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Lesson 9: Knowledge

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Knowledge Is Power

For Knowledge is power; and all force, all power, emanates from the one source.  (262-97)

Knowledge is power, yet power may become as an influence that brings the evil ways.  (262-95)

True knowledge is of God, not apart from God… What is applicable to individuals is applicable to groups. (A Search For God, Book II)

The power of knowledge is a given in the secular realms of science, business, politics, and worldly affairs in general. Human knowledge has provided a means for harnessing the power of nature for energy and food production, creating systems for healing and reducing suffering among the poorest peoples on the planet. And yet strictly "secular" or "worldly" knowledge (i.e., apart from God) is incomplete, at best.  And when selfishness enters in, limited and distorted approaches to knowledge have led to numerous and widespread man-made calamities including weapons of mass destruction, human-produced environmental disasters, and socially disruptive financial shenanigans culminating in fear and misery on a global scale.

Like any aspect of spirit, knowledge can be destructive when warped by selfishness. Just as desire must be "spiritualized" to fulfill its potential, "true knowledge" must have a spiritual basis for an optimal outcome. With "true knowledge" there is less and less of self, and more of God in our dealings with others in the world.

This applies at both the individual and collective levels of human experience. But it begins at the individual level as we live our ideals each day.

Application: As you pursue knowledge, in any field of endeavor, be sure that the knowledge gained can be integrated into your ideal life and is consistent with your spiritual ideal.  If the knowledge pertains to material standard of living or earthly convenience, be sure that it does not harm any person or the natural environment that is God's creation. With this spiritual emphasis on the power of true knowledge, be sure to participate in putting that knowledge into practice at the collective level, as part of your ideals-based life.

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The APPLICATION of Knowledge

Not when there is a more convenient season, or "When I have attained unto a greater understanding I will do this or that." Knowledge, understanding, is using, then, that thou hast in hand. Not to thine own knowledge but that all hope, power, trust, faith, knowledge and understanding are in Him. Do that thou knowest to do TODAY, as He would have thee do it, IN THINE UNDERSTANDING! Then tomorrow will be shown thee for that day! (262-89)

For THESE are but inclinations, as knowledge not applied may become rather the STUMBLINGBLOCK.  (370-3)

For as has been given, to have knowledge and not apply it, it becomes sin.  What has thy lesson of Knowledge taught thee?  (254-93)

Sometimes we obtain knowledge for its own sake and it becomes a distraction because we cannot use it.  We have libraries of books that we may not even read, or if we do read them, we don’t APPLY the information.  They are as idols.  We worship them on the shelves and take pride in owning them. 

We are constantly obtaining knowledge without working it off – like an obese person just keeps eating food and getting bigger, but doesn’t put the nutrition to work and it accumulates as fat – it has the opposite effect of what food should do which is to make us healthier and more functional.  Instead, we become less active, less functional, more vulnerable and prone to disease.  So it is with knowledge.

We attend conferences or listen to speakers, over and over, expecting that we will learn something new and revolutionary – like dieters in the quest for the newest or latest dietary fad that will finally work for us. 

Certainly we are encouraged to study to show ourselves approved … unto God or our ideal, or whatever we hold highest in our consciousness.  We are to study, learn and APPLY it for some good in the world – as a service to others, to make the world a better place to live – not just as self indulgence or to satisfy curiosity.

The key to obtaining true knowledge is to put it to good use – to APPLY it.  The Cayce readings provide helpful advice on gaining knowledge – we are to work with that in hand before seeking additional knowledge.  The lessons in this course have certainly emphasized APPLICATION of knowledge in the search for God. 

Application: Look within self and determine whether you need to go on a knowledge diet and restrict intake based on APPLICATION. Are there any previous lessons that have not been APPLIED? This may be a good point to go back and APPLY any knowledge that has been obtained but not APPLIED, prior to moving forward with this course.

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In applying same to the spiritual, empty self of all thought concerning any and every material condition, and let the oneness of the spirit flow in.  (900-254)

Then, empty self – as ye did of old – of self. For ye must come before the Throne emptyhanded if ye would have thy hands, thy heart, thy mind filled with the goodness of the Lord.  (3188-1)

The knowledge of God does not bind us to dogmas, or man-made beliefs; rather it sets us free. (ASFG)

The emptying of self – emptying the mind and heart of dogma and set ideas – is essential if you would obtain knowledge of God.  Although this unknowing or letting go can be especially helpful during times of crisis or stress when there seems to be no solution to the problems of life, it is also appropriate as a regular meditative technique to help become quiet and receptive to new insights and perspectives from the divine within.

The affirmation for this lesson encourages us to empty ourselves so that there is "less and less of self, more and more of God." This is a very simple, practical means of clearing our minds and being open to Spirit.

Application: Make a conscious effort to empty yourself of what you think you know or understand and listen for the still small voice within while entering meditation.  Try carrying this emptiness of unknowing into a difficult or trying situation in daily life, being humble and open to fresh approaches to growth and change through inner guidance – "let the oneness of the spirit flow in."

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