SFG 3 Psychic Soul

Lesson 7: Psychic Soul

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Psychic Dreams

As noted in the video overviews on dreams and the psychic soul, dreams are a wonderful means for developing psychic ability in a safe and practical way.  You have this opportunity on a nightly basis anyway.  Why not consciously pursue this innate psychic aptitude as part of your search for God?

Application: Make the effort to incubate a psychic dream with information about some hidden aspect of your life, whether past, present, or future, that you can apply in your waking life.  Even if you don’t fully understand how to apply the dream information that you receive, do you best to apply it in a constructive way that is consistent with your ideals.  Then expect to receive more information in response to your application.

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Inner Knowing

We all have access to inner knowing in the form of intuition and hunches.  Often we don’t know how we know.  It is usually as much a feeling as anything.

Remember that the soul is psychic by its very nature and Source.  The process of involvement in materiality has deadened psychic awareness to some extent and yet it is there in the background if we are open to it.

Application: Attunement to the divine within through meditation and prayer is a safe and effective means to access inner knowing.  Allow yourself to trust the inner knowledge that comes from within during periods of silent listening.

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Signs Along The Way

The approach to psychic development advocated in the Cayce readings focuses on spiritual awakening as the channel for psychic experience.  It is not something to be developed apart from soul development in the midst of life. 

Rather, by spiritual application psychic ability is a natural growth that accompanies soul development.  Thus psychic experiences are signs along the way, rather than an end in itself. 

The first manifestations of psychic ability may come from dreams and inner knowing as described in the exercises above.  Dreams and meditation are safe, natural means of altering consciousness and opening to the psychic level of the soul.

Application: With further progress along the spiritual path, you will probably also begin to have spontaneous psychic experiences as you go about your daily activities of life.  When this happens, just treat them as signs along the way and indications that you are making progress.  As with dreams and inner knowing, look for simple ways to apply the psychic insights, but don’t get too caught up in them and stumble on the path.

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