Atlantean – Esselme

Esselme – Builder of Planes

In a reading given on August 9, 1942 for a twenty-eight year old man, Edgar Cayce described a past life as an Atlantean who was a builder of planes:

Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land, when there were those usages of the high developments in the activities of the mechanical nature. Thus the entity was one who builded the planes, those activities in air, in water, as directed by the stone from which the forces were generated – or such as the radio beam in the present, – from that central facet for which the entity made those experiences – and that are the dreams of the entity in the present. These may be used for constructive or destructive forces. These were allowed to become, or did become, those forces that brought about the last breaking up of Poseidia. In the experience the entity held fast to the creative purposes but was overruled by the sons of Belial, when those warrings began between the sons of the children of the Law of One and the sons of Belial. Then the name was Esselme.  (2795-1)

The "planes" built by Esselme clearly indicate advanced technology well beyond the early blimps and balloons made of animal skins.  The planes apparently utilized energy radiated from the great crystal in the central power station.  This advanced technology eventually led to the "last breaking up of Poseidia" suggesting that a relatively high level of technology existed even until the end of Atlantis.  "Warrings" between the primary rival factions (Law of One and Belials) was associated with the final destruction in which the Belials gained the upper hand and overruled the safe use of the advanced technology.

Atlantean – Amexl

Amexl – Guider of Crafts

In a reading given on February 7, 1930 for a seventeen year old student, Edgar Cayce described a past life of an Atlantean who was a pilot who guided crafts through space to other lands:

In the one before this we find in the land known as Atlantis, during that period when many peoples understood the laws of the universal forces. The entity among those able to carry the messages through space to other lands, and the guider of the crafts of that period. Hence the mechanical side, and the mystery side of MANY conditions influence the entity. In this period the entity lost, for there was the misapplication of many of the forces, the powers, understood. In the name Amexl.  (2494-1)

The specific nature of the crafts piloted by Amexl is not provided, but the use of the term "through space" does suggest a rather sophisticated technology, as the Atlanteans were apparently capable of producing.  Furthermore, the acknowledgement that the Atlanteans of that time "understood the laws of universal forces" reinforces the notion that the craft guided by Amexl utilized advanced technology.

The other important theme noted in the reading for this young man is that as Amexl he carried messages to other lands.  The international/global connectivity of the peoples of the world at time is emphasized in numerous readings, especially with regard to dealing with large, destructive animals.  But certainly commercial and political interchanges would have been amongst the messages conveyed by Amexl. 

Interestingly, the reading for this young man repeatedly insisted that he consider a career in diplomatic service.  Past lives involving international relations during the American revolution and in ancient Rome were also discussed.  Perhaps this soul trend was initiated in Atlantis as diplomatic courier. 

Atlantean – Alenor

Alenor – Pilot Of Various Craft Including Submarines

On March 27, 1940 a reading given for a nineteen year old man described a past life as an Atlantean named Alenor:

Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land, during those periods when the second destruction had brought so many of the islands, and when the Poseidian land was the greater in power; when there were the meetings called for those of many lands, to determine means or manners in which there would be the control or handling of the animals that were destructive to many of the lands.  The entity then acted in the capacity of one who guided the ships that sailed both in the air and under water; also was the maker of that which produced the elevators and the connecting tubes that were used by compressed air and steam and the metals in their emanations. All of these were a part of the entity's experience and development, especially as to things controlled by the facet for the radiation activity from the sun upon metals, and the control of such, as well as the manner of airships through that sojourn.  Then the name was Alenor.   (2157-1)

This reading places Alenor in Atlantis after the second destruction where he provided transportation for individuals from other lands who attended a gathering to discuss means of handling destructive animals. Apparently this was an ongoing problem for a significant portion of Atlantean history.  Since the reading describes a fairly high level of technology (including transportation) after the second destruction, one can only assume that as catastrophic as that event was, the technology infrastructure in certain areas remained intact or was salvagable to a great extent.

