SFG 3 Dreams

Lesson 6: Dreams

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Application: Remembering Dreams

Application: Dream Incubation

Application: The Waking Dream

Remembering Dreams

It is an amazing fact that many people seldom remember dreams.  Even more amazing (to those who have a rich dream life) is the realization that some people actually prefer dreamless sleep.

Hopefully, after viewing the video overview for his lesson, if you are one who seldom remembers dreams, your interest will have been stimulated.  As has been noted, remembering and working with dreams is mostly a matter of desire and application. 

Application:  Keep a pad and paper handy on a nightstand to jot a brief note about a dream when you awake.  As you fall asleep give yourself a suggestion for remembering your dreams (or even becoming lucid during a dream).  Look for ways to apply the dream content that you remember in your waking life.   

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Dream Incubation

Once dreaming becomes a natural and normal nightly experience, you may wish to focus your dream activity in a practical way for healing or problem solving.

Just as the ancient people of Greece and Egypt incubated dreams for assistance in their daily lives, you can utilize the power of dreams in your life if so desired.

Application: Choose an area of you life for which you would like some specific, applicable information.  Show good faith by preparing with a pad and paper on the nightstand, and giving your self a positive suggestion for remembering the incubated dream.  Expect to have the dream.  Then, after writing your dream notes upon waking, examine each remembered dream for clues that relate to your specific problem.  Be sure to apply the information in some practical way, even if the interpretation seems tentative or vague.

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The Waking Dream

As we have seen in the video overview for this lesson, the concepts of dreamtime and the waking dream of mass consciousness have deep roots in ancient cultures.  Interestingly, Hollywood has capitalized on the virtual nature of physical reality in movies such as the Matrix.  Apparently, life is not what it seems.

No matter how often we encounter the ancient idea that the experience of material reality is an illusion, there can be no doubt as to the power of the illusion, if that is the ultimate nature of reality.

Is it simply a matter of faith in the unseen forces of spirit, as has been discussed in relation to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave?  Can the experience of ultimate reality that lies behind the illusion of materiality be achieved without the benefit of aboriginal or Hindu enculturation?

Can dreaming provide a bridge to the awareness of the reality creation to which each soul is entitled?  

Application: As you go about your daily activities, imagine that you dreaming and that the various people and activities in your life are symbolic, like dream symbols.  Or simply imagine that your waking experience is flowing out of a dream.  Allow this altered view of waking consciousness to expand your appreciation of how daily “waking” experience flows from the unseen forces of spirit.

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