SFG 1 Resources – Searching for God Resources

Searching For God Resources

This section is a repository of information drawn from my work as mentor to an online "egroup" version of Searching For God sponsored by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and Atlantic University.  It is hoped that these supplemental resources will be helpful for individuals studying the lessons directly from this website as well as regular ASFG study groups around the world who are looking for some additional content for group application. Since some of the lessons have not yet been offered as egroup courses, this is a work in progress.  Lessons with resources are listed in the sidebars. Blessings, Dave

Types of Resources

  • Video Scripts – You can read the scripts used for the voice overs on all the lesson videos.
  • Opening Comments – While serving as mentor for an online version of "A Search For God" study group I opened each lesson with some comments to get the lesson started and provide a personal overview of some key points for that lesson.
  • Quotes From The Cayce Readings – Each lesson title in the sidebars links to a page containing quotes from the Cayce readings to help get you started.  Just click on the lesson title to view Cayce quotes for that lesson.
  • Videos – I have made available several videos (in addition to the regular lesson videos), most of which are on the Free page of this website as well as being linked within individual webpages in this section.
  • Articles – I have written articles especially for the SFG lessons on this site and have also included some previously published elsewhere that are relevent to specific lessons.  They are listed under the lesson titles in the sidebars.
  • Replies – I have included some replies from the online ASFG groups that I have mentored.
  • Other Resources – Some of the articles contains links to resources on other websites and recommendations for books, etc that you may want to pursue in your Search For God. In particular, you may wish to explore the Step by Step (Reflections from A Search for God) articles on the A.R.E. SE Region website.

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