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Lesson 6: Fellowship

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Unison Of Purpose and Spirit of Fellowship

With the commercial success of the Lord of the Rings movies, a morality tale of Christian values by JR Tolkein, the sense of the unseen realm, and almost miraculous powers finds a resonance within many a soul. The first movie in the trilogy, titled the Fellowship of the Ring, based on Tolkein’s book of the same name, nicely conveys the closeness and familiarity of relations between a group of fellows on a common mission with singleness of purpose. The friendship, camaraderie, and companionship amongst those characters was palpable. And they weren’t even all humans.

The unity of purpose drew the fellows together and cemented the relationships in a “spirit of fellowship” much as described in the Cayce readings for the first ASFG study group:

In carrying on, it would be well that the spirit of fellowship among the members of the group be in accord with that which has been and may be given. Well that this be in unison of purpose, as well as said outwardly. In all things fellowship as the lesson that begins, as has been given, that each must clarify themselves that their relationships between their fellow man and the Creative Forces be such as to make a cementing of the purposes for which the lessons are given to others. (262-22)

Such fellowship with unity of purpose accents the high level of cooperation and the shared ideals of the members of the fellowship. They supported each other and sacrificed for the sake of the quest.

Application: Reflect on the small groups of which you have been a part in this life. Have you experienced the "spirit of fellowship" in any small group in which there was unison of purpose and shared ideals? Look for ways to promote such "spirit of fellowship" with others (brotherhood/sisterhood) as you move forward in your search for God.

Resource: Cooperation and Fellowship (Article)

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The Extreme Test Of Fellowship

(Q) What is the extreme test of fellowship?
(A)  Doing unto others as ye would have them do unto you is the extreme test of fellowship.  Without same ye may not wholly please God.  (262-22)

One of the major themes of the lesson of fellowship is that fellowship with God is tied directly with fellowship with others (brotherhood/sisterhood). This is easy enough with friends or those who bear you no malice.  But what about the extreme test of fellowship that arises with those who treat you badly – those with whom you just cannot get along?

Applying the golden rule – treating others with the dignity, respect, empathy, and compassion that you would like to be shown toward yourself – is the solution for those challenging situations where you are called to love your enemies and live the fruits of the spirit to those who may choose not to return your love in kind.  In patience, even these extreme tests of fellowship can be solved.

Application: Is there an extreme test of fellowship in your life?  If so, work to heal that relationship by including it in your spiritual ideal.  Apply the golden rule by treating that person with the dignity, respect, empathy, and compassion that you would like to be shown toward yourself.   There is God and good within each person.  Remember, even your worst enemy has a best friend.  See the God with whom you would have fellowship within that individual.

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A Closer Walk

God walks and talks with those that keep His ways.  "If ye love me, keep my commandments, and I will come and abide with thee," that ye may become more and more aware of that in thine own experience that will bring the awareness of the Christ Consciousness abiding in thee always.  (609-1)

… as will be shown through the experiences of the entity in its sojourns in the material plane – bring one closer and closer to that awareness that ye may indeed walk and talk with thy God.  (2282-1)

In addition to regular periods of prayer and meditation, a closer walk with God is an ideal opportunity for fellowship – literally. Walking is a wonderful exercise – probably the best for most people. Why not include God in a daily walk?

Application: Take a daily walk outdoors for exercise and fellowship. While doing this walking meditation be sure to notice the beauty of nature without. Share thoughts and concerns with God within and listen for the still small voice of the Divine.

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Chuckling With God

Cultivate the ability to see the ridiculous, and to retain the ability to laugh.  For, know – only in those that God hath favored is there the ability to laugh, even when clouds of doubt arise, or when every form of disturbance arises. For, remember, the Master smiled – and laughed, oft – even on the way to Gethsemane.  (2984-1)

Sometimes when life is particularly challenging or frustrating, you just have to laugh – or at least chuckle within yourself. Most often you will find that the biggest chuckle comes from the realization that you are creating the mess or silliness that you are experiencing – that you are meeting yourself in some way.

This doesn’t have to be any overt expression that will draw unseemly attention to your humorous introspection. At most a silly grin is all that will be perceptible to those around you if you are in a social setting.

Application: As a variation on mindfulness meditation, when you find yourself struggling with a situation of your own creation, share a chuckle with God. This light-hearted fellowship will lift your spirits and do your soul good.

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No Place Like Home

There is no better place to practice love for others than in the home.  (A Search for God, Book I)

… the home is the greater development for any soul. (349-17)

The family is only a river through which it (the entity, soul) flows! (1233-1)

Family relationships provide an ideal opportunity for soul development.  Most likely, it is with these soul entities that you have shared past lives and have karma to fulfill. This is your soul group. Your family knows you better than anyone else – your strengths and weaknesses; your greatest challenges.

As a practical matter, home is usually a key area in the ideals exercise. Applying the spiritual ideal, mental attitudes, and physical behaviors to those to whom we are closest is the foundation of ideal-based living.  Practiced consistently, this will usually translate pretty directly into cooperation, love, patience, and the fruits of the spirit.

Yet, there is another dimension to soul development in the home that is sometimes overlooked. As in all relationships, there is the need for companionship (fellowship) and expression. Allowing family members the space to express themselves and find their own way as souls can be a challenge, especially for parents. In other words, sometimes there is a tendency to take each other for granted because of familiarity.

This pattern of intimate human relationship is actually an echo or shadow of the ideal relationship in fellowship with God; which is, to know oneself to be oneself and yet one with God, one with the whole.

When a parent raises a child, there must be the acknowledgement of that child as a soul in its own right. Each individual has it own unique soul history and pattern – a soul making its way through eternity, finding its way back to the source, as each soul must.

Of course this applies to spouses as well. Even with the intimacy and connection that can exist with one’s life partner, there is also an element of the impersonal that recognizes the other as a soul in its own right.

To be sure, the experience within some families can be difficult and challenging, particularly if there are karmic patterns to be healed.  Such extreme tests of fellowship within the home environment probably represent the greatest opportunities for soul development if Divine love and fellowship with God can be brought into the situation.  Remember, as souls, all members of a family chose to be together prior to earthly incarnation.  The patterns of heredity and environment were accepted by all, even if it meant that tough lessons would have to be learned.  

Application: View each family member as a soul, making its way through eternity, finding its way back to the Source. Enjoy and encourage fellowship with God and each other while also honoring the soul boundaries of this sacred opportunity for soul development.  Seek healing, as needed, from the Source of all healing.

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