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Some Cayce quote to get you started:

For perfect love casteth out fear, and fear can only be from the material things that soon must fade away. And thus hold to the higher thought of eternity. For life is a continual experience.  (1175-1)

This may be a hard statement for many, but you will eventually come to know it is true: No fault, no hurt comes to self save that thou hast created in thine consciousness, in thine inner self, the cause. For only those that ye love may hurt you.  (262-83)

Is there really the desire to know love, or to know the experience of someone having an emotion over self? Is it a desire to be itself expended in doing that which may be helpful or constructive? This can be done, but it will require the losing of self, as has been indicated, in service for others. …But arise to that consciousness that if ye would have life, if ye would have friends, if ye would have love, these things ye must expend. For only that ye give away do ye possess.   (1786-2)

Condemn no one, lest ye yourself be condemned. Give that of love, if ye would find love. Show thyself friendly and lovely if ye would have that love bestowed upon thee that brings peace and contentment.   (2293-3)

Do not condemn self. Condemning of self is as much of an error as condemning others.  (3292-1)

Then what are you grumbling about because you dislike your mother? She dislikes you as much, but change this into love. Be kind, be gentle, be patient, be longsuffering, for if thy God was not longsuffering with thee, what chance would you have?  (5081-1)

Life is, in all its manifestations in every animate force, creative force in action; and is the love of expression – or expressing that life; truth becoming a result of life's love expressed. For, these are but names – unless experienced in the consciousness of each soul.  (262-46)

And let patience and love be thy guide. For divine love is that which makes aware to the hearts and souls of men the presence of His love, of the Father being within!  (528-14)

… the spirit of love, it is universal and gives and takes; is patient, is kind, is forbearing, shows brotherly love.  For it is only in such [love] that one becomes, in materiality, aware of the closeness of relationship to the Creative Forces or God.  (1703-3)

… to bring hope, to bring cheer, to bring joy, yea to bring a smile again to those whose face and heart are bathed in tears and in woe, is but making that divine love shine – shine – in thy own soul. Then smile, be joyous, be glad! For the day of the Lord is at hand.  (987-4)

To live love is to be love. To be one with the Father is to be equal with the Father, and as the understanding of the entity is gained in the application of truths gained the consciousness of truth is apparent – for, as has been given, to love is to live love – not the answer of desire or of amorous affection, but is all in one – for love is law, law is love.  (900-331)

. . . to express love in thine activities to thy neighbor is the greater service that a soul may give in this mundane sphere.  (499-2)

And all good, all hope, all mercy, all purpose of DIVINE flows from Love itself; that He would have man in his former estate, knowing himself to be one with Him yet individual, capable of making those influences upon, those influences roundabout, that make known the joy of LOVE – that law is love, love is law to all, as it expresses itself.  (1157-1)

Each may find in this that which is being sought by each, in the study of the lesson and that which each seeks to manifest in the lesson. As each goes forth to make manifest, each may find that sought.
The first, in that expressed in a baby's smile; in the hope, the light, the seeking, the manifestation of that which is love undefiled.
The next may see it in the rose, as it seeks – with that it has to do with – to make manifest that beauty in expression that may GLORIFY its Maker.
The next may find it in friendship, in that which speaks without thought of self, that which makes for the expressions of love GLORIFIED through the friendliness that comes with friendship.
The next may find it in that as reasons for the beauty of a song, in the harmony that shows forth in the expression of the soul within; whether in instruments or the soul raised in praise to the Giver of light.
The next may find it in the expressions of the duty that may be the lot of one that, without thought of self, shows forth in the acts of life that first thought of the duty from a material standpoint, yet the LOVE made manifest from wholly showing forth His life, His love, till He come again!
The next may find it in the manner of speech under the varied circumstances that arise in the experience of all, through that association which comes in the daily walks of life, and in the encouragement that may be given through the kind word spoken; the giving of the cup of water to anyone seeking, to those that thirst. This may show to such an one the love that is manifest in "God Is love."
The next may find it in whatever the hands find to do, that done well, in all phases of one's experience, that lends self in the daily walks of life, doing the best with that which presents itself, in the glorying of the expressions, "As ye do it unto the least of these, my little ones, ye do it unto me."
The next will find it in the glory that comes in the satisfaction of a contented heart, in knowing that each day has brought an opportunity that has been taken advantage of by self in showing the kindness here, going out of the way in self's own life to make the lot of a neighbor more joyous, brighter, in the activities of the daily life.
The next may find it in looking forward to those days that may come, for the filling of those places that may be made or given in the lives spent in the service of Him who may call that thy face be that which may bring the knowledge of thine life, thine heart, spent in His service day by day.  (262-45)

The law of the Lord is perfect. Love of the law, love of the Lord is perfect. For, love is perfect if it is selfless in its reactions to associations one with another. The first and the last commandments are the whole law: THOU SHALT LOVE THE LORD THY GOD WITH ALL THY HEART, THY MIND, THY SOUL, THY BODY; AND THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF.  The rest only explains, only interprets, only manifests for the individual the tenets of the law. For the law is love, and love is law. And the Lord is one in same.  (2905-3)

Try in thine own experience, each; that ye speak not for one whole day unkindly of any; that ye say not a harsh word to any, about any; and see what [such] a day would bring to you …  (262-106)

For each blade of grass, each blossom, each tree, each crag, each mountain, each river, each lake is as a gift from the Creative Forces in man's experience that he may know more of the love of God. And as a soul, as a developing body then sees in the creatures, in the various kingdoms as THEY care for their young, as they are selective in their mating, as they are mindful of the influences and the environs, learn from these Nature's lessons or God's expression to the children of men; that He indeed is in His holy temple and is MINDFUL of man's estate – if MAN minds the LAWS of nature, of God. For love is law, love is God.  (1248-1)

(Q) In the play, "The Life of Reilly," I have tried or hoped to show the evolution of personal love into that wider and more real and abiding love; to give our huge audience of the theatre and screen a glimpse of the "How to do this," – for their OWN "selfish" protection and interests.
(A) (Interrupting) That's SELF, not SELFISH. SELF, NOT SELFISH! Selfish bespeaks of the devil! Self bespeaks of God! (815-7)

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