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Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

… what thy destiny is depends upon what ye will do with thyself in relationship to thy ideal. (2021-1)

And O that all would realize, come to the consciousness that what we are – in any given experience, or time – is the combined results of what we have done about the ideals that we have set! (1549-1)

First, know thine own ideal – spiritual, mental and material; not as to what ye would have others do, but what ye would do for others. (2331-1)

What is manifested in the material affairs or activities of the entity is first perceived or conceived in the spiritual imports of the entity. These are cultivated or entertained in the mental and thus physical results are evidenced.  Thus it behooves the entity, in its analyzing of self and in its preparation, to apply that within its experience as to be a better channel for that the entity would entertain as an ideal, that it knows first within self as its ideal – spiritually; not merely that the entity may think, but set it down in black and white.  (3198-3)

An ideal, then, CANNOT, SHOULD not, WILL not, be that that is man-made, but must be of the spiritual nature – that has its foundation in Truth, in God, in the God-head, that there may be the continual reaching out of an individual, whether applied to the physical life, the mental life, or the spiritual life; knowing that FIRST principle, that the gift of God to man is an INDIVIDUAL soul that may be one WITH Him, and that may know itself to be one with Him and yet individual in itself, with the attributes OF the whole, yet NOT the whole. Such must be the concept, must be the ideal, whether of the imaginative, the mental, the physical, or the spiritual body of man. All may ATTAIN to such an ideal, yet never become the ideal – but ONE WITH the ideal, and such an one is set in Him.  (262-11)

So in interpreting the experiences of the entity in all of its phases, study to show self approved unto God or unto thy ideal. This is saying, then, choose an ideal in spiritual aspects of your life; not merely saying as ye read the tenets of this group or organization "These are good – I accept these," No! Those are the tenets of others. Read thyself. Set not only in mind but on paper what the entity believes.  (3409-1)

First big job is to conquer self! Know the ideal. Do apply it in self. Learn to live with self and you'll learn to live with others. People are not different from yourself. They have ideas also and they may be just as near right as self. But there is an ideal way. How? Living with others. (5392-1)

Hence in this experience, from those sojourns between, the entity has sought that answer to what IS ideal – what IS that that man in his experience, in his relationships, considers ideal? If this be true, there is an ideal; there is idealism and there are idealistic influences – yet AN ideal! That that is Truth is growth! For what is truth today may be tomorrow only partially so, to a developing soul! So, the ideal is that which – as truth – grows towards a constructive nature in the experience of each soul; not self-indulgence, not self-glorification, not self-gratification, but that which BEING the basis for expression may be glorified, may be kept as a standard – NOT self! (1297-1)

Ideas may be as thoughts, made criminal or miracles. Be sure the ideal is proper. Follow that irrespective of outside influence. Know self is right, and then go straight ahead. (1739-6)

First know in self in what thou hast believed, and then set that as the ideal … And when the darker days come, and when the shadows come that would make thee afraid, turn within and have a good time at scaring the bogies away from those that would fear, that would doubt. (815-2)

Know that no influence surpasses the WILL of the entity. Make that will, then, one with that which is the entity's ideal. (1089-3)

For there is only the one ideal in HUMAN relationships, and that is as that given by Him who IS the way, the truth, the light: "Love thy neighbor as thyself." (1598-1)

Study to know thyself in relationship to that ye choose as thy ideal. And let that ideal be set in Him, who is the way, the truth and the light. This does not mean becoming good-goody, no – far from it! Be able to look everyman in the face and tell him to go to hell–but live as He did, the lowly Nazarene! (2869-1)

Study, then, to know first thy own ideal – its author, as well as its ultimate end – in man. For, to be sure it must be creative, to live on and on. For good alone lives on. Evil perisheth with the day. Good is of God, and thus is eternal. (1662-2)

Friendships are only the renewing of former purposes, ideals. (2946-2)

Study then to show thyself approved unto the God within, the Ideal within; that is not of a selfish nor of an egotistical nature, but rather that ye may fulfill that for which ye entered this experience – that ye may glorify that source of thine own divinity in such measures and manners as to make same more acceptable, by thy very application of same in thy dealings with others!  (1637-1)

… do not be afraid of giving self in a service – if the ideal is correct. If it is for selfish motives, for aggrandizement, for obtaining a hold to be used in an underhand manner, beware. If it is that the glory of truth may be made manifest, spend it all – whether self, mind, body, or the worldly means – whether in labor or in the coin of the realm. (1957-1)

Each entrance of an entity into a material experience is that it may better fit itself, through the application of an ideal in its experience, for a sojourn with that which is Creative – that influence or force in which all move and have their consciousness, their being. (1759-1)

If ye would find self, look within. Know what is thine own ideal – spiritual, mental, material… For judge not if ye be not judged – this is the law. When ye judge, the same judgement ye are passing to thyself. (3457-1)

… thus He that came into the earth as an example, as a way, is an ideal – is the ideal. They that climb up some other way become robbers of that peace, that harmony which may be theirs – by being at-one with that He manifested in the earth.  (2537-1)

For as the body has understood, and as the body has experienced within self, unless the purposes, the ideals of individuals – no matter in what walk of life they be, whether in shining shoes or acting as president – unless they be founded in truth and in the SPIRIT of truth, they MUST be false in their ending! (462-10)

(Q) What do I do that is wrong?
(A) Who made us a judge over thee or anyone else? What are thy ideals? Parallel thy activities with thine ideals, not merely in mind but put it on paper so that you may study and take a lesson from same. (3249-1)

(Q) Have I progressed or not, in that previous incarnation, and during this present life time?
(A) Depends upon who is the judge! Judge not that ye be not judged. Know thy ideal, and check it with that. Not merely in mind, but put it on paper – see what it looks like! In some instances you'll be ashamed, in others it will open much good for thee. (3063-1)

But in the present the gain may be the greater if there will be set within self rather the spiritual ideal, and let others do as they may, but as for self – it will hold fast to that which is good; which means doing good to others, in little ways, in preferences, in gentlenesses, in kindnesses, even when these may be questioned by others… That these in self may find expression in the animal kingdom, in its beginnings, may not be amiss. For Life as it manifests, whether in the grass, the rose, the tree, the dog, the cat, the bird, the animal, IS a manifestation of that ye worship as God.  (1367-1)

What are your ideals? … What is required in this? In self knowing thine own ideals, spiritually, mentally, materially, not merely as "I think this should be it, I think that would be wonderful, that this or that" but write them down on paper and see what they look like. You'll be surprised how oft you can change them from one day to another. Then, knowing the ideal, practice it. Don't have an ideal and then not practice it in thy daily activities.  (5256-1)

Thus the warnings that there be the sureness in self as to what is the ideal – not merely from a religious or theosophical or theological standpoint, but according to what is thy ideal of home, home life, friends, friendship, relationships with individuals, and the conditions as may surround the entity; physically, yes; mentally, to be sure; but above all spiritually.  For this – the ideal, as it is set – should be not as to what others should do to make the ideal situation for self, but as to how self may apply itself in its ideal to BRING the ideal relationships with others!   (2428-1)

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