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Lesson 2: Day and Night

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Separate Yet One

As given from the beginning, by becoming aware in a material world IS – or was – the only manner or way through which spiritual forces might become aware of their separation from the spiritual atmosphere, the spiritual surroundings, of the Maker.  (262-56)

For each soul has and does become aware of its separation from the Father, God. It seeks not justification in itself but through the promises in Him to again come into that presence, that consciousness, that oneness in such a manner as to know itself to be itself, yet one with that Creative Force or God – even as He.  (1610-2)

For the Lord thy God is One; and the soul, the entity, is that portion that may be – with the application of self – made one with the Creative Forces or God. Yet it is capable, with that gift of eternal force within self, to KNOW itself separate but one WITH the Creative Forces.  (873-1)

The following of those sources, forces, activities that are in accord with the Creative Force or first cause – its laws, then – is to be one with the source, or equal with yet separate from that first cause.  (262-52)

Perhaps the most important theme running through all the ASFG lessons is the importance of achieving Oneness with God.  This is accomplished by attuning one’s will with the will of God in prayer and meditation (God within) and then manifesting that attunement in our daily waking activities in the world (God without).

But there is a problem. This lesson reviews a bit of Cayce’s version of the creation story involving souls created in the image of God with free will. Some souls rebelled and made the selfish choice to establish an exaggerated sense of separation from the Source – a separate identity and individuality apart from God. This rebellious separation occurred in Spirit. To make a way for the salvation of these souls, God created the physical universe in space and time so that the willful souls could become aware of their separation and find their way back to the Source in Oneness with their Maker.

Some spiritual traditions compare this spiritual progression to a wave in the ocean that, once having peaked, is dissolved back into the Whole, losing its brief but unique identity. The fascinating aspect of Cayce’s cosmic tale of the soul’s journey is that the re-establishment of Oneness with the Source does not require the abolition of the unique and special self awareness of each soul (individuality). 

That it, the entity, may KNOW itself to BE itself and part of the Whole; not the Whole but one WITH the whole; and thus retaining its individuality, knowing itself to be itself yet one with the purposes of the First Cause that called it, the entity, into BEING, into the awareness, into the consciousness of itself.  That is the purpose, that is the cause of BEING. (826-11)

In other words, just as we need both Day and Night in our material existence for balance and health, we require both an awareness of separation and oneness in our mental and spiritual relationships with God and others.

Application: As you attune within and seek Oneness with God, try to have an awareness of your unique separate sense of self – the “I am” within the great “I AM THAT I AM.”  As you have the awareness of separation from others in your daily activities, seek to manifest your Oneness with God in all your dealings with others and the world around you by seeking to manifest God’s will.  Thus you may know yourself to be yourself, and yet one with the Whole.

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One Day At A Time

(Q) Is it true that day and night are condensed or miniature copies of incarnations into the earth and into planetary or spiritual sojourns; they in turn being miniature copies of what took place in the Beginning?
(A) Very good, if you understood just what all this means!  (262-56)

So never worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.  (Matthew 6:34)

Living one day at a time – completely, fully, consciously – as a unit of life, can be a very practical approach to soul development, especially during times of stress or trouble.  The parallel with cycles of reincarnation and planetary sojourns can be helpful in this exercise if we reflect on the alternating patterns of activity and rest, within and without.

The waking portion of the 24-hour circadian period is symbolic of an incarnation in the earth experience. The sleeping portion is like the interim in other realms of consciousness such as planetary sojourns, where we take stock and work on specific issues, much as happens during sleep and the dream state. 

In the Cayce life readings, past lives were often evaluated with the simple observation that the “entity gained” or the “entity lost” during each past life experience.  It was sort of a grading system for the soul in the school of life.

Application: Try living each day as a complete unit of life experience, especially if you are going through some rough or stressful times.  At some point during the cycle – during meditation or self-reflection – use your ideals to evaluate for yourself whether you gained or lost during that daily cycle (in terms of soul development). Then, make adjustments as needed for the next daily cycle. 