Note that both above and below (i.e., submarine) water craft were available and piloted by Alenor, as well as aircraft.  Compressed air and steam technology powered elevators (i.e., tall buildings were present) and advanced metal alloys were being produced.   Even with the significant destruction to the power grid and crystal based technology in the outer regions or islands, the central power station may have remained relatively unharmed since Alenor's reading does mention control by the facet of a crystal, terms usually associated with the central power station on Poseidia. 

Apparently the animal control meetings were not entirely successful since a later meeting to address the same essential problem was convened at a later date in Egypt at about the time of Ra Ta.

Atlantean – Ohula

Ohula – Secret Counsel To Many

On January 21, 1926 a reading given for a thirty-eight year old woman described a past life as an Atlantean named Ohula:

In the one before this, in that land where the peoples came as the representatives of those that would make the lands secure against the beasts of the fields, and the fowls of the air, or the animals of the air, in the second rule in the Atlantean period. The entity then in the name Ohula. Then helping in that of the assistant to the entertainers of those people so gathered. The daughter then to the ruler. In the urge as is gained from this, that of the secret forces of counsel to many.  (2740-2)

This reading places Ohula in the second rule in the Atlantis, a very curious chronological designation that may relate to a time before the second period of upheavals in that land.  She attended a meeting consisting of representatives of peoples from around the globe who gathered to discuss how to make the lands secure from dangerous beasts. 

However, rather than attending as a representative or delegate proper, which she could probably have done as the daughter of the ruler of the land, her official role was as an assistant to the entertainers for that event.  Perhaps she just enjoyed the light-hearted company of such individuals.  But there may have been another, more mysterious aspect to her participation.  Her reading noted that one of the personality traits carried over from this lifetime was the urge and ability in "secret forces of counsel to many."  In other words, it would seem that she was behind the scenes listening to the stories, tales, and opinions of the representatives of the conference.  And not just a few, but many.  

Perhaps in addition to her role as assistant to the entertainers she was also working behind the scenes, undercover (as it were), collecting information for her father, the Atlantean ruler who was presumably sponsoring the gathering.  Just a thought, but otherwise why would her reading have made such a curious reference within the context of that ancient meeting. 

Atlantean – Ajahel

Ajahel – Ruler of Communications

On November 21, 1934 a reading was given for a forty-four year old housewife described a past life as an Atlantean princess named Ajahel.

Before that we find the entity was in that known as the Atlantean land, during those periods when there were the destructive forces being sent out and used by the sons of Belial and those that followed close therein.  The entity was rather among those peoples that followed the law of One, and was in the name and in the household of Ajahel; being the princess of the temple in Poseidia, and executed much of those forces that dealt with the various manners of their communications with the varied lands. During those periods when there were the gatherings of nations, or the peoples of the world for the pitting of themselves against the beasts that overran the earth, the entity aided in such gatherings of those; for the entity – as given – RULED the connections, or associations, or communications. Hence the entity guided those influenced for the right; being overcome only by the forces of Belial when the destruction was brought by the use of that which had been applied for the destruction of the animals in that particular experience.  In the present we find from that sojourn the influences that deal not only with the mysteries of life, those things that influence individuals to those things that act upon the minds and the bodies; but those things that make for communications of EVERY nature, whether under the sea, the wires, the air currents, or what not – are of a particular interest for the entity.  And if the entity ever seeks for commercializing its own influences, deal with communications of every nature!  (587-3)

Obviously Ajahel was a powerful and influential individual, due to her royal status as princess, but also as result of her technical abilities as ruler of communications within the temple in Poseidia.  Clearly the sophistication of the communications of that time was impressive, especially considering the global scope of the transmissions.  Reading 262-39 speaks of an "all-world-broadcast" calling together delegates from around the planet to deal with the menace posed by "enormous animals that once roamed the earth."  (262-39)

Considering the reference to the Belials influence and negative outcome of the meeting and subsequent intervention, the meeting described in this reading is probably the one led by the Atlantean Tim in 50,722 BC as described in reading 262-39. 

