McMillin Media provides both domestic and international shipping.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated and added to the order within PayPal as you checkout. Naturally, international shipping fees are slightly higher than domestic.

Domestic Shipping

Domestic shipping within the USA is via USPS and will usually arrive within 2-5 business days.

International Shipping

International shipping is via First Class International Airmail and will usually arrive within 2 weeks, however delivery can take up to 4 weeks depending upon certain factors:

  • The holiday season (i.e., December) will usually delay international shipping significantly.
  • Bad weather (e.g., winter) or severe environmental events (e.g., earthquakes) will tend to delay delivery to the affected areas.
  • Some countries tend to experience longer delivery times due to internal postage practices.  Italy, Greece, and Spain sometimes are noteworthy in this regard.

Keep in mind that international shipping is usually routed through a customs process, which can delay delivery.  So even though the initial shipping from the USA is via airmail, that is only the first step in the process.  The final delivery process is internal for the specific country, which varies greatly between nations.

If a delivery is so delayed as to reasonably appear to have been lost (very rare), I will reship the order at no additional cost after the shipping address is confirmed.

Zazzle Product Shipping

My Zazzle store is located within the Zazzle system and handles its own payment and shipping process apart from this McMillin Media site.  So don’t worry about combining orders or such.  Zazzle products will be shipped separately from orders on this site.

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