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Duality And Oneness

In or from the material standpoint, night and day in the material world are only relative. For, were one to view the earth from an outer sphere there would be only varied shades; or RELATIVELY there would be night and day, from the position of the earth in its journey about the source of light. And, as given, these conditions that exist in the material plane are but shadows of the truths in the mental and spiritual plane. (262-55)

The symbolic duality of day and night as light and dark, good and evil, is a common human experience with many historical and cultural ties. Viewing day and night as expressions of oneness can be a challenge.

In terms of daily living, this may be experienced as absolute or relative values during interactions with others – of seeing others in terms of day and night, black and white, good and bad, etc. Or it may take on a more psychological or even spiritual nature as an internal conflict between the forces of good and evil, sacred and secular within the self.

Application: Ask yourself: "What is my consciousness with regard to day and night?" Try living one complete day in the consciousness of duality – of seeing people and circumstances in terms of opposites (i.e., either/or) such as day or night, light or dark, good or evil, sacred or secular, separate or connected, etc. Then try living the next day from the perspective of Oneness (i.e., both/all) – of seeing the connection of each situation and interaction with others (and within yourself with your Creator) as an experience of Oneness and Wholeness. Then answer the question again.

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Integration Of Day And Night Through Dreams

(Q) Please explain to me the affirmation given in this lesson [Day and Night], that I may be able to apply it in my activities better.
(A) As in the material life there is the day, in which the activities of the body are put in motion to supply the material things of the earth, and
as shownsuch materials add to the abilities of the body to carry on in its daily activities, through the sustenance gained by the attitudes of self in the daily activity; so it is seen in the same association and connection that the night becomes the period of meditation, rest, associations of those ideas through the activities of the day; which are the gift not of self, not of self's abilities, but from the source from which mercies, truth, love, knowledge, understanding, arise. (262-55)

(Q) Please explain the part of the affirmation, "Day unto day uttereth speech, night unto night sheweth knowledge."
(A) THIS is to be applied in each INDIVIDUAL experience. For, day unto day uttereth speech, whether from the material, the mental or the spiritual aspect; as does night show forth in the varied applications the same as given of life; for it IS Alpha and Omega. For, this must be determined, as to the basis of the hope that is within each … (262-55)

In the video overview for this lesson it was pointed out that on a planetary scale, day and night represent periods of activity and rest – as if the planet were breathing in and out.  The cycle helps to keep the planet in balance as a place for life.

At the human level, this circadian rhythm can be viewed as periods of conscious and unconscious activity – as if the soul were breathing in and out.  Integrating both aspects of this cyclical experience (day and night/conscious and unconscious) is important for keeping a healthy balance in life at all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual.

Dreams can bridge between the conscious and unconscious levels of awareness in the twenty-four hour circadian cycle. You may find that giving yourself a presleep suggestion for a particular dream (during the minutes immediately preceeding slumber) may be a helpful technique for incubating and remembering dreams.  Many people who practice 2 AM meditation (as recommended in some readings) find that this another aid for remembering dreams and connecting with Spirit (as the soul often seems more closely allied to the spiritual realm during sleep).  The affirmation for this lesson is especially well suited for facilitating integration of day and night/conscious and unconscious activities and awareness. 

Application: Make a conscious effort to remember dreams and work with them in your daily life.  Make an effort to see the activity of your waking consciousness as an extension of your dream life – of the unseen forces that are usually unconscious.  Also, pay attention to how daily, conscious activities are reflected in your dreams.  Remember that your soul is feeding on these daily conscious thoughts and activities.  Your dreams can help you integrate these different levels of consciousness leading to a greater sense of Oneness.  You may notice a better integration of day and night/conscious and unconscious activities and awareness as a result of using the affirmation for this lesson in your daily meditation.

Resource: A Snake Dream (Reply)

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