SFG 3 Resources – Sickness and Healing

Sickness and Healing Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

Know that all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations from within, – the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of a body to Creative Energies. This alone is healing. Whether it is accomplished by the use of drugs, the knife or what not, it is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living cellular force to its spiritual heritage.  (1967-1)

Healing for the physical body, then, must be first the correct choice of the spiritual import held as the ideal of the individual.  For it is returning, of course, to the First Cause, First Principles.  (2528-2)

For, all that each soul may know of God is contained within itself. And it blossoms, it grows. For all disease is sin. Then that necessary is to eliminate sin in the lives of individuals. It requires oft the use of mechanical means of various forms, is true; because that entity, that soul is in that consciousness, and not in the consciousness that the Lord thy God is one.  (254-114)

… for there is good in ALL methods – and they have their place.  But from whence comes the healing?  Whether there is administered a drug, a correcting or an adjustment of a subluxation, or the alleviating of a strain upon the muscles, or the revivifying through electrical forces; they are ONE, and the healing comes from WITHIN.  Not by the method does the healing come, though the consciousness of the individual IS such that this or that method IS the one that is more effective in the individual case in arousing the forces from within.  But METHODS are NOT ideals.  The IDEAL must be kept in the proper SOURCE …  (969-1)

Prayer is just as scientific as the knife, in its individual field. Mechano-therapy or mechanical treatments are as effective in their individual field, and are of the same source as prayer – if applied in the same way or manner, or with the same sincerity.  (1546-1)

… as the body may dedicate its life and its abilities to a definite service, to the Creative Forces, or God, there will be healing forces brought to the body. This requires, then, that the mental attitude be such as to not only proclaim or announce a belief in the divine, and to promise to dedicate self to same, but the entity must consistently live such.  (3121-1)

Remember, healing – all healing comes from within. Yet there is the healing of the physical, there is the healing of the mental, there is the correct direction from the spirit. Coordinate these and you'll be whole! But to attempt to do a physical healing through the mental conditions is the misdirection of the spirit that prompts same … But when the law is coordinated, in spirit, in mind, in body, the entity is capable of fulfilling the purpose for which it enters a material or physical experience.  (2528-2)

"Fear not, I am with thee." This should be upon the mind, the heart; that there may be the renewing of the life-flow in the blood of the body, that the organs thereof may be attuned to the spirituality . . .  (1089-2)

For, what is the source of all healing for human ills? From whence doth the body receive life, light, or immortality? … the body as an active force is the result of spirit and mind … Each soul has within its power that to use which may make it at one with Creative Forces or God. These are the sources from which life, light, and the activity of body, mind and soul may manifest in whatever may be the active source or principle in the mind of the individual entity… (3492-1)

Change the body thoughts – we will change the effect upon those activities in the throat, in the eyes, in the ears, and the body forces… Remember the law – and the law of the Lord is perfect, in body, in mind, in spirit. And as laws of the physical, of the mental, of the spiritual are kept in unison of purpose, a more perfect balance is kept in the body.  (3246-2)

Because others have neglected or do neglect or mistreat or take advantage, know that if ye rail on them ye are creating poison within thine own system. But if ye do not rail on them, it turns upon THEM! But BLESS them, rather.  (1311-1)

Do not let anxieties become stumblingblocks in thy dealings with others. Do not let the physical conditions become an excuse as to thy feelings and thy relationships to others. Rather let them be met as one.  (1317-1)

Yet, when one is in ANY environ, one is subject to the laws of same; and unless material laws are spiritualized in the mental activity of souls, those oft that are healed physically remain sick spiritually.  (559-7)

For all healing, mental or material, is attuning each atom of the body, each reflex of the brain forces, to the awareness of the divine that lies within each atom, each cell of the body.  (3384-2)

While there might be much given as to that which has caused or produced the conditions, these should be rather viewed by the entity, the body [716], in this attitude: "The physical conditions that have come upon me are those most necessary for my own soul's development."  (716-2)

When those are used that make for envyings or strife, or that any would lord himself over his fellow man, or that the advantage would be taken of those that are weak…these must bring doubt, fear, consternation in the experience of the mental bodies of those that do such – and disease, disruption, disorders of every nature in the physical bodies of such.  (531-1)

Let the attitudes of those about the body, and those making the applications, be NEVER those of censure, but rather that there is given each the opportunity for ministering to a soul seeking its course to its Maker.  (1784-1)

(Q) Is there a meditation that can be used for building the body and keeping it in good condition? Please explain how this might be accomplished?
(A) Just as the suggestions may be used that have been made to the body through some of the treatments outlined, – the MIND acts upon the resuscitating forces of the physical being, by and through suggestion. Just so there may be the realization that spiritual forces are a part of the whole physical being. For, the REAL being is the spiritual import, intent and purpose, see? Thus a meditation, a centralizing, a localizing of the mind upon those portions of the system affected, or upon the activities needed for the physical being, INFLUENCES, directs the principal forces of the system. And it does resuscitate, if kept in sincerity; not merely said as rote, but that said being put into practical application through the experiences and associations with others, – and especially this entity as it works with the developing minds, may see such reactions.
     In the meditations, then, OPEN the mind, the being, to the influences about same; surrounding self with the consciousness of the healing that is in the Christ-Consciousness, the Christ-awareness.
     Such as these will bring those forces and influences for helpful experiences for the body. (1992-3)

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