It seems that Ajahel had all the right intentions and was competent in her field of communications, despite the eventual negative outcome of the meeting (widespread destruction of Atlantis and failure to solve the animal problem).   The reference in her reading to "being overcome only by the forces of Belial" suggests that there was some contention in the meeting, with the Belials successful in their getting their agenda adopted despite objections from the Law of One faction.  Apparently there was no negative karma to be carried over by the soul that incarnated as Ajahel since her reading actually recommended a career in communications if she should ever wish to pursue this innate ability in a commercial setting in the twentieth century.


Atlantean – Tim

Tim – Leader of Great Congress

While writing an article on ancient times, Hugh Lynn Cayce (Edgar's son) sought details about a great international gathering of peoples convened to discuss the problem of large, destructive animals that were troublesome in many lands, including Atlantis.   The initial question was general and elicited a fascinating overview of the status of the global community of that time: "Please advise me regarding the preparation and presentation of the article or story which I am preparing on the Great Congress held during the age of the destruction of the enormous animals that once roamed the earth."  (262-39)  The overview was followed by a series of specific questions, including:

(Q) What was the date B.C. of this gathering?
(A) 50,722.

(Q) Who was the general leader for this congress?
(A) One with the nomenclature Tim.

(Q) Of what land or country?
(A) Poseidia, from Atlantis.  (262-39)

This is the only mention of this apparently important Atlantean – there are no life readings for this individual or additional details in the Atlantis (364) series of readings.  We are left to wonder just what role Tim played in the gathering, considering that the outcome of the meeting was to attempt to destroy the beasts using advanced technology, only to trigger the first period of destructive forces that fractured the continent of Atlantis itself.

Was Tim part of the ruling "Law of One" faction that controlled the crystal technology and its use for spiritual communication, and increasingly for material comforts of the people?  Or perhaps Tim was associated with the Belial faction, a contentious and aggressive group bent on supplanting the Law of One and taking the society in a more materialistic direction.  Since the outcome of the meeting was to use the high technology as a weapon, one can reasonably guess that he was at least open to the agenda put forth by the Belials.

Or perhaps he was simply weak and vulnerable to manipulation or bullying by the Belials or others who sponsored a violent solution to the problem.  After all, two members of the Law of One who were tasked with supervision of the implementation of the program, failed miserably in their oversight (See On-xor and Esdro-m).  One gathers that they were either incompetent or careless. 

Was Tim deficient as a leader for the Congress and allowed the proceedings to get out of hand?  Or was he part of the problem in the sense of promoting a Belial approach that was disastrous for the people of Atlantis?  Was he a politician, bureaucrat, facilitator, or simply a figurehead appointed because of social status.  All things considered (i.e., the destruction to Atlantis and failure to eliminate the animal problem), it's not the sort of thing one would care to have on their resume. 

Atlantean – Deui

Deui – Message Recorder

In a reading given on May 23, 1938 for a forty-six year old corporate lawyer, Edgar Cayce described a past life an Atlantean priest named Deui, a recorder of messages from the "outer realm:"

The name then, as we would term in the present, was Deui (pronounced Dar, or D-R); and the entity was active in the recording of the messages, the directing of those forces that came with the use of the light that formed the rays upon which the influence from without was crystallized into what would become as the sound from the outer realm to the static or individual realm.  (877-26)

The reference to messages from the "outer realm" is consistent with readings for many other individuals who were said to have sojourned in Atlantis.  Sometimes terms like the "outer spheres" is used; at other times the wording is even more explicit with regard to extraterrestrial contact (such as other planets).  And yet it all part of the broader experience of the soul as a citizen of the universe.  The Law of One faction in Atlantis was keenly aware of this connection and desirous of maintaining such contact in many ways, including adaption of crystal technology for these purposes.

