Rivers Of Light DVD

JesusRivers of Light: A Personal Interpretation of the Revelation based on the Readings of Edgar Cayce

DVD – 1 hours 16 minutes

Price: $19.00

This is a personal interpretation of the Revelation based on the readings of Edgar Cayce. Cayce's approach to the last book of the Bible provides unique and powerful insights into the mystical experience revealed to John on the Island of Patmos. In essence, Cayce insists that John's vision is about the process of enlightenment through spiritual initiation resulting in "rivers of light." In this series of videos I share some of my experiences of applying Cayce's approach while discussing common issues relevant to anyone on the spiritual path. During the course of his career as a psychic, Edgar Cayce provided many readings on the human condition – its origins, purpose, and destiny. This information is the basis of Edgar Cayce’s cosmology. One of the strengths of the Cayce approach is its comprehensiveness. Whereas there often seems to be a vast divide between the theories and constructs of modern physics and the day-to-day reality of life on earth, the Cayce approach attempts to connect the domain of science with the most common experiences of life.

Price(USD): $19.00