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In God’s Presence Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get our started:

For, to obtain the consciousness and awareness of coming into His presence, or as one would call to heaven, it will be as if it were leaning on the arm of someone ye have tried to help.  (5177-1)

There is that access, then, that way, to the Throne of grace, of mercy, of peace, of understanding, within thine own self. For He has promised to meet thee in thine own temple, in thine own body, through thine own mind … And then enter into the holy of holies, within thine own consciousness; turn within; see what has prompted thee. And He has promised to meet thee there.   (922-1)

Then, when ye abide in His presence, though there may come the trials of every kind, though the tears may flow from the breaking up of the carnal forces within self, the spirit is made glad …  (262-33)

For man and woman in their manifestations are given – by the All-Wise, All-Merciful Father, the First Cause, the Mother-God, the Father-God – the opportunity to be one with Him.  Hence they are given the attributes of the various phases through which the entity or soul may become conscious or aware of that Presence abiding with or withdrawing from its activities; dependent, to be sure, upon how that entity or soul uses the opportunities.  For without the gift of free will to the soul, how COULD it become aware of the Presence of the All-Abiding Creative Force or Energy called God?  (945-1)

In the care of self, selflessness is great. But be more mindful of the little niceties about self and you will find a pride in self – not a false pride. But as nature manifested in its Maker, it does the best it can with what it has and looks the most beautiful with what it has to do with. Thy body, too, is indeed the temple of the living God. Keep it beautiful. Be mindful of the care of same, and you – too – will think more of it. So will there be more of the abilities to be conscious of His presence meeting with thee in thy temple; forget it not. (3179-1)

How beautiful the face, how lovely the clouds! In His presence abide; ye EVERY ONE of you are before Him just now. His face is turned toward thee, His heart and hand is offered you. Will ye not accept Him just now? How glorious the knowledge of His presence should awaken in the hearts of you, for He is LONELY without thee; for He has called each of you by name. Will ye fail Him now?  (254-76)

Study more to understand that each at all times stands in the presence of that Power, that Force, that brings to each the power of knowing self in a material world. Each act, each thought of each body adds to the bringing about of His Kingdom in the earth, or adds to that which prevents it from becoming manifest in this material plane ,,, (911-6)

With the LIVING OF that given all will come to the knowledge, to the understanding of, we are all IN His presence whether we acknowledge it in the present or not; for, as has been given, it is in Him we live and move and have our being … (262-32)

For man remains in the presence of same, ever; for His presence abideth. He is nearer than thy hand, than thy mind, if ye will but take hold upon Him.   (1257-1)

Then, to be able to remember the sunset, to be able to remember a beautiful conversation, a beautiful deed done where hope and faith were created, to remember the smile of a babe, the blush of a rose, the harmony of a song — a bird's call; these are creative. For if they are a part of thyself, they bring you closer and closer to God. (1431-1)

Then, in making practical or concrete activity of the entity in its experience, first enter in as through the meditative forces within self; through the purifying of the body, of the mind, that it may be one and in accord, in attune with the Creative Forces from within; setting the ideal in Him who has promised to meet thee in the holy of holies, in the temple of thy soul, in thy own body-consciousness.  Thus does the self, the I AM, become aware of that presence. And in meeting day by day in the walks with thy fellow man, sow those seeds that YE would reap in thine experience. For they, the seed ye sow, BECOME – as it were – thine OWN SELF! For each soul meets that it has meted unto the fellow man. For as He gave, "As ye do it unto the least of these, my little ones, ye do it unto me."   (261-15)

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy mind, thy body; thy neighbor as thyself." This as He gave is the whole law. There is none above that. And ye may, as He has promised, become aware in thy own consciousness of His abiding presence, by the awarenesses that may come to thee as ye meditate, as ye pray from day to day.  Ask and He will give. For as ye walk, as ye talk with Him, ye become aware of His presence abiding with thee.  For this purpose ye came into this experience; that ye might GLORIFY that consciousness, that awareness of His presence, of His Spirit abiding with thee.  (1348-1)

As has been given, "Do that thou KNOWEST to DO TODAY, and THEN the next step may be given thee."  For ye know that ye are studying to show self approved unto that consciousness, that awareness, and are keeping self unspotted from that THOU knowest that might, would or could, cause thy brother to be offended. And ye come more and more, by such living, to the awareness of His presence abiding with thee! Not unto vainglorying, not unto self-consciousness; but rather that "Here am I, Lord, use me. Let ME be that channel of blessing to SOMEONE TODAY; that Thy love, Thy glory, Thy oneness, may be the greater manifested in not only my experience but those that I contact day by day."   (601-11)

For know, there is that awareness that should be in self, that the very fact ye are conscious of thy activity in the material plane should be evidence that thy Father-God hath need of thy service in the earth, and that through the present activity ye are given the opportunity to be a channel of blessing to someone.  For, to obtain the consciousness and awareness of coming into His presence, or as one would call to heaven, it will be as if it were leaning on the arm of someone ye have tried to help. For as ye do it unto thy brother, ye do it unto thy Maker. Know they are immutable laws. God is, and ye as a daughter, as a servant of the most high God are His handmaid. Then act like it!  (5177-1)

The soul, then, must return – WILL return – to its Maker. It is a portion of the Creative Force, which is energized into activity even in materiality, in the flesh. Yet it may, with thine own understanding and thine own manifestations, come to be as a portion of that thou bringest in thy love into thy fellow man, for thy Father-God, for thy activity to be ONE with Him in those realms of activity and experience that ye ARE aware of His presence, of His abiding love, of His abiding faith IN thee motivating thee in thy activities in every direction. Then, just being kind, just being patient, just showing love for thy fellow man; THAT is the manner in which an individual works AT becoming aware of the consciousness of the Christ Spirit.   (272-9)

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