SFG 1 Resources – Virtue and Understanding

Virtue and Understanding Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

Virtue, in this study, then, is to be as the criterion with which thine faith is to be put into active service; for without that pureness of the virtue of self's own mental, material and spiritual self, there can come little understanding…. In the application of that as has been gained comes the understanding. Be true to that that is pure in thy purpose, for THIS IS virtue. In virtue comes understanding; for they are as the tenon and the mortise, they fit one with, one to, another.  (262-18)

… there are no short cuts to knowledge, to wisdom, to understanding – these must be lived, must be experienced by each and every soul.  (830-2)

Knowledge is not always understanding; for these are as knowledge in the daily experiences that are as miracles, yet they become so often as everyday facts that there is no understanding in the mercies or the glories that are showered upon the sons of men from an All-Wise Creator. Few get understanding that have mere knowledge. (262-19)

God, then, brought this world into being through faith, through virtue, through understanding. Would ye know His ways? They are not past finding out; for there is innate in each individual that which makes for a way of association, and of understanding, to Him … (539-1)

It is known and may be experienced by the entity that not mere knowledge makes for understanding, but the application of what may be given that it, the experience, becomes a portion of the entity, of the soul, IN application, makes for the growth. For the knowledge of the Creative Forces, the knowledge of God, is a growth. For ye grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding, in the application of that thou hast experienced and dost experience in thy relationships to thy fellow man.   (884-1)

… we would minimize the faults and magnify the virtue. And this the entity should adopt as its first principle, in the changing of its life as it goes to seek new opportunities.  Quit finding fault with others and others will quit finding fault with you. This is the first thing to adopt in thy new life. And let this be a new experience for you – to recognize the abilities as well as the faults.  (3544-1)

Well that this be understood, that virtue and understanding deals primarily with self and self's relationship to the Creative Forces, or God, and that virtue and understanding in self is REFLECTED in self, rather than a JUDGEMENT upon another. Judge self by thine understanding and thine own virtue, NOT another – for these are of the spirit and must be judged by the spirit. "Judge not that ye be not judged."  (262-19)

For it is not what one knows that counts but rather what one does about that one knows! For it is line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. For ye grow in grace and in knowledge and in understanding as ye apply that in thine experience that makes the paths straight, that keeps upon the way that is constructive in the experience.  (954-4)

So live then each day that some portion may add to thy inner, thy better, thy soul self. Thus may ye gain strength, ye may gain knowledge – and virtue; in such measures that life with its experiences becomes more and more worth while, with more joy.  (1745-1)

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