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Cooperation Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

The first LESSON – as has been given – learn what it means to cooperate in ONE mind, in GOD'S way … (262-1)

… they that would have cooperation must cooperate by the giving of self to that as is to be accomplished – whether in the bringing of light to others, bringing of strength, health, understanding, these are one in Him … This is a natural consequence of self service, self sacrifice, self bewilderment, in Him. Being the channel is cooperation. Being a blessing is it in action. In whatever state of being, meet that upon the basis of their position – and lift up, look up – and this is cooperation. (262-3)

(Q) Is not cooperation a natural result when self is lost in the ideal?
(A) This is a natural consequence of self service, self sacrifice, self BEWILDERMENT, in Him. Being the channel is cooperation. Being a blessing is it in action. In whatever STATE of being, meet that upon the basis of THEIR position – and LIFT up, look up – and THIS is cooperation. (262-3)

KNOW that thy ability, thy service, begins first with COOPERATION in BEING that channel through which the Glory of the Lord may be manifested in the earth! (262-92)

For thy body is indeed the temple of the living God, and in same He meets thee! THERE not to demand, there not to COMMAND, but there to COOPERATE with the divine IN THEE! (1298-1)

While each soul, each associate, each acquaintance IS an obligation, a duty – all of these must cooperate, coordinate. As the body itself in its welfare, mentally or physically, unless it cooperates, coordinates each portion with the other, there is not the well-rounded, the well-balanced individual nor the better and best reactions from same. (1579-1)

For it is a unison of desire that brings a seeking at any time for expression, and NOT in COMBATIVE reactions at all! For when there is the combative self-assertion, egotism and selfishness rise to the forefront AS that ordinarily known as self-protection-which is a first law. But as long as there is kept that unison, correct – as long as there is that GREAT activity which all should know. If the world will ever know its best, it must learn COOPERATION! (759-13)

Though there may be many approaches, cooperation in the activities – as in the Universe – brings the harmony of the universal activity; as does cooperation in human experience bring harmony and peace; while egotism and self-assertion and self-exaltation and self-indulgence bring inharmonious experiences, and the activity of turmoils, wars, strifes. (1297-1)

For ye are a co-creator with thy God. Then, why take a second place?  Why not have the God within thee coordinate and cooperate in spirit, in mind, in body and use this beautiful body, this beautiful mind, to the glory of God, and something you will be proud of rather than having others or thyself ashamed of the results that may come?  (3285-1)

This is not merely an idealistic thing, it is LIFE! Life is God! Take GOD, then, everyone, in partnership with thy daily service – and it will blossom as the rose! (257-181)

And don't forget, – you may sow the seed; God alone gives the increase. You may sow the seed in thy mental association, – God alone must give the increase. You may sow the seed in an organization for cooperation in distribution, – God alone may keep these in the way. Take God with you, then, into all thy activities!  (3371-1)

This is the first lesson ye should learn: There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, it doesn't behoove any of us to speak evil of the rest of us. This is a universal law, and until one begins to make application of same, one may not go very far in spiritual or soul development. (3063-1)

Keep it [your soul] then in patience, in love, in gentleness, in kindness . . . For these are indeed the fruits of the spirit . . . And remember, a kindness sometimes consists in denying as well as granting those activities in associations with thy fellow man. (5322-1)

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