Searching For God


This online course consists of video overviews and lessons for application on selected topics that parallel the "A Search For God" material provided by the Association For Research And Enlightenment (A.R.E.)

Please note that "A Search For God" Book III is not available from the A.R.E. READ THIS for background on the creation of ASFG 3.

Click on the Introduction link in the left sidebar (SFG 1 Lessons ) to get started.

Video Scripts – You can read the video scripts for each lesson.

Resources – There are supplemental resources for each lesson.

For individuals who prefer to watch the Searching For God videos on a TV, DVDs are available from links in the right sidebar of this page and from the Store (see main navigation links above).  The DVD's can also be helpful for meetings of Study Groups.

Searching For God 1Searching For God 2Searching For God 3

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