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Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

Who, then, has learned to be truly cooperative one with another? Who has discerned self sufficient to know wherein self stands as in relationship with its fellow man? Who has set the ideal wholly in Him? Who magnifies the faith in the Father, in the Son, that it may be counted to them for righteousness? Who hath virtue and understanding, that they may magnify in their lives that fellowship which brings patience in the knowing of self to be growing in grace, in nurture and admonition of the Lord day by day? He, then, it is that opens the door that He may come in and sup with him!  (262-28)

Search then. For as He has given, "Seek and ye shall find; KNOCK and it shall be opened unto you."  WHO will open? Where will it happen? WITHIN THINE OWN CONSCIENCE! For THERE He has promised to meet thee!  (1595-1)

Hence in thy seeking, find that answer; not as from something without, but from opening the door of thy own consciousness to the promises that are sure in Him.  (2067-1)

Do not, as was the admonition of old, say "Who will ascend into heaven that we may have a vision or a message, or who shall come from over the sea?" For, lo, it is in thine own heart, thine own conscience; and in the temple of thine own body has He promised to meet thee, and indeed will His Spirit bear witness with thy spirit.  So he that looketh for a sign, or for a manifestation, other than that as may come in HIS way, seeketh in vain; for lo He standeth ever at the door of thine own heart. If ye will but open and let Him in, He will abide with thee, ever.  (531-7)

"If ye will be my son, I will be thy God – If ye call, I will hear – Behold, I stand at the door and knock; I will enter, if ye ask."  Then, these are not mere sayings! They are FACTS, truths, life itself! but the individual is not made aware of same through the material things nor material-mindedness; rather through spiritual-mindedness, as to purposes and activities of the soul in its lessons, its tenets that it has carried through its expressions in the earth.  (1797-3)

Thus each entity, each individual, must realize this through the own attunement. Ye must KNOW that He walks with thee. And, as has been indicated, there should come that experience of thy HEARING His voice. When in attune ye will, ye do. For, as He has given, "I stand at the door and knock; if ye will open, I will enter."  This is to be, this IS then an individual experience – for each soul that seeks His presence.  Think not that He has not heard, because it has not yet appeared so, or because thou hast not yet heard Him save in the lives and the experiences of those thou hast helped.  Seek not then thy way of manifestations, but more and more, "Here am I, Lord; use me, send me. Point the way that thou would have me go."  This is a promise to thee, to each soul; yet each soul must of itself FIND the answer within self. For indeed the body is the temple of the living God. There He has promised to meet thee; there He does. And as thy body, thy mind, thy soul is attuned to that divine as answers within, so may ye indeed be quickened to know His purpose; and ye may fill that purpose for which ye entered this experience.   (69-4)

(Q) What causes the vibration in my body when I am on the verge of sleep, also during my afternoon nap when I usually hear a bell – that wakes me suddenly, but no one has been ringing a bell?
(A) This is an experience of the entire soul, and the reaction is both through the mental and soul. It comes close to the border line. OPEN the door only to Him.
(Q) What has hindered me from receiving the promise made in my Oct. 1931 reading, that I would feel and see the precious Master, Jesus the Christ, in the present?
(A) We find that still is holding good. The entity has been so close. Keep quiet within, as ye meditate. For, as He has given, "As ye open the door, I will enter – Be not afraid, it is I." These shall be the experiences of this entity… Keep hold on that seeking for the Christ-Consciousness. For this will come, if there will be the consistent and persistent "Thy will be done, 0 Lord, in me; and help me to serve where and when I am needed most."  (69-6)

… the door is through the life, the spirit of the life – not the man, but the spirit as manifest in the Christ Consciousness in the material world. So, as each do manifest in their daily walks in and before men with that consciousness as the standard, so may the door be opened for that entity, that soul, to so grow and magnify that spirit to the glorifying of the Father, losing self in the service to others, that in the earth His name may be established forever.  (262-27)

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