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Lesson 7: Patience

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Possessing Your Soul In Patience

In your patience possess ye your souls.  (Luke 21:19)

Know, as has been given, in the application of patience ye become aware of your souls.  For, as is expressed in the three-dimensional analysis of body, mind and soul, so in time, in space, in patience ye become aware of the relationship to the Godhead – AS the Father, the Mediator or Son, and the Holy Spirit.  While these are active, then, let thy yeas be yea and thy nays be nay.  For it is here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept, that patience is needed to be manifested in the experience of the entity … For, these depend upon that ye set as thy ideal.  (2796-1)

In patience will each body possess its soul.  Be patient, long-suffering, kind, gentle.  These are the fruits of the spirit.  (296-1)

Patience is not as a passive thing, but patience is necessary in the experience of each soul rather as a POSITIVE, ACTIVE thing WITHIN the application of same.  Thus an entity becomes aware of its own soul and that soul's vision of the glories that may be its experience in its associations with those promises in the creative force of the soul along that IS eternal and in the image of the Maker.  (683-1)

As you have been practicing mindfulness in previous lessons, you will probably have found yourself becoming more patient when faced with difficult situations. Thus you become aware of yourself as a soul.  This is the meaning of possessing your soul in patience, which is a key to self knowledge (Know Thyself).  In the Christian spiritual tradition, possessing one's soul in patience is a manifestation of the "fruits of the spirit" of which patience is a principle manifestation.

Some people find it helpful to use a mantra or saying to stay awake – a word or simple phrase that reminds you of who you are and what you are about in the midst of life.  The use of an ideal is an another effective and practical tool for becoming mindful of the soul level of experience. 

Application: To become more aware of possessing your soul in patience, for a period of time set patience as an ideal or standard for the way you think and behave. You may find it helpful to use the word "patience" as an inner mantra or the phrase “in patience I possess my soul” as a silent affirmation when you find yourself loosing focus and mindfulness in the midst of life. Be conscious of patience as a manifestation of spirit brought into material experience through application in daily activities, especially when you feel your patience is being tested.

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Patient Anger

The development of patience requires prayer and a constant watch upon ourselves, lest we be off guard and let slip an angry word or a quick retort, causing someone to stumble… Passive submission will not suffice; our patience must be an active, growing force which rises to meet each new trial.  (A Search For God I)

(Q) In reading of July 24, 1932, what was meant by "Be mad but sin not"? Please explain.
(A) One that may control self in anger is beginning the first lessons or laws of experience. One that may control self in anger, that must come as resentment in the speech of individuals, may make for that which disregards the words said; disliking that which would produce such a feeling within self, yet able to love the soul of one that causes or produces such a state of feeling. This is patience, and love, and hope, and meekness, and pureness of heart. The meek shall inherit the earth, said He – the pure in heart shall see God. They are promises! Believest thou Him? Then be angry and sin not is to know that these are thine OWN promises – to thee – to thee!  (262-25)

Be angry but sin not.  For he that never is angry is worth little, but he that is angry and controlleth it not is worthless.  (1156-1)

It is easy to mistake patience for passiveness.  Sometimes anger can be part of the active expression of patience.  For example, there are times when anger is a valid and useful response to an unjust situation.  Thus righteous anger can be an active manifestation of patience, rather than just accepting conditions as they are when wrong has been done.  Yet the anger must not be destructive or self-centered. Even as we dislike and disregard the problematic behavior of a person that makes us angry, we can love the soul of that individual.

Application: Be mindful of yourself and aware as anger arises in the various situations of life.  Find a way to patiently channel that energy in a constructive way that is consistent with your ideals.

Resource: Patient Anger (Article)

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The Eternal Now

…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one. (Albert Einstein)

Remember, in spirit there is no time but now.  (2560-1)

For life in its real sense is ever the NOW!  For TODAY is set before thee, TODAY if ye will hear His voice!  Today, the eternal now, is ever before each entity, each soul; whether in that commonly called materiality or in spirit.  (1293-1)

Hence, in the fruits of that – as is given oft, as the fruits of the spirit – does man become aware of the infinite penetrating, or inter-penetrating the activities of all forces of matter, or that which is a manifestation of the realm of the infinite into the finite – and the finite becomes conscious of same.  (262-52)

In patience you may become aware of the eternal NOW as you attune to Spirit. With the application of the "fruits of the spirit" (of which patience is a primary manifestation), you may even become conscious of the Infinite becoming finite in your own experience, whether in a material or spiritual sense.

You may find it helpful to think of time as a river, simultaneously flowing across the surface of consciousness. In patience you can rise above the landscape of mundane consciousness and take in the broader expanse of spacetime.  The past and future fade away. There is only here and now.  The pressure associated with the passage of clock-time and the need to race against time is lessened or ceases entirely.  There is an inner sense of freedom and peace.

Some performers or highly creative individuals speak of being in the “zone” or “flow” where time seems to slow down.  In such a state you can accomplish as much as you need to because there is no wasted effort or energy.  Everything falls into place.  There is no need to force the issue.  In letting go, life comes to you and flows through you.  That which seemed so difficult is easy when you take it to the soul level and allow the extraneous to fall away. 

Application: As you work with developing patience, become aware of the timeless dimension of experience that is available to the soul.  This may first happen during meditation, but be open to the possibility that you can become aware of the eternal now during your regular daily consciousness as you go about life.  You will probably find the experience to be exceedingly productive without feeling pressured, hurried, or fearful.  When you are ready, get in the flow. 

Resource: Time, Space and Patience (Article)

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