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Revelation Resources

Some Cayce quotes to get you started:

(Q)  In canonizing the Bible, why was the life of Zan [Zend] left out? 
(A)  Called in other names.  For, much might be given respecting that ye have that ye call the Bible.  This has passed through many hands.  Many that would turn that which was written into the meanings that would suit their own purposes, as ye yourselves often do.  But if ye will get the spirit of that written there ye may find it will lead thee to the gates of heaven.  For, it tells of God, of your home, of His dealings with His peoples in many environs, in many lands.  (262-60)

Not that any soul that seeks for the revelation from the Spirit-God into their own lives would become long-faced nor one that mopes or gropes about; for who should be the happiest people in the earth?  They that walk and talk with Life day by day!  What is Life?  God in expression in the earth!  For that which has been termed death of the body is but the releasing of the soul, the image of the God in every entity, to find expression and to come closer to that which is Life.  So, in preparing self to meet the situations, to counsel with each, draw near to them and they will draw nearer to thee.  Draw nearer to the life in thy Maker and He will draw nigh to thee.  (610-1)

For the book of Books IS the greater source of psychic experiences of individuals, and as to WHAT they did ABOUT such!  even from Adam to John – or from Genesis to Revelation.  These are living examples that are thine.  For each day is thy Eden; yea, each evening is the call, "Whosoever WILL let him come and take of the water of life freely."  (1598-1)

For from the very first of the Old Testament to the very last even of Revelation, He is not merely the subject of the book, He is the author in the greater part, having given to man the mind and the purpose for its having been put in print.  For it is in Him ye live and move and have thy being and as He gave, "Search ye the scriptures, for they be they that testify of me, and in them ye THINK ye have eternal life."  (5322-1)

In the mental attributes of the body – as has been given, these are exceptional in many directions.  Will the body, [If the body will] for its own mental development, make a very close study of that book known as Revelation – in the Holy Book – and apply each indicated force IN same to the PHYSICAL BODY, and UNDERSTANDING will come within self that will make for the directing of the mental abilities that will be most profitable, most beneficial to self AND to others.  As an illustration – where there is spoken of, as the book becoming bitter within the stomach when eaten, this referring to the application of that as is digested mentally WITHIN an individual.  As again when referring to those of the elders, they refer to those elements within the system, the BODY, the PHYSICAL body, of the GLANDS of the body – for, as has been given, the  KINGDOM is within YOU!  This, then – that the SPIRIT, the soul, the ELEMENTS of the ACTIVE forces, use those portions OF the physical body as their temple DURING an earth’s experience… Hence that mental conditions as has been given, in studying especially THIS written by John, [The Book of Revelation] in comparing same to the physical body – and we will find a beautiful awakening.  (311-4)

That related to [the book of] Revelation and its basis would be rather for those seeking an interpretation of spiritual influences in the inner life of individuals.  (262-39)

And in the Revelation study as this:  Know, as there is given each emblem, each condition, it is representing or presenting to self a study of thine own body, with ALL of    its emotions, all of its faculties.  All of its physical centers represent experiences through which thine own mental and spiritual and physical being pass.  For it is indeed the revelation of self.   (1173-8)

(Q)  Where can he [the doctor] study on The Revelation?
(A)  Comparing, ANYONE, will they study that given in the Book and compare same to the anatomical conditions of a physical body, will LEARN the SPIRITUAL body, the MENTAL body – NOT metaphysics either!  (2501-7)

And then the Revelation; knowing THIS – the Revelation – is a description of, a possibility of, thy own consciousness; and not as a historical fact, not as a fancy, but as that thy own soul has sought throughout its experiences, through the phases of thy abilities, the faculties of thy mind and body, the emotions of all of thy complex – as it may appear – system.  And ye will find PEACE, and an awakening – beautiful!  (1473-1)

(Q)  What are the main studies that make known both the physical and metaphysical activities of the organs of the body, as they represent human experiences?
(A)  The best of these metaphysical may be studied from [The Book of] Revelation, as applied to Gray's Anatomy.  (264-15)

For if you will read the Book of Revelation with the idea of the body as the interpretation, you will understand yourself and learn to really analyze, psychoanalyze, mentally analyze others.  But you will have to learn to apply it in self first.  For the motivating force in each one of those patterns represented, is that which the individual entity entertains as the ideal.  This is the motivating spirit, the motivating purpose.  When it is out of attune, or not coordinating with the First Cause, there may not be the greater unfoldment.  For, it is in self that it becomes out of attune.  It loses its power or ability.  It loses creative energy or its hold upon the First Cause that is the Creator or God.  (4083-1)

(Q) Was the Apostles' Creed man-made or inspired?
(A) What is inspiration? From the standpoint of the seeker (for all haven't sought this), it was man-made. From the standpoint of many another present, it was the interpretation prompted by the inspiration to make a united effort in the purposefulness of one line of thought.
     To be sure, this answers to some and to others does not.
     The Apostles' Creed as presented, to be sure, as would be judged by those who are orthodox, is inspirational; and comes from those sources that to many a man are considered authoritative.
     As to the experiences of the apostles themselves, this – to be sure – was created or put together some ninety-seven, yes a hundred and sixteen years later than the last of their activities; yet it was the expression that came from the activities. The belief of all the twelve apostles? No, not as written; but the experience in the minds and hearts and souls of many who sought as best they understood to present a solid front, with each naming that for which he stood in his own life.
     Most of these expressions presented in the Creed may be the experience of each and every soul. And to no soul does any expression become a portion of self until experienced; EXPERIENCED by the soul! Many may find here and there a word, a phrase, a sentence, a line that answers to something because it has been the experience or is the answer to a longing that has not yet been satisfied wholly. For until there is an answer that to the soul is the JUSTIFICATION of that which is THOUGHT, it is not even a good axiom to the soul!  (262-87)

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