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Will Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

Know that no influence surpasses the WILL of the entity. Make that will, then, one with that which is the entity's ideal.   (1089-3)

The soul, then, must return to its Maker; the WILL being that factor which may be used to carry the entity, the soul, back to the First Cause, to identify itself as being an entity worthy of acclaiming the name that makes it ONE WITH the Whole yet known to be itself, a part of the Whole.  (633-2)

Hence, will is given to man as he comes into this manifested form that we see in material forces, for the choice.   (262-52)

In the application of self as towards will's influence: This the factor through which one develops or retards in the earthly experience.  (97-2)

For, will is the factor that makes for growth in the soul's sleep through the earth's experience.  (259-8)

And each individual has the choice, which no one has the right to supersede – even God does not!   (254-102)

The ability to choose is will; as well as the ability to allow self to be used by influences.  (1608-1)

… there is no urge in the astrological, in the vocational, in the hereditary or the environmental which surpasses the will or determination of the entity . . . it is true there is nothing in heaven or hell that may separate the entity from the knowledge or from the love of the Creative Force called God, but self.  (5023-2)

The ability to choose is WILL; as well as the ability to allow self to be used by influences.  (1608-1)

For ever, day by day, is there a choice to be made by each soul. One may lead to happiness, joy; the other to confusion, to disturbing forces, to evil and to self-condemnation. But the will is of self, else ye would not indeed be the child of the Creative and Living Force or God that ye are; but as an automaton. Then exercise thyself, and bring that to pass in thy experience that will create for thee the environ of helpful hopefulness in the experience day by day.  (1538-1)

With the arising of rebellious forces … the body has assumed the attitude: "I will break over this time, and the next time I won't. I will eat this because it pleases me at the present. I will take this, for I don't want to suffer right now, and next time I won't." This has been done until self loses such holds on self as to become in a manner the slave to self's own indulgences, in mental, physical and material things! These conditions, then, require that there be made by self a definite stand to be taken; that is: "If there is given me a definite program to follow I will – I will – I will adhere to it, no matter what I may suffer mentally or physically! I will trust in the divine forces innate … within my inner self for the strength to endure, for the ability to say no when I should!"  (911-7)

For we can, as God, say Yea to this, Nay to that; we can order this or the other in our experience, by the very gifts that have been given or appointed unto our keeping.  (1567-2)

And remember, every experience is a conditional one. For, choice must be made daily. (2034-1)

If the experiences are ever used for self-indulgence, self-aggrandizement, self-exaltation, each entity does so to its own undoing, or creates for self that as has been termed or called karma – and must be met. And in meeting every error, in meeting every trial, in meeting every temptation – whether these be mental or really physical experiences – the manner and purpose and approach to same should be ever in that attitude, "Not my will but Thine, O God, be done in and through me."  (1224-1)

Blessed, then, are they that make their wills one in accord with Him, as they seek to know, "Lord, what would thou have me do!"  (254-68)

Rather, then, than the stars ruling the life, the life should rule the stars — for man was created a little bit higher than all the rest of the whole universe, and is capable of harnessing, directing, enforcing, the laws of the universe. (5-2)

Then – in correcting the entity – do not ever break the entity's will! Reason with the entity, for the mental ability and aspects will incline to make the entity become stubborn, if there is the attempt to force or to cause the entity to act in any direction or manner "just because." Tell [the entity] why!  (2308-1)

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