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Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

(Q) Please describe the difference in fellowship and brotherhood.
(A) One to God, the other to man.… Doing unto others as ye would have them do unto you is the extreme test of fellowship. Without same ye may not wholly please God.  (262-22)

Fellowship is first brotherhood, a pattern of – or a shadow of – what fellowship is; for, as has been given, all one sees manifest in a material world is but a reflection or a shadow of the real or the spiritual life. Brotherhood, then, is an expression of the fellowship that exists in the SPIRITUAL life.   (262-23)

Love, hope, brotherly love, faith, fellowship. These are the fruits of the spirit.  (903-23)

What, then, are the fruits of love? The fruits of the spirit; which are kindness, hope, fellowship, brotherly love, friendship, patience … (436-2)

… the love of the expression in the ideal makes for those things that bespeak – as has been given – the fruits of the spirit. In fellowship, in patience, in peace, in gentleness, in kindliness, in hope; and creating and making these as experiences in the lives and hearts of individuals is but making manifest in the material world those things that are of the spirit.  (439-2)

And the seeds of the spirit are: kindness, gentleness, longsuffering, patience, brotherly love, fellowship – and just being and keeping the smile, not the sneer.  (3685-1)

Do that which is good, for there has been given in the consciousness of all the fruits of the spirit: Fellowship, kindness, gentleness, patience, long-suffering, love; these be the fruits of the spirit. Against such there is no law.  (5752-3)

For these be they that are the fruits of the Spirit: Mercy, joy, faith and hope, longsuffering, fellowship; these are without the law, and bring – to those that do these things – an understanding that passeth the knowledge of man.  (752-1)

… keep this as the basis of the experience, or as the measuring stick of all thy experiences, and these will become as stepping-stones then for a development towards a more perfect understanding; that the entity or soul, or the animation that makes for the movements of the consciousness of the entity, so long as impelled with or by helpfulness, hopefulness, love, patience, long-suffering, fellowship, kindness, gentleness, is of that Creative Energy.  (774-5)

The entity suffered in body, in mind at times, yet it learned that – though there may be material suffering, though there may be material denials – if the purpose, the ideal, the aim is aright, and in keeping with that which is constructive, that which is love, that which is fellowship, that which is patience, it brings those satisfactions that are known only deep within the inner self. Hold fast ever to those truths, those tenets that ye gained in thine meditation, thine contemplation, thine activity in that sojourn.  (798-4)

In the whole of the experience the entity may be said to have gained throughout. Although there were turmoils as to its relationships with others, both as to the spiritual life and as to the material associations, the entity made for that which brought to self the satisfaction of knowing self was expended in a service that others might have a greater understanding. The entity not only brought ease and comfort from suffering, but made for the expressions of fellowship, love, faith, hope and patience – which are the seed of the spirit, and that bring in the experience of all who manifest same that of a harmony that passeth understanding.  (872-1)

Keep those in the experience that make for constructive forces through the application of the fruits of the spirit: Faith, hope, fellowship, kindness, gentleness. And put away those things that easily beset, pressing on to the mark of the higher calling as set in Him who has promised to meet thee in thine inner temple. Pray oft; not to a God far away, but for the wakening of the I AM Presence within thine inner self where He has promised to meet thee.  (954-1)

Remember, God is not mocked. Remember, that thou sowest must ye reap. If the body, mind, will turn more and more within, there will come more and more harmony. Leave the RESULTS with thy Maker, but DO THOU RIGHT in the sight of thine own conscience; not to be seen of men nor to be considered of satisfying or gratifying any EARTHLY experience, but that the GLORY of the Father through thy gentleness, thy kindness, thy patience, thy fellowship, thy brotherly love, is the result. These activities beget health, harmony, understanding.  (971-1)

Hence we find an entity moved emotionally through its associations in the earth as well as by that which to the entity is as its ideal; a duty, a friendship, love, faith, hope, fellowship, longsuffering; enduring much. But learn ye patience, even with thine own self.  (1158-2)

First, as has been indicated, LEARN to see, to know, the effect of the application of patience, persistence, brotherly love, longsuffering, fellowship, in thine OWN self. Then give of that which thou obtainest within self to others, in aiding them who are sorrowful, aiding those who are fearful, in assisting those that find the way of life hard.  (1183-1)

Before this the entity was in the land of its present nativity, during those periods when in a portion of that known as the American Revolution … And not only did the entity bring help and material benefits for those of its OWN groups but [also] to those [enemy soldiers] who fell into their hands. And the activities were oft ladened with good fellowship, as would be termed in such associations and experiences, yet prompted by that which has ever been from those experiences in the land when it was given by Him to the entity, "As ye do it unto these, the least of thy brethren, ye do it unto me."  (1196-2)

For know that there IS a way at times that seemeth right yet the end is confusion – unless it be directed by those forces, those influences as arise from direction by the application of the spirit of truth; as in patience, longsuffering, charity, fellowship, grace and mercy.  (1222-1)

Know that as we use opportunities – not for self-indulgence, not for self-aggrandizement, but for the greater expression of love and hope and faith and good fellowship, and long-suffering, and patience – these bring and build into the soul and mind (divine) that which makes for peace and harmony in the body, in the mind; whether in material consciousness or spiritual consciousness.  (1302-2)

Know, only that which is founded in spirituality is eternal, – and that the material things must be the result of the proper or correct application of self towards its environment and its activity in a constructive way and manner.  And when these are thus applied, harmony and peace, love and forgiveness, and fellowship, and patience, brotherly love and kindness are the activities in the experience of the entity – and are creative in their very natures.  (1827-1)

Again we find those influences wherein the entity has seen, feels, knows, that nobleness of purpose, love of fellowship of man to man, brings the better results … (2467-1)

One that is philanthropic in its tendencies; and while there may be a great deal of this world's goods, we find that these pass through the hands rather than remaining. Yet, if this good fellowship is kept, the entity will never want.  (2513-1)

Jealousy, malice, hate, backbiting are not the fruits of the spirit of truth. That which IS of the spirit of truth is manifested in patience, love, fellowship, kindness. These cost nothing, yet make returns in dividends in peace.  (3051-2)

Let that rather be thy watchword, "I am my brother's keeper." Who is thy brother? Whoever, wherever he is, that bears the imprint of the Maker in the earth, be he black, white, gray or grizzled, be he young, be he Hottentot, or on the throne or in the president's chair. All that are in the earth today are thy brothers.  (2780-3)

… the fruits of the spirit. For these are they: Just being kind, just being in that manner in which the fellow man is served day by day; and that the outcome of same is fellowship, patience, kindness, gentleness, brotherly love – these manifested in the experience; not by jerks and spurts but as a living example day by day, not to be seen of men alone but rather that which is done in secret shall be proclaimed from the housetops.   (391-8)

In consideration of fellowship, this should mean a great deal to each and every member of this or such a group; for with the application in their own experience there may be expected, and there may be received, that true fellowship in the experience of the individual; and when such is NOT one's experience, then such ones may know they are lacking in THEIR efforts in being what they should in their relationships to themselves, their Maker, the group.  Then, make for that which is sincere in purpose, pure in mind, reasonable even to self, walking in the way that brings a more close union with Him, that "Will ye be my people, I will be your God." He seeks to find that expression even in all who are called in the I AM THAT I AM, and is an ever active force that through all ages, all peoples, may be a memorial that one has fellowship with Him, that brought the Pleiades into being, that set the bands of Orion, or the waters in the deep that are cast upon the land, or brings breath into the life of all creatures, and supplies the union with those creative forces that makes for the SONGS of the spheres – the Lord is His name!   (262-23)

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