SFG 3 Creativity

Lesson 5: Creativity

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Finding God In Art

Art is very accessible in the modern world with its pervasive media technology.  Whether through music, visual imagery, or dramatic performance, highly creative expressions are usually only click away. 

By transcending common daily experience, art frequently elicits awe and wonder in the beholder.  Sometimes art can reveal the unseen forces at work in the world. 

Art can assimilate the paradoxical nature of wisdom in human experience.  Art does not avoid the mythic and poetic that compliments the logical, material side of life. Many people feel closeness to God when experiencing art. 

Application: Identify art that brings you closer to the divine, whether it be music, visual art, the written word, or whatever.  As you partake of the art in your life, become conscious of its influence in your relationship with God.

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Creative Listening

I don't know exactly where ideas come from, but when I'm working well ideas just appear. I've heard other people say similar things – so it's one of the ways I know there's help and guidance out there. It's just a matter of our figuring out how to receive the ideas or information that are waiting to be heard. (Jim Henson)

The Cayce readings define meditation as listening to God.  God is often described as Creative Energy or Creative Force.  This Source of creativity is available to anyone who is willing to attune within and listen. 

Creativity may come as a still small voice, image, phrase, or feeling.  With practice, attunement to the divine within can provide inspiration and motivation for creative projects of any nature. 

You may find that attunement to Creative Forces can be achieved in some menial activity (such as mowing the grass) when normal consciousness is focused on a repetitive task.  You may find that creative attunement is associated with physiological parameters such as the deep relaxation that can result from a soak in a tub of hot water.  These are the sorts of techniques that some creative people rely upon to access creative ideas and information. 

You may find it helpful to acknowledge the source of creativity with a brief positive affirmation as you enter meditation or undertake some activity that you associate with creativity.  Regardless of how you access creativity, it is usually helpful to give thanks and rejoice immediately as the creative juices begin to flow.

Application: Invest some time in meditation to creative listening and apply what comes through in some manner that is consistent with your ideals.

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Down To Earth

“The artist seeks contact with his intuitive sense of the gods, but in order to create his work, he cannot stay in this seductive and incorporeal realm. He must return to the material world in order to do his work. It's the artist's responsibility to balance mystical communication and the labor of creation.” (Patti Smith)

Imagination without application evaporates back into the ethers.  Grounding – putting the creative urge into action in this material world fulfills the creative impulse. 

In our modern world with expansive communication technologies, the application of creativity is less daunting for the average person than in previous eras.  Whether through social media, digital crafting, or more traditional modes of expression, anyone that sincerely wishes to express creativity can find a channel of expression.

Keep in mind that the universe was created for the purpose of companionship and expression.  Creative expression is a natural gift to each soul.  You do have it within you to express your own creativity. 

Application: Identify some imagination or fantasy that you have that has never been put into practice or application and find a way to express it constructively in your daily life.  As it is expressed become aware of the closeness to Creative Energies within your being.

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