SFG 3 Sickness and Healing

Lesson 9: Sickness And Healing

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Multidimensional Healing

As multidimensional beings, we each have access to multidimensional healing.  As part of the medical research conducted by Meridian Institute in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a holistic questionnaire was developed for measuring the multidimensional aspects of healing.   Six levels or forms of healing were identified:

  • CURE is the complete elimination of disease.  
  • CARE deals with symptomatic relief and decrease in suffering. 
  • QUALITY OF LIFE relates to activities of daily living – of simply being able to do the things that make life worthwhile and enjoyable. 
  • EMPOWERMENT means that we have a better understanding of the experience of illness and the skills for coping with it. 
  • As a form of healing, ENLIGHTENMENT is a greater realization of the value of life as it is. 
  • SOUL DEVELOPMENT was added to the Healing Questionnaire because many of the Cayce readings explicitly referred to this form of healing in a way that was not included in the other types of healing.  Cayce insisted that the context of the human experience is that of the soul making its way through eternity, finding its way back to the Source.  The various experiences along the soul’s journey, whether health or illness, are opportunities for soul growth and development.

Application: If you or someone close to you is experiencing illness, you may benefit from some additionally information about Multidimensional Healing.  An article on Multidimensional Healing and the Healing Questionnaire can be found at: www.mcmillinmedia.com/multidimensional-healing.

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(Q)  Since all disease is caused by sin, exactly what sin causes the colon and elimination condition?
(A)  The sin of neglect.  Neglect is just as much sin as grudge, as jealousy, – neglect.  (3051-7)

Keeping in mind that sin is mistake or error, that all illness is caused by sin, and that there are sins of omission as well as commission, it is helpful to consider the sin of neglect as a possible factor in sickness and healing.

The tendency is to think of sin as a trespass against another person or God.  It may require some reflection to recognize that we can sin against our own person – our own body.

As a sin of omission, neglect has actually received considerable attention in our collective consciousness regarding illness and health.  It usually boils down to lifestyle choices – diet and exercise – or the lack thereof.  Or the neglect may be reflected in stress related disease where we are negligent in rest and relaxation – a workaholic pattern. 

Application: Is neglect a factor in your health status?  If so, revisit your ideals to address areas of your life that are putting you at risk for illness or dis-ease. 

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Follow The Breath

There is a saying among those who suffer from asthma – it’s breath or death.  Actually this is true for everyone, but most take breathing for granted. 

Practitioners of mindfulness meditation – particularly in the Buddhist tradition – have found that the conscious awareness of breathing to be a valuable asset in stress reduction as well as spiritual awakening.  The simple admonition is to “follow the breath.”

Medical researchers acknowledge the health-promoting relaxation response association with meditative practice.  Of particular note, Harvard professor Herbert Benson of the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has documented that 10 – 20 minutes of deep relaxation resulting from the observation of breathing significantly reduces the physiological effects of stress.

Similarly, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. teaches mindfulness meditation as a technique to help people cope with stress, anxiety, pain and illness.  Kabat-Zinn insists that mindfulness can be achieved during any activity of life: sitting, standing, lying down, walking, etc.  Following the breath is fundamental step in achieving mindfulness.

Application: If you are dealing with any form of illness, try working with the “relaxation response” and “mindfulness” by following the breath.  There are abundant resources available online and at your local library to assist you in this endeavor, if you make the choice.

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