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Opportunity Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

For, as He hath given – if ye would know the Spirit, or God, search for Him; for happy ye will find Him. Thus – in that consciousness of daily living and being that which is in keeping with the ideal – life and its problems becomes not a burden, but opportunities – for the greater expressions and expansions of self in knowing that as ye sow daily the fruit of the spirit, ye need not worry nor fret thyself as to its growth. God giveth the increase. Hence be not weary in well-doing.   (641-6)

Know that ye are going through a period of testing. Remain true to all that has been committed to thee, and know that each day is an opportunity, and an experience. Speak a word for thy ideal. Not as to force an issue but ever constructive. Sow the seed of truth, the seed of the spirit. God will give the increase. (3245-1)

Individuals do not meet by chance. They ARE necessary in the experiences of others, though they may not always use their opportunities in a spiritual way or manner.  (2751-1)

Hold no grudges. Find no fault with others. DO show appreciation for all efforts, not only for self but appreciation for the OPPORTUNITY to speak to and with others as to how they should appreciate THEIR opportunities among their associates in WHATEVER walk of life it may be.  (2514-3)

As there is the desire for more companionship, use it – the companionship – for creative influences; a living thankfulness to the Creative Forces for the OPPORTUNITIES for a service in this world. For, as ye do unto others, ye do unto thy Maker.  (2514-3)

Each soul's entrance into material consciousness should represent to the entity the awareness that a universal consciousness, God, is aware of the entity's purposes, the entity's aims. And this consciousness represents an opportunity for the entity, in the material experience, to become a channel to glorify that purpose, that cause.  (2622-1)

Be glad you have the opportunity to be alive at this time, and to be a part of that preparation for the coming influences of a spiritual nature that must rule the world. These are indicated, and these are part of thy experience. Be happy of it, and give thanks daily for it.  (2376-3)

Show due consideration as to how much ye owe the world, rather than as to how much the world owes you! The world owes every individual only an opportunity to express itself and its ideal of the Creative Forces – which will find expression in the manner we treat our fellow men.  (2172-1)

But the less one thinks of self's opinions, and the better listener one becomes, greater may be the opportunities for being of help or benefit to those about the entity.  (2612-1)

(Q) Will the New Year unfold greater opportunities for my professional advancement and my greater service to my fellow man?
(A) These are part of self's own development and must rise within by taking advantage of those opportunities which are offered from day to day. As has so oft been indicated, and this body will find same within its own experience, it is as we use that in hand that the greater opportunities are given.  (1472-9)

Think never that the opportunities have passed; for ever is there set before thee a choice to make, and has always been given "Today is the acceptable year, the acceptable day, of the Lord!" It is never too late to begin, even in an experience; for Life in its experience is a continued, a continuous effort – in making, in starting, the associations which bring what has ever been given as the way whereby man may justify himself before the throne of grace in a material world: "Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, my little ones, ye do it unto me."  (909-1)

All are in that position of being able to be used, if they will but recognize their opportunities day by day in their choices of dealings with their fellow-men. What is the choice? That as creates love, hope, faith, patience, kindness, gentleness in the experience …   (1992-1)

For, those things that are as hindrances or troubles MUST be turned into stepping-stones, and not stumbling-stones; else a soul falls backward rather than progresses.  (2331-1)

(Q) If a soul fails to improve itself, what becomes of it?
(A) That's why the reincarnation, why it reincarnates; that it may have the opportunity. Can the will of man continue to defy its Maker?  (826-8)

For, no soul or entity enters without opportunities. And the choice is ever latent within self and the power, the ability to do things, be things, to accept things, is with the entity.  (3226-1)

For many an individual entity those things that are of sorrow are the greater helps for unfoldment … (3209-2)

And keep that constructive attitude of prayer, of thanksgiving, of joyousness in an OPPORTUNITY to serve in ANY manner where and when those of thy fellow man stumble or falter. For as ye do it unto the least of His children ye do it unto Him. (844-2)

If the problems of the experience today, now, are taken as an expectancy for the unusual and that which is to be creative and hopeful and helpful, life becomes rather the creative song of the joyous worker. If the same problems become humdrum, something to be fought through, something to be questioned as to their purpose, their activity, their usefulness in the experience, then the life becomes rather as a drone, as of one drudging, coming through toil, and with only turmoil and a vision unclaimed, unactive in its associations with the general conditions of the day.  (1968-5)

Count it rather as an opportunity, a gift of a merciful Father, that there are the opportunities in the present for the sojourn in the material influences; that the advantages may be taken of opportunities that come into the experience, even through the hardships and disappointments that have arisen. (1709-3)

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