Edgar Cayce’s Cosmology DVD

JesusEdgar Cayce's Cosmology DVD
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During the course of his career as a psychic, Edgar Cayce provided many readings on the human condition – its origins, purpose, and destiny. This information is the basis of Edgar Cayce’s cosmology. One of the strengths of the Cayce approach is its comprehensiveness. Whereas there often seems to be a vast divide between the theories and constructs of modern physics and the day-to-day reality of life on earth, the Cayce approach attempts to connect the domain of science with the most common experiences of life.

Price(USD): $24.00

A Creation Story

A Creation Story

To appreciate Edgar Cayce’s story of Atlantis and grasp it’s meaning, we must understand the broader context – of how the universe came into being and how souls ended up on this planet in Atlantis and other lands. Here is the thumbnail version of Edgar Cayce’s creation story.

In the beginning, there was the One.  Seeking companionship and expression, the One conceived, within its own mind, countless souls in its own image.  These souls were mental projections, intended to be companions and co-creators with the One.

Thus the concept of co-creation was part of the original plan of the Creator as souls were first created in the mind of God.  When some souls rebelled and took flight from the Source, the physical universe was created to provide an opportunity for the rebellious souls to experience the full extent of the apparent separation.

Yet, the capacity for co-creation was not forfeited.  With the descent of some adventurous souls into the physical universe (and the associated decrease in vibratory energy) certain creative options were limited, however.

Cayce refers to this movement away from the Source and into the material realm of the earth as involution.  In contrast, evolution is the movement back toward the source.  With prolonged involvement in the realm of matter, the adventurous souls eventually became entrapped in flesh bodies of their own creation.

This is Edgar Cayce’s astounding story of how the co-creative process took some unexpected turns, resulting in the development of human beings on planet earth.  Imagine waves of souls exploring the physical universe and eventually finding their way to our solar system with its hospitable planets, including earth.  These disembodied spirits may have been like tourists venturing forth into an exotic tropical paradise.

At first they were content to merely observe and hone their co-creative skills.  Perhaps the rich diversity of life forms that have evolved in the past few hundred millions years of our planets history is an expression of this burst of co-creative energy.

Eventually the co-creative souls became bolder and pushed themselves into matter, exploring the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms.  The sensations were intoxicating.  The exploration of physical reality became an obsession.  The entangled souls entirely lost track of their spiritual Source. According to Cayce the first waves of souls began arriving on earth over ten million years ago.

This thumbnail version of Cayce’s creation story has set the stage for our understanding of Atlantis.  If you would like a deeper and more comprehensive treatment of the subject, I have prepared a video presentation titled Edgar Cayce’s Cosmology.