Deui was also a social advocate for the lower class of workers.  He wanted the producers to also benefit from the advanced crystal technology that had been developed to provide a high standard of living, rather than simply being treated like machines or "things" (objects).

Then this entity, Deui, was among those who attempted to make such influences a part of the experience of those who were – as indicated – the producers of that used for food, clothing; for the MACHINES as it were for the producing of these – as we would call them today; rather than the machines used for the sources of the correlating or centralizing or crystalizing of the activity in their very forms. (877-26)

The reading given for this man does contain some fascinating information about the development of early humans and human-like beings, including the observation that some of these individuals had extra appendages: "For there were more of the influences that might be used when necessary; such as arms or limbs or feet or whatnot."  Certainly, having an extra set of arms could come in pretty handy for harvesting crops, as illustrated.  But Deui didn't want the workers to be treated as freaks or "untouchables" in the very class-conscious Atlantean society.

Atlantean – Rhea

Rhea – White Stone Prophetess

In a reading given on March 15, 1941 for a twenty-three year old art student, Edgar Cayce described a past life as an Atlantean high priestess named Rhea, a prophetess and social advocate:

In that sojourn the entity was an interpreter of those influences received from the White Stone in the Temple. For, then (as would be termed today) the entity was the prophetess, or an interpreter between creative forces – or the spirit – and the flesh.  (2464-1)

A follow-up reading further elaborated her psychic process:

Through that particular period of experiences in Atlantis, the children of the Law of One – including this entity, Rhea (?), as the high priestess – were giving periods to the concentration of thought for the use of the universal forces, through the guidance or direction of the saints (as would be termed today).  (2464-2)

The reference to the "concentration of thought" indicates something about the psychic attunement process that Rhea used as a prophetess in the temple activity.  It was not just her flying solo, so to speak.  As she used the white stone as an aid, the focus of a group of associates supported her psychic attunement.  Here is a further elaboration on the "white stone" and the group dynamic that the high priestess used during her trance or seance sessions:

(Q) Describe in detail the entity's work with the White Stone, and present urges from this.
(A) This may be well implied from that indicated. The entity as the high priestess was the interpreter of the messages received through the concentration of the group upon the stone from which the oracle spoke from the realm of the saints (as would be termed today), or impressed upon those of that period – the group – the messages of hope, encouragement, endearment, and the necessity of keeping the oneness of purpose.  (2464-2)

There are a couple more intriguing layers to the story of High Priestess Rhea.  Rhea was a social advocate for the lower class of workers who were not as highly evolved in flesh or consciousness as higher classes within Atlantean Society (the Law of One faction and the Belials):

Those individuals who had through their sojourns in the earth as souls pushed into matter as to become separate entities, without the consideration of principle or the ability of self-control, might be compared to the domestic pets of today, – as the present development of the horse, the mule, the dog, the cat.  This is not intended to indicate that there is transmigration or transmutation of the soul from animal to human; but the comparison is made as to trait, as to mind, and as to how those so domesticated in the present are dependent upon their masters for that consideration of their material as well as mental welfare, – yet in each there is still the instinct, the predominant nature of that class or group-soul impregnation into which it has pushed itself for self-expression…  Being influenced by the groups or individuals about same, there were those disputations with them as to the purposes of the children of Belial; that these were to be exploited rather than to be made equals with those thus endowed with the spiritual understanding.  (2464-2)

So Rhea found herself advocating for the welfare of the lower class.  She insisted that the people of the lower class be respected and provided a means for growth and development within the structure of Atlantean society.

Another layer of this fascinating story relates to the sexuality of Rhea.  She was androgynous, as were some others within the upper levels of the Law of One.  There had already begun what the readings call the "division of the sexes" (into male and female), but certain individuals chose to remain androgynous.  Thus Rhea had maintained her purity and ability for progeneration (reproduction within self). 

The entity was among the children of the law of One; a high priestess, who chose to keep within self those abilities for progeneration.  (2464-1)

Yet she was tempted by a man who began within the Law of One but then had adopted the Belial perspective – a troublesome relationship that carried over into her incarnation in the twentieth century.  She was told it was all a matter of ideals. Karma runs deep!


Atlantean – Ishuma

Ishuma – 17 Sons

In a reading given on April 12, 1938 for a twenty-nine year old housewife, Edgar Cayce described a past life of an Atlantean priestess who was said to have had seventeen sons by seventeen different men, quite a feat by any measure:

Before that we find the entity in the Atlantean land, when there was the SECOND period of the upheavals in the land.  The entity was a priestess in the Temple then of Light, the temple in which there were the activities in associations with the Law of One. The entity held such activities not so close as some, and not so close as the priests especially of the older ones judged she should.  For the entity consorted with those who were, to the priests, questioned; and the entity during that experience had seventeen sons by seventeen DIFFERENT men!  These brought those activities of many disturbing forces, yet never were the priests – either of Belial or of the Law of One – able to prevent the entity, as Ishuma, from leading in the activities in the Temple of Light.  Hence turmoils were caused …  (1523-4)

There are several interesting aspects to the story of this individual. First, it is curious that only some of the priests (especially the older ones) objected to her lifestyle and reproductive choices.  And it was apparently her choice of consorts (Belials?) that was found objectionable, and perhaps not so much the numerous relationships involved.  One can reasonably wonder if reproduction was one of the sanctioned activities within the Temple of Light where she was a priestess.  And of course, there is the point about her insisting on leading the activities within that temple over the objections of the priests of the Law of One AND the Belials. That is another curious comment.  Why would the Belials have any say over who led the activities in the Temple of Light, unless they all were on somewhat friendly terms.  So there are several interesting aspects to this story, for sure.

With regard to the possibility that some type of reproduction or propagation activities were within the scope of acceptable temple activities, there is a reading for another individual who as a priestess within the Law of One group brought numerous offspring to her "associates":

The entity rose to the capacity of a priestess and – still, every whit the woman, with the emotions throughout of same; thus bringing to its associates many children through that experience.  (3180-2)

In this additional case, it is not explicitly stated whether this individual was androgynous and thus capable of progeneration within self (i.e., nonsexual reproduction).  However the wording of the readings ("every whit a woman, with the emotions throughout of same") does hint at sexual, carnal reproduction.  So perhaps the amazing number of male offspring by different fathers was not the problem for Isthuma, so much as the company that she was keeping.  A fascinating case with much food for thought. 

Atlantean – Sonl

Sonl – Unlimited Power

In a reading given on June 7, 1930 for a thirty-six year old shirt manufacturer, Edgar Cayce described a past life as an Atlantean who ruled the sacred city of Peos with "unlimited power" which led to self destruction:

In the one before this we find in that period known as the Atlantean. The entity then among those peoples who gained much understanding of the application of the night-side of life, or of the negative influences in the earth's spheres of those who gave much understanding in the manner of transmission of sound, voice, picture, and such, to the peoples in the period, using same to self's own destruction; for the entity gained a high position during this experience, and in the Sacred City of Peos the entity RULED with an UNLIMITED power; yet to self's and to soul's own undoing. In the NAME Sonl.  (2856)

The mysterious "night-side' forces are mentioned in several readings on Atlantis and appear to be related to energy that could be tapped for a multitude of advanced technologies.  Click here for an article that discusses the Nightside forces and possible associations with dark energy and dark matter.

It is not exactly clear as to how Sonl self-destructed.  Perhaps he became careless or negligent in dealing the unlimited power of the nightside forces – or got in over his head with this advanced technology.  Perhaps there was a socio-political aspect to his "undoing" in which he abused his power with the people of the city.  Peos was said to be a "sacred" city.  Was there a spiritual dimension to this application of natural forces that somehow became distorted or warped by selfishness on the part of Sonl.  Theses are all patterns found within the broader story of Atlantis and its various phases of self-destruction.