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Lesson 8: The Door

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Christ Spirit And Christ Consciousness

(Q) Please explain clearly the difference between the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Spirit.
(A) As the difference might be given in that which makes for the birth in the flower, and the flower. The consciousness of the Spirit and the abilities to apply same are the differences in the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Spirit.  (262-29)

To be aware of the Christ Consciousness within is to open the way for the Christ Spirit to manifest in our lives. (ASFG)

The Cayce readings given for this lesson make a distinction between Christ Spirit and Christ Consciousness.  In the first excerpt above, notice that the difference is a matter of consciousness and application.  At a purely physical level of biology, this is the difference between the lifeforce energy and the manifestation produced by that energy.

We may have conceptual knowledge of a spiritual truth, but putting it into practice makes all the difference.  Application of spiritual truth can open the door to higher levels of consciousness, thus “in the application comes the awareness.” In daily life Christ Spirit may manifest as the "fruits of the spirit" (cooperation, love, patience, mercy, longsuffering, gentleness, kindness) in our activities with others. 

Just as the distinction applies outwardly in our activities with others, it may also manifest as we attune within during meditation. Here is a simple way to conceptualize the difference between Christ Spirit and Christ Consciousness as it applies to meditation:

  • Spirit = energy, movement, lifeforce.
  • Consciousness = awareness, mental patterns (mind).

When opening The Door during meditation, some people experience movement of energy (i.e., spirit, lifeforce) through the centers of the body culminating in increased awareness or consciousness as it flows into the head (sometimes experienced as a flash of light). To the extent that one is using "oneness with God" (i.e., Christ) as the ideal, this might be considered as the experience of Christ Spirit associated with opening The Door to Christ Consciousness (awareness of oneness with God). 

Application: As you open The Door leading to higher consciousness in your relations outwardly with others and inwardly as you attune during meditation, try to be aware of the energy and movement of Christ Spirit.

Resource: Christ Spirit (Article)

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Elder Brother

Take it to Jesus!  He IS thy answer.  He is Life, Light  and Immortality.  He is Truth, and is thy elder brother.  Not as to who will ascend into heaven to bring thee a message, or who would go over the sea that ye might know of Him, but He is in thine own heart; for He hath given, "Behold I stand at the door and knock." Will ye open and let Him in?  (1326-1)

The image of Jesus standing at a closed door, knocking, is significant in several respects – and not just for those with an overt Christian persuasion.  The idea that each person is endowed with sacred space and boundaries that must be respected is inherent in the separate sense of self that comes with being free-willed.  Even God does not simply barge into your life.  It is a matter of choice whether to open the door.

According to the Cayce readings, the soul that incarnated as Jesus had many earthly lifetimes with lessons to learn and opportunities in service to mankind.  A major part of his soul mission was to assist others to find their way back to the Source.  In this capacity he functioned as a mediator or servant to other souls.  The readings refer to this entity as an elder brother – a fellow sibling in the family of God.

The readings also made a distinction between the man Jesus and the pattern of Christ consciousness that he achieved – that is each soul’s destiny.  The opened door to higher consciousness can be viewed as leading to Christ Consciousness. 

Application: Answer within yourself whether the concept of Jesus as an elder brother has meaning for you in your search for God.  If so, be sure to seek that assistance and guidance as you work through these lessons.

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Other Doors

For, in the comprehension of no time, no space, no beginning, no end, there may be the glimpse of what simple transition or birth into the material is; as passing through the other door into another consciousness. Death in the material plane is passing through the outer door into a consciousness in the material activities that partakes of what the entity, or soul, has done with its spiritual truth in its manifestations in the other sphere.  (5749-3)

(Q)  Must I go on living?
(A)  Life is eternal.  It is in Him, and merely to change through God's other door has only changed the outlook.  But as we prepare the self for the vistas of the various consciousness upon the stages of development, we become a part of that – if our pathway is being led aright.  (1246-2)

Death – as commonly spoken of – is only passing through God's other door.  That there is continued consciousness is evidenced, ever, by the associations of influences, the abilities of entities to project or to make those impressions upon the consciousness of sensitives or the like.  (1472-2)

Whereas the door to altered states of consciousness discussed in this lesson regularly swings both ways (open and closed), the Cayce readings also acknowledge other doors of a more eternal nature – from the finite to the infinite.  Birth is the passage from an immaterial plane or level of consciousness into the earth experience of a flesh body.  Likewise, death is a natural transition allowing passage through God’s other door into other realms of experience for the soul’s continued development.

Application: How do you feel about birth and death?  Does the birth of another soul into this realm bring joy and delight?  Sorrow and pity?  Does the thought of death cause worry or alarm?  Are you at ease with the idea of a continuity of consciousness with birth and death as merely transitions in the soul’s journey?  Ponder these questions within your own mind and come to terms with your beliefs about these other doors in consciousness.

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Open With Care


COME, my children! Ye no doubt have gained from the comment this day a new initiate has spoken in or through this channel [Edgar Cayce]; Halaliel, that was with those in the beginning who warred with those that separated themselves and became as naught.  (262-56)

Some individuals on the spiritual path become unbalanced by intense inner focus or an almost fanatical involvement with metaphysical techniques or rituals. You may have heard terms such as “spiritual emergency” or “kundalini crisis.”  Such terms are usually applied to situations involving the opening of the spiritual centers in a careless or undisciplined manner.  Edgar Cayce gave several readings that discussed this condition, usually attributing the hearing of voices or other potentially disturbing phenomena to a nearness to the Borderland, the intermediary state between our normal consciousness and other dimensions of consciousness.

Some spiritual traditions include various forms of spirit possession.  For example, within numerous fundamentalist Christian sects possession by the Holy Spirit may be associated with speaking in tongues.  Some new age enthusiasts endorse channeling of discarnate entities as a means of spiritual development. 

Even within the readings for the first ASFG study group there are indications of possession of Edgar Cayce by certain entities.  For example on several occasions an entity proclaiming to be the archangel Michael announced itself in a booming, room-rattling voice that usually produced a hushed, reverent silence in all present.  In a lesson on Day and Night (262-56), an entity calling itself Halaliel unexpectedly took control of the reading, offering to be a teacher to the group.  Apparently Halaliel was attracted to the group because of the Desire by some members of the group who were dissatisfied with the direction and/or progress of the process.  The question of whether to accept the offer by Halaliel split the group and caused much distress to Edgar Cayce himself before the decision was made to reject Halaliel’s offer. 

Certainly, there are many Cayce readings in which discarnate possession is discussed. Just as in our daily physical existence where people can violate the boundaries of others in very selfish and harmful ways, in the multidimensional realm of the soul, violations of a similar nature can apparently occur. The Cayce readings describe numerous cases of discarnate possession or discarnate influence that can occur when an individual is opened to the spiritual realms casually or misdirected ideals. This is why a prayer of protection is recommended when entering into deep meditation.

The discussion of why the door to higher consciousness is closed by default is not intended to create fear or aversion to spiritual awakening. Rather it just points out the necessity of approaching soul development in a gradual, safe process that is grounded in daily practice and guided by a spiritual ideal.  Actually, that is one of the greatest assets of the ASFG approach – it tends to be a safe, gradual approach to spiritual awakening. 

Application: As you progress along the path to spiritual awakening, make haste slowly and take reasonable precautions to maintain your balance. This can best be achieved by working with a spiritual ideal to direct spiritual energy into constructive channels. Applying knowledge gained to help others and make the world a better place (rather than as a mere curiosity or personal power trip) also makes for stability and safety as you open the door to higher states of consciousness.

Resource: Open With Care (Article)

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