselves and yet one with the whole.


Patience is a measure of soul development. Patience provides an assessment of our progress in spiritual awareness and application. Patience reminds us that we have as much space and time as we need. Yet we must keep moving, for movement is the essence of spirit. So patience is active yet assured. In soul development, we make haste slowly.

In measuring our growth, patience uses as a standard our personal ideals – spiritual, mental, and physical. Thus the triune pattern is echoed in the assessment process as we measure ourselves in soul development.

The universe is configured to provide us with feedback on our soul growth. As souls we are constantly meeting ourselves and the choices that we have made. What we do with that feedback is itself a matter of choice, for will is a gift of the Creator. In patience we come to treasure that gift and become aware of ourselves as individual souls.


Thurston, M. A. (1976). Experiments in a Search For God.  Virginia Beach, VA: A.R.E. Press.


The Soul’s Journey – This video segment from “Edgar Cayce’s Cosmology” explains the concept of the soul’s journey through the multidimensional realms of the universe that has come to be associated with astrological influences. It’s all part of the soul’s education as measured by patience.

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