SFG 2 Destiny Of The Body

Lesson 6: Destiny Of The Body

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Spiritualizing The Body

 As the Body (this body spoken of) is the temple of the living soul, the temple of God – What of it? Is it to become dust again and again; yet being associated with the soul, the spirit of the individual that had been lent such, or had used such in creation as the abode of their existences, their experiences? Is it to see corruption? Is it to be lost entirely? Is it to be glorified, spiritualized?  (262-86)

… keeping the body as the temple of the living God, as indeed it is.  Purify it.  Keep it clean – in physical, as well as in mind, that it indeed may offer that channel through which thy Maker may speak to thee.  For as He has promised, "I will meet thee in thy temple of thine own body." Communicate then, in prayer, in meditation … (3691-1)

The body is a temple where we may attune to the Divine within and then express that attunement outwardly to others in daily living.  As with the spiritualization of physical desire, so the physical body itself can be spiritualized – used for a spiritual purpose, to manifest the love of God to others through the "fruits of the spirit."

With the body cleansed and purified of selfish and carnal desires, and dedicated to a spiritual purpose in life, the result is the ideal body.  At least it is the ideal body for each person at that point in his or her life. It may not be a perfect body. It may even be rather depleted or beset with illness. Yet, the spiritual light from within shines forth. The body is fulfilling its destiny for this particular incarnation of the soul. As the ASG book text for this lesson reminds us: "This may take many experiences [incarnations] in the earth."  Yet the pattern has been established.

Application: Revisit your ideals with the intention of spiritualizing the body as a temple in which you may attune and commune with God. Is your body a manifestion of your spiritual ideal? How can you use mental ideals to build your ideal body? What are your physical ideals with regard to your body? In other words, how can you move in the direction of your ideal body using the ideals exercise as a transformational tool to spiritualize the body?

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Regeneration, Rejuvenation and Longevity

(Q) Is it possible for our bodies to be rejuvenated in this incarnation?
(A) Possible. For, as the body is an atomic structure, the units of energy around which there are the movements of the atomic forces that – as given – are ever the sentiment or pattern of a universe, as these atoms, as these structural forces are made to conform or to rely upon or to be one with the spiritual import, the spiritual activity, they revivify, they make for constructive forces.   (262-85)

… for [if] would the assimilations and the eliminations would be kept nearer NORMAL in the human family, the days might be extended to whatever period as was so desired; for the system is builded by the assimilations of that it takes within, and is able to bring resuscitations so long as the eliminations do not hinder. (311-4)

Keep the pineal gland operating and you won't grow old – you will always be young! (294-141)

One of the primary ideas in the Cayce readings is the innate ability of the body to heal and rejuvenate itself. Living a healthy lifestyle is a reasonable investment in preventative medicine, as has been accepted by medical authorities in modern times. The role of diet and exercise is well recognized in this regard. The Cayce readings associated proper assimilations (nutrition) and eliminations (internal cleaning) with diet and exercise as a matter of fact.

For individuals with serious health issues, more extensive and intensive interventions were usually suggested, but the principals of health and healing remained the same. A “holistic” approach integrating spirit, mind, and body was advised. Natural methods including herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, and manual therapy was encouraged. Many books and articles have been published describing the Cayce model. Of particular note, Harold Reilly’s excellent book, “The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy” is a wonderful resource for anyone unfamiliar with the Cayce approach to health and healing.

The use of meditation for relaxation and attunement is an effective means of healing and longevity. The meditative technique recommended in the readings that activates the glandular system (and particularly the pineal gland) is worthy of consideration for anyone interested in extended quality of life.  Deep meditation keeps the pineal operating as the lifeforce energy is raised in its vibration for distribution through the centers of the body.  Directing this energy outward into the world as healing prayer and service to others enhances its effects within the body itself.

Application: If you are unfamiliar with the Cayce readings on rejuvenation, regeneration and longevity, do some research to become familiar with this approach. Keeping in mind that the body is a temple wherein we meet with God, select specific lifestyle practices that are consistent with nourishing, cleaning, and rejuvenating the body and prolonging its usefulness as vehicle for soul development and expression in service to others.  Be sure to include regular meditation as part of your rejuvenation plan.

Resource: The Pineal and Longevity (Reply)

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The Body Celestial

When the earth became a dwelling place for matter, when gases formed into those things that man sees in nature and in activity about him, then matter began its ascent in the various forms of physical evolution – in the MIND of God! The spirit chose to enter (celestial, not an earth spirit – he hadn't come into the earth yet!), chose to put on, to become a part of that which was as a command not to be done!  Then those so entering MUST continue through the earth until the body-mind is made perfect for the soul, or the body-celestial again.  (262-99)

We have one wavelength that is ours.  We have one light beam, and on it we must come in, must go back to the Father, or else lose our identity.  Then we must seek to purge the body until it is raised a glorified body to be one with the Whole, and yet be our own.  In other words: to know ourselves to be ourselves, yet one with God.  (ASFG II, Destiny of the Body)

Edgar Cayce’s interpretation of human evolution includes the spiritual dimension with regard to how the soul manifests in the physical body. Over many thousands of years of earth time, the human body has been transformed – raised in its vibratory rate to better accommodate soul development.

Keep in mind that the story of the soul includes both patterns of involution and evolution. The natural state of the soul is of a celestial form. With the involvement into flesh bodies and the lower energy pattern associated with earthly biology, the expression of the soul has been limited.  With continued evolution of the human body, the soul is moving in the direction of its original state with the physical body gradually changing to accommodate this higher energy.

As forerunners in this evolutionary process, spiritual masters throughout the ages have achieved a degree of enlightenment that radiates a higher energy pattern. For example, images of the body of Buddha after enlightenment suggests a transformation of the physical form. Similarly, the body of Jesus after his resurrection exemplifies the destiny of the body in its glorified, enlightened state.  As we each seek to become one with God, there is a change in the energy pattern of the body which radiates God's glory.

Application: Take some time in meditation or reflection to consider the idea of a celestial form as the destiny of the human body. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination to envision how this might be the destiny for every soul in its journey back to the Source. In your daily life, pay attention to those you interact with as you go about the activities of living. Do you ever get a sense that a particular individual is operating at a higher vibratory energy level? Do you ever have this sense within yourself, within your own body – whether in deep meditation or in the midst of life? Can you envision this as the destiny of the body